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Allow all cards to be tested in the Forge

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Hi all!

First, thanks for all the effort and passion that went into this project!

Since the forge is basically for testing decks and combos, why not allow anyone to use any card -ONLY in the forge-?

This basically helps test cards before buying them, since some are quite expensive.

I think this was one of the reasons the original BF didn't go too well, and I hope Reborn can address some of these issues.

Thanks a lot!

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I could think of two -probable- ways to do that:

1- Auction: when a player clicks on card in the auction, they can play it in their Forge (without being added to their deck)

2- Offline mode: before logging in, someone could choose the Offline mode, which is basically just a forge with all the cards available (no matches, no auction, ..etc)

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