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Game coming out when?

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Hey i'm not trying to be evil or rush anyone. Though its soon ben around 5 years remastering this already made game.

Is there any chance to get any info on how much longer it's going to take for it to come out? like what step is the game on atm? out of how many steps ect to give ppl a clue on how much longer we might have to wait. 

I think its great what you are doing and appreciate all your work. But 5 years is a long time and i know i'm not the only person thinking this but when can we get a none beta game to play where everything is not reset.

Thx for your work on this great game

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You can play on the test server, no progress will be lost there (cause everything is unlocked, cards maps, so when u dont get anything u cannot lose it :) )
Side effect: u help the team to faster get to the reset date they cannot give u right now.

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