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Remove Wall Attack from the game


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First, for those who don't know what i mean by "wall attack", i'll introduce it to you very quickly. You're in a PVP map, and there is a wall very closed to your opponent's monument or power wells. A common strategy here is to take the wall and put some archers on it. They will attack your opponent's monument or power well. He'll be in a hard position because it's hard to kill units on a wall.

I admit i use it when i can because it's part of the game. But i think it shouldn't because it's way too much punitive in an off-guard moment. Often, it results by the victory of the wall attacker. I think the map designers didnt thought that the main PVP strategies would be: destroy wall already built because you get more energy into the void + make wall attacks. So they put walls everywhere. Including near start position thinking "it will help to defend the base, LOL". Well... its the total opposite...  xD

Solutions i see here:
    - (If its possible) If the wall is built at the beginning of the game (near base), make it free in energy,  and even a definitive wall that can't be rebuilt. So players will keep it as a defensive structure and wouldn't be able to use it offensively.
    - Increase / decrease the wall cost depending on if it's closed to a monument/power well,
    - Put the wall a little bit closer so player can't take it to wall attack (red area)
    - Remove wall and maybe create some new walls if the map is designed to play with it.

If i have the time in September, i'll be happy to edit the default maps and apply those changes, maybe publish them as "Wall attack removed" community maps and publish it to server :). And the final objective would be to submit it to devs so they can replace it by the current maps. Does someone is interested in this project? I would be happy to work with one of you people!

Thank you! 

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Sorry, you want to remove the only defensive structure that physically blocks units from moving through it becuase... Its hard ot kill units on it?  THAT IS THE POINT OF THE WALL, its a way to balance out the game so weaker units have a way to defend agaisnt more powerful ones, if you hate walls so much play ashbone pyros.

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17 hours ago, gubaguy said:

its a way to balance out the game

Wich it doesn't. Like he already explained it often leads to games where a player loses because of a few seconds of not paying attention. It's also sad watching a lot of low- and midrank players who seem to see this as their primary strategy on ,,wallable'' maps like Layesh and Simai when there are much more fun ways to play the game. Already a lot of players make a ,,no walls?'' agreement before matches on certain maps.

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41 minutes ago, LEBOVIN said:

If the player doesn’t pay attention losing a well seems like an appropriate punishment

Strategies being non fun is always subjective

How about losing an orb? Or two wells? That happens, too, sometimes, especially for decks without hurricane or building protects. I agree with you to a certain extent: When the game has just started and you get walled you should really consider paying more attention to the oponent. But in T2 there might be action all over the map and paying attention to every f'in wall all the time is making it hard to play your optimal game. It's an annoying, possibly frustrating part of pvp wich is of course a subjective opinion, but one wich can be supported by a lot of arguments and is shared among most players (I've yet to hear a statement like ,,he walled me so he deserved to win'' while i heard ,,he only won becaue he walled me'' a hundred times). When you compare the amount of skill/attention/whatever needed to take down a well in this scenario to other situations the ratio is definetly not appropriate.

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I would prefer no walls or substantially less myself. Even on areas where archers on the wall can't hit your wells/monuments you can usually place a firedancer behind it with no counterplay available to the non-fire player except to bind a bunch of power in walls that the fire player won't have to do. With many maps already possessing an inherent advantage for pure fire, removing one more that also promotes boring and frustrating gameplay seems appropriate to me. 

The places I'd leave walls would be where the players both start with one pre-built, since destroying these walls for void power changes the way the maps are played in a way that is worth preserving (Yrmia for example).

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