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  1. This new development is kind of expected since a lot of big German YTs went back to BF/skylords for nostalgia due to its recent release. I would like to have an inclusive game environment where everyone is welcome. I like the idea of a new chat channel, but as stated by MrXLink: 1.1. Language Speak English only on the Forums and Discord Server. You can speak any language in-game. _______________________________________________ Are there numbers / statistics of playerbase by country?
  2. Also, if you really are that much into PVP you will still grind your cards and decks since the given 120 pvp decks are good, but not great for specific play styles. I have played PVP with the 120 decks and they just dont feel right. I don't have my tools that I always use and its not optimal for me, however, it was a great addition to let me play early PVP. Yet, gold rewards could be increased for PVP in general.
  3. The notification you receive is also always popping up if a program is not known to your OS. You can change the settings btw. What OS are you on?
  4. Use something like 7zip, freeware to unpack the updater files.
  5. Das Spiel ist nicht an die Daten des urspr√ľnglichen Battleforge Accounts gebunden. - Skylords does not use Battleforge Account data. Game progress will be reset anyways.
  6. Download the game files and the updater. You can fin them in this thread. Install as explained. Start the game by using the updater to download the new files tomorrow.
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