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Skylords Reborn - Podcast #1 With Dexirian !


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Then what if we'd only go for this on the pvp rankings? Since you have to be active to keep your pvp rank and it's not as easy to do this on multi account since you cant send upgraded cards over, just a thought.

Having this in PvP would discourage Multiaccounting for the reason you already mentioned, rank dropping down once not active enough. This being said, I don't this is enough to prevent multiaccounting. 
I believe that the player would still multiaccount, just a bit less. It all depends on what the rewards are. It depends if it's worth to multiaccount.

It is actually not a big deal to have multiple accounts for the very very high tier players within the top 15 or sth.
And adding such a system without having something similar for PVE would definetly be unfair. Aswell as it would benefit AGAIN only the already good players.

Depends if we'd cutdown the earns of bfp for the lower ranks of PvP and as for the higher players it wont be enought for them to only have cards to being able to keep/be that rank, they will also need to have skills and know the ways of the game etc. so for them multi accounting wouldnt be to beneficcial for them either since they would be able to earn most of what they need on their main acc. I dont think they'd spend the time to get tokens from bgs to uppgrades on 2 or more accounts to keep them both in such a high rank. But hey, who knows :D [color=#595959][font=Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif]And make it so you get a "bigger" reward ONCE once you start to reach the higher ranks of PvE and that would cause new players to put more efforts in PvE at the start and not mainly rush for PvP, while the more experienced once could be haning out in the duelling grounds. Or say that when a player reaches a certain "high" rank they'd get one booster for their accomplishment.[/font][/color]
PVP players always had smurfs. in the old battleforge and they will have some in battleforge reborn aswell.
And you are just supporting my argument of that such a system would make the strong only stronger  by saying that it doesnt only need cards but skill aswell. if people with equal decks but a difference in skill will face in ranked the more skilled player will most likely win and obviously would get higher in rank, that would cause that he would get more bfp than the lower skilled player and get an card advantage on top of having more skill.

IF you introduce a system similar to this you need to make sure that youre not getting rewarded for being a very low elo player( would benefit multi accounting a lot!) and making sure that those high elo players gain even more advantages, at least not to much( that would be the case with a weekly bfp income for having a certain rank. I thought about using a pyramid system in which middle tier players get rewarded the most and very high and low players wouldnt get anything( or very little), but that brings the problem of a questionable system with it as you wouldnt benefit from climbing the ladder anymore and that would make the whole elo system shitty..

Thats why i think the only way a system like that could work is if you have one-off payment when you reach a rank the first time. That would encourage people to climb the ladder by not giving the high elo players to much of an advantage over low elo players, but honestly i dont see this coming as the BFP for climbing the ladder would only be like a little extra/ a bonus.

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