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Colorblind mode

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How hard it would be to implement colorblind mode in skylords? As I'm playing with my friend, and speaking for him, the biggest problems are affinities (green and red affinity cards which luckily are infused or gifted) and red/orange enemy indicators (when you're playing stonekin vs stonekin that can make biggest mess

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In the meantime, and in case a colorblind mode won't/can't be implemented, ReShade is great for colorblind gamers and should be the go-to solution if an official one is absent.

It is a post-processing software that can also straight up switch and adjust colors. With colorblindness having multiple forms, it is a good idea to have a customized colorblind shader that you can just slap over any game.

Searching around the internet should net a few helpful tutorials and even premade shaders for colorblind people.

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