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Pausing and saving

gemeiner Lauch

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I hope this was not asked before in the forum. Will there ever be a feature to pause or save the game (singleplayer, for example)? Or am I just too dumb to find these features? 

I am not in game right now, but I think there is no save button when you press ESC and the game also keeps running. 

Thank you 

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First problem there are no single player matches. Even thou you as a player do not see a difference, all matches have server counterpart.


The game have single-player mode, where I believe save functionality already exist, but no one know how to start it 😞

Just pausing the game is technically possible and easy, BUT right now the :bf: would be given for that paused time too, so rewards system would need to be changed.

And for that discussion I really do not remember, because it was over two years ago, but if I would guess it was not a priority, because it have more consequences that affect game balance, than is is a technical issue.

@Skylo You should discuss that with design people in the team.

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I´d really appreciate such features!

A "Save and Exit current match" would not interfere with the reward-System, but probably much harder to implement? 

Being able to Pause would be great tho and be more in line with the multiplayer-aspect (the game could pause for everyone I guess if all agree to pause).

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