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16x Speed for Replays

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If the way how the replay system works, would end up getting touched I also suggest in addition to that:

- being able to go to a specific point in time of the replay

- be able to go backwards ( not restart the entire replay)

- have the option to show all players power simultaneously (needs ui work)


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Halis want to add button that change 1 number which is possible (I only doubt usefullness)

"- being able to go to a specific point in time of the replay" because the replay system just play the match and do players actions instead of you this is not possible inside BF

"- be able to go backwards" for the same reason as above, there is no function to play animation backward, or any other logic (animations are most obvious example)

"- have the option to show all players power simultaneously" getting the data is easy for me, so it is up to client developers if they will want to implement that, I do not see enough space on the screen to show it "nicely"

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On 11/2/2019 at 5:34 AM, Kubik said:

I only doubt usefullness

Once you have a 25 minutes long replay you will know. And if you missed that one moment, you was looking for in the replay, you will know, why it is good to watch the replay faster :D (Because 25Minutes/8x is still more than 3 Minutes and you can not do something else while that


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we already talked about that, most people will not get big speed up from it. it will be caped at PC's capabilities, and I know for sure that some are not capable of 2x, and most is not capable of goind to 12x anyway.

not capable of 2x mait it run faster, but not 2 times faster, so for some there is no difference between 2x and 8x.

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