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  1. Sorry, you want to remove the only defensive structure that physically blocks units from moving through it becuase... Its hard ot kill units on it? THAT IS THE POINT OF THE WALL, its a way to balance out the game so weaker units have a way to defend agaisnt more powerful ones, if you hate walls so much play ashbone pyros.
  2. If we had more cards we could test more features, I.E. The upgrading of cards, and how those card s interact in more situations, and that would allow us to put more pressure on the servers as a whole.
  3. Its finally happening? Is this the ONLY reset happening, or will there be more? Asking becuase ive taken a hiatus from playing until all resets are done, and after you upped the playtime required for daily packs (which BTW did nothing to stop multiaccounters, it just pushed people who only had a limited time to play a day), i just dont want to waste the efforts of building a collection if its going to *poof* away the next day.
  4. Theres also the fact that the card play blokcing is happening pretty far away from the dragon, like... if the dragon is fighting my units to the north west, why is card play being blocked in the west middle section of the map?
  5. But the dragon only seems to block healing spells, i can still spam units, though thats not effective because it always one shots half health units so theres no point, also damaging spells directed at the dragon arent affected, its JSUT my healing spells.
  6. Been noticing that randomly, for no real reason, that my card play is getting blocked in PvE and story missions, typically during extended games where i need to max out my unit count to take a single objective (like killing a dragon, or destroying a base). This is particularly frustrating because my cards are not upgraded, and i dont have many, and NEED heals at this crucial battles to keep my units alive as they almost always die in 1-2 hits, so having card play randomly blocked makes the battles unwinnable, especially if the 'boss' is supported by healers who are BEHIND them and cant be reached without losing all my units. The worst examples of this seem to be in the map behind enemy lines, in which the ENTIRE north western corner is blocked from card play, and the dragon has 3+ healers that can heal him behind the walls, making it literally impossible to kill them without first killing the dragon. Theres also another space to the south, just right of the south western camp, again making it nearly impossible to kill the dragon with level 1 cards. Is there any reason to block the ability to play cards in this area, other then to create artificial difficulty? Or is this a bug? Only slightly related, when i DO manage to brute force past this issue (after spending over an hour spawning a single unit at a time to max unit count to kill the dragons) the game crashes and i dotn even get credit for completing the map, or gold, or any upgrades :<
  7. When i saw the stress test last night i dropped everythign and started playing, i screamed so loudly in joy when i finally connected to the server. I tried to stream it for a bit, but the constant crashes made it a bit annoying. Also, something related to the game got my stream muted, not that its a big deal cus my stream really kinda sucked. Otherwise, i had fun goofing around in the forge, wish i had more access to cards, got 2 packs then did 2 quests for 2 more packs and didnt get anything to mess around with. Still, had fun, can't wait to try again later tonight!
  8. Thats a bummer, was really looking forward to finally getting back into battleforge this month :c Guess ill have to just keep creeping the forums and hope i get lucky I do have one question, please dont take it the wrong way, There arent going to be any exclusive/promo cards for beta testers are there? Just asking becuase I personally feel like if there were it wouldnt be fair for players hwo werent chosen to be in the betas. Still, lookingforward to getting battleforge back, EA should have never shut it down, and im glad to see this project finally coming to fruition
  9. like maybe no more frost decks running JSUT frost mages and hosing everyone at lvl 1 because of the high damage and knockback?
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