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  1. @Kubik That was helpful, thank you
  2. Thank you @Kubik First, my suggestions are not perfect, they just start a discussion That said, 1- Making boosters cheaper will make them more favorable to buy, instead of buying Over priced card in auction. This will reduce BFP in the market and increase cards owned by players. To explain: There is a price point where boosters become a less favorable option, which is the current case imo. Expensive boosters means BFP inflation, while Cheap boosters means card inflation. We need a middle spot, a wide enough sink to prevent too many BFP in the market, but not to make them irrelevant. 2- I open boosters, but I don't buy them. 3- Yes, it would made people angry. But it solves the problem, temporarily. Not an idea solution, but a solution nonetheless. 4- I meant a system that considers supply/demand and availability of the cards in game (how many players have each card), and balances the BFP/Card income rate accordingly. This is not an easy solution, "but a solution nonetheless." Thanks a lot
  3. Hello, (source) Since everyone now gets BFPoints, but it doesn't leave the market (it is only transferred from a player to another), everyone will have more and more, and so prices will keep going up. i.e. The currency will lose its value the more people have it. BF (SLR) is a game about cards, not about merchanting. A problem in the economy will break the Card Gathering system, since the gap between new players and old players (who accumulated hordes of BFP) will keep getting bigger. Since it is a small market as well, some people started monopolizing it: Buying all the -few- copies of a card in auction, then reselling all of them on their own price. On the other hand, if people were getting cards instead of BFPs, demand will get low, and card prices will drop to the point where eveyone has all the cards they want. Suggestions -Please-: 1- Reduce the amount of BFP we get from quests, and replace them with cards. Maybe add a new type of booster which has lower odds of getting rare cards. So, the daily "play X minutes quest" gives a Normal booster, while each other quest gives 10-15 BFPs + Low booster. The exact numbers need some thought (and data) to get right, but the idea is to increase the Cards entering the market (we play for cards after all), and reduce BFPs (which is an intermediate currency). BFP were originally meant for a system were new sets of cards (twilights, amii, ..) were introduced periodically. And it was limited because it was bought for real Dollars. Now, when no new cards enter the market, prices of cards will snowball at this rate. 2- Add "sinks" to get some BFPs out of the market. A sink system is something like upgrades, where players give gold to the game. The gold is bye-bye: no other player will use what you pay for upgrades. That's why the gold value remains stable. A possible solution is making boosters easily purchasable. current daily quests could give a player a maximum of 150 BFP or so everyday. That could be the price of a booster. So the daily quests will give the player 1 guaranteed booster + 150 BFP which is an Option: spend in trades, OR, buy another booster. But now, why would someone buy a RNG booster when they can directly buy the cards directly? Assuming they horded enough BFP already, of course. Currently, the best way is not to buy/sell, but to trade; as BFP is losing its value, but cards value remains the same. It is similar to some cases of real life inflation where the currency became so irrelevant that people started going back to the old eggs-for-bread trade system. In the couple of weeks I played, I noticed a dramatic change in prices (specially Shamans, Dreadchargers, ..etc). It is not that bad, but it will probably be bad soon, imo. At this early stage, there are two approaches: 1- Every few months, re-balance the whole economy, e.g. when players have lots of BFP, lower BFP income rates.. and when players have lots of cards, lower cards odds in boosters, ...etc. 2- Design a relatively balanced source/sink system. It might not be perfect, but it could be tweaked easily and improved in the long run. Thanks for reading. The topic of economy is broad and I might have missed something, so please share your thoughts
  4. I could think of two -probable- ways to do that: 1- Auction: when a player clicks on card in the auction, they can play it in their Forge (without being added to their deck) 2- Offline mode: before logging in, someone could choose the Offline mode, which is basically just a forge with all the cards available (no matches, no auction, ..etc)
  5. Hi all! First, thanks for all the effort and passion that went into this project! Since the forge is basically for testing decks and combos, why not allow anyone to use any card -ONLY in the forge-? This basically helps test cards before buying them, since some are quite expensive. I think this was one of the reasons the original BF didn't go too well, and I hope Reborn can address some of these issues. Thanks a lot!
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