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How Can I Trust Developers ?

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Unfortunately the installer is detected as some type of harmful virus, even though it is not. Why it is being marked as a virus is beyond me, and believe me, it is extremely annoying for us considering we've put thousands of hours to make everything work properly and then there are issues like these. We don't do anything harmful and never will.

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Any unidentified .exe can be flagged by antivirus programs because it's not listed or known to them, and that can awaken some feelings of doubt of course. We're doing everything we can to be as certified and trusted as possible though, but some programs do seem to flag the installer which is something that's really hard to work around :(

Also, regarding data, if it is reassuring to you, we are legally obliged by GDPR to delete any personal information you have provided to us if you request it to be so if you wish to delete your account, so please don't fear. We are not stealing any information nor is our software harmful to your computer, anything related to your computer or account is used strictly for improving the game and maintaining order on the server (bans and strictly game-related stuff). We will never do anything beyond that, and it's all secure :)

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Even if they devs were ever inclined to sell your data - there are not that many players in the game and i doubt that data would even be worth selling. That aside the devs have my full trust in this one. The sheer amount of hours that went into this should speek for themselves.

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OS means Operating System. So your Windows in this case.

I can only support all the other statements. We don't and we won't ever steal or sell your data. We don't have any use in that. That our applications are sometimes flagged as virus is pretty unfortunate and we really hate that this happens.

But having a certified executable, so to speak signed with a code-signing certificate, also doesn't add more trust into the application. Because every developer can sign his executables by himself. He only needs to buy such a certificate. Besides that it costs a lot of money we don't have right now.

Smartscreen is a totally different system. It mostly rates applications depending on download counts and reports by users/anti virus software. However I don't have too much insight there. If you want to know more, you might check out the Microsoft documentation which is one of the best documentations I've seen.

If you want to know where our applications do have access to, I suggest using Sysinternals Process Monitor to monitor our applications. Which is actually only the Updater and a proxy which is getting loaded with BattleForge. But monitoring BattleForge means, you're also monitoring EA's code.

For the future we at least try to remove the need of administrative permissions for our Updater and therefore also for the game itself. So this will also add some trust to our software in my opinion.

Too conclude this I can unfortunately only tell you, that if you don't want or can trust us, the only thing you can do, is to not use our software and therefore not play Skylords Reborn. Pretty sad, but that's the only way.

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