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Skylords league

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Hello and welcome everybody,


First of all, thanks for the amazing patch yesterday! Really excited to see new things in the game.


Id love to see some new possibilities to play some nice PVP matches. A cool new feature could be a Skylords League. The concept of a league is pretty simple and i guess there is not a lot to explain. A fix number of players, a fix or variable date to play and a mode (bo3 eg). Thats basically it. Of course there should be a rule book or something, so we need to work that out. For the organisational part I checked challonge and it offers pretty simple solutions to organize tournaments.


So thats the idea. The most important thing of course would be to unite enough active players to steadily play and enjoy the matches. So it would be amazing to get some feedback on who would like to join or participate.


Of course there could also be several leagues, for several skill levels. As skill levels shouldnt be to far away, i suggest not to many players in one league. My proposal would be 10 or 15, but that is open for debate of course. Also than some form of deciding who plays in which league is required, but as the community is pretty amazing and constructive i think that shouldnt be much of a problem.


Open quests imo:

-          Most importantly: Who wants to participate?

-          How many players per league?

-          Game mode (boX and how many games per season)

-          Date – fixed day or flexible

-          When to start?


My suggestions would be around 10 to 15 players per league, bo3 and flexible days, but if the two players cant figure a day out, it has to be played on Wednesday (or any other weekday). The mode like the big football leagues (2 games between every player per season). If possible it would be really cool to get it going in october in my opinion. But those are just my humble ideas and im totally open for other ideas and changes. Id just love to have some cool matches and see this amazing community flourish.


So im looking forward to your ideas and opinions!


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Agree, Sound cool!

I would be interested, but more in the “rooky-league” 😉
if there are enough players for something like that.

I think a fix Play-day is hard to manage. Sometimes you don’t have time or get ill.
(Or maybe we have some problems with time zones)
So something like “play your game till” could work, every player can then get in touch with his opponent and set a date.

-> Of course it would be cool if we would have a “League-day” a week, so you could play more then one match if multiple of your opponents are online


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I definitely like the idea of a league system, and I'd even be willing to host one (as a YouTuber, not as a game dev).

One of the reasons I rarely participate in tournaments is because of timezone issues. I'd love to participate in an asynchronous tournament, either as a player or a caster.

So you can count on me to sign up 🙂

I definitely think you should give each player a full week to matchmake with their opponent, rather than forcing it to be 5pm on Wednesday or whatever. And if they can't come to an agreement, then there should be a standard time (midnight at the last day of the week) and whoever doesn't show has to lose the match.

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I also love the idea and would definitely sign up!

I am also pro flexible times, something like play your game until the end of the week.

Also, I think it should be designed in a way, that a season does not take too long, so maybe 10 players per league and only one game (or two in the same week?) between participants. Otherwise, you might be in the "wrong" league, losing every game because everyone is just on another level, and you hsve to bear this for a long time, which can kill the fun out of it. If the seasons change more often, you are more likely to slide into a league fitting to your playing strength.

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Thank you for the Topic Sonaris 🙂

Atleast for me a league is something what i am missing a lot.

A league can really help connect the community for a long time.

I thought about a league systems some months ago. I suggest less participants per league, therefor more divisions.

I would prefer to play a shorter league with more seasons. A league with 10-15 player with 2 games against each other would take 20-30 weeks, IF everything goes well. Also i think the longer the league the more people will drop with various reasons.

In my thoughts i ended up with 3 divisions, 8 players each. The more Divisions you can create the more balanced the experience can get. End of season can be promotion and relegation.

You can also do the first season with just one match of each player to figure out if the leagues are going well and be able to fix problems rather soon.


Game mode should be b03 and players should be able to play on a flexible day. I like your idea with a fixed matchday if the players can´t get a day on there own. Start in october sounds good to me.


However, these are just some ideas. I would like to participate if you create a league.

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Thanks for your interest and feedback everyone.

Small league sounds good. And for the first round only one game per player as well. Id suggest 10 then (because 8 sound so much like quarter finals in a tournament xD; still finally depends on who wants to participate ofc). And maybe one fix climb and one which has to be decided via an extra match? Or 2 fix climbs.


I also asked a few players online, but spread the word, the more participants, the better.


Ill also talk to Hiko as well 🙂

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3 hours ago, Majora said:

What was the reason of playing only one game against each other? Once you go through the trouble of setting up a date to play, I would prefer to play a best of 3. 

Yes, i meant only one match per player (and not a season where everyone matches 2 times - like most football leagues, thats my reference lol).

bo3 is best i agree - later on we could also try bo5, if desired.


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23 minutes ago, Sonaris23 said:

Yes, i meant only one match per player (and not a season where everyone matches 2 times - like most football leagues, thats my reference lol).

bo3 is best i agree - later on we could also try bo5, if desired.


Ah, yea cause you mentioned ''one game'' I was confused. One match = Best of 3 would make the most sense 🙂

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