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Organizing decks with folders

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Right now all decks you make are just in a giant dump that you have to filter with names and/or which orbs they contain.

As someone who doesn't focus on any particular deck not only did I hit the 100 cap a few times and had to clean up, I also naturally have a giant list of decks. But I noticed that there are already something like subfolders present. Namely "General" and "Beginner". My suggestion is to implement the feature of creating such folders yourself and the ability to open/close them.

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Adding a feature to be able to separate decks into folders should be relatively easy. With that being said, the biggest complication with this feature would be figuring out how to properly manage the decks (as in, determine what decks goes where and be able to move them between folders), because drag and drop functionality in BattleForge is quite weird and as of now would require research to figure out if it could be built upon (or if it would require us to build our own drag and drop framework). Or maybe there is a good enough way to manage decks without drag and drop.

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Drag and drop would be comfortable, obviously. But if that's too much trouble, maybe a right click on a deck could open a tooltip/menu with "Move to:" which features a list of all folders where you can click which one it should go to. You could also add another button where the "Delete", "Rename" and "Clone" buttons are with "Move" and clicking on it gives you a list of all folders where you can then pick.

Folders themselves sorted alphabetically. A way to minimize them is very important imo. A + and - on the side to open them up or close them.

If it is at all possible, could add some extra info to a deck tooltip. Like when it was last played or when it was created. The presentation of the decks themselves is also quite barebones. Instead of just a gray slab with a name, icon and deck-level it could also feature the orbs used in the deck. Obviously not automatically but picked by the player.

Quick and dirty mock-up:



You could also add the default decks you start out with into the "Beginner" folder.

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