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Customizable Thumbnail-Template For PVP-Replaycasts [PSD]

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months ago, when HandOfBlood caused this short hype about Skylords, I wanted to help the project to grow, as little as my help would be. 
So I asked Toggy (who commited and, as far as i know, still do so), if he could need some video-/grafik-design related help. 
Unfortunately the hype didnt last long enough to set up a decent player-/viewerbase, so this template was never getting used.

Customizable Content (Just check-boxes in ps) : 

- Map
- Deck
- Tier/Orbs taken
- Names

I hope anyone of u could use/need it.

If you dont have Photoshop, but want to use the Thumbnail for any of ur videos, just msg me and I can customize it and ill send u the final png/jpg.




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19 minutes ago, LEBOVIN said:

As the minimaps were I updated I suggest you use the new ones in your template? At least the provided screenshot appears to use the old haladur.

i.e. image.png.a32fe27f665d28c9ea148a382c7bbfe3.png

I uploaded the psd-file, feel free to replace the old map with the new one. 
I dont see any reason to change it tbh.

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Na, neither am I gonna use them nor do I have photoshop.


I dont see any reason to change it tbh.

reason would be they are outdated, it was only a suggestion though.

But if actual users do not bother,  neither should u ^^

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