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ja okey aber da habe ich ja dann nicht vollbild/fenster/randlos weis nicht wie das halt genau heist haha gleichzeitig das es aufm 1. Bildschirm offen bleibt und wenn ich auf den 2. Bildschirm tabbe das mein ich ? :D 

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you mean sth like borderless windowed mode.
Not possible with just the game, since this option was never included back then.

I believe there are some 3rd party tools which can help you turn BF borderless.

Dunno if thats the best tool out there, but it seems ok/free.

Also dunno how BF will react to it... the game has some issues.
For me, if my computer goes into energy saving mode while BF is up it gets kinda stuck in white screen...

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trying to poke this topic with a more technical view:

Thing like Window Mode / Fullscreen and Borderless Fullscreen are not being implemented by the dev Team (eg. SR) but by the window management system, which in this case is Windows.

As dev, you just Tell the window Manager how your Window should be displayed.
A quick google on the subject revealed, that in C# this can be don by setting two Fields on a Object that are also modified when using normal Fullscreen.
See StackOverflow Reference here

Thus implementing this should be rather simple ...

I'm personally looking very much forward to this Feature as I use multiple Screens. So normal Fullscreen is just a pain.

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@Kubik Ok, honest mistake here.

I thought I had read somewhere that the client was in C# and I thought you had at least some control over the Code be it from EA or thru reverse engineering...

In that case, I agree with you, that this change cannot be implemented, as the Borderless Flag has to be set when registering the window and can not be set afterwards.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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there are tools that can change it, one of them was already mentioned in this thread (I have no experience with it, or any other tool that does the same, so can not say how user friendly that one is), but using that external tool is many orders of magnitude easier than correctly changing the game to do the same without the source code.

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