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Allow all cards to be tested in the Forge

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Hi all!

First, thanks for all the effort and passion that went into this project!

Since the forge is basically for testing decks and combos, why not allow anyone to use any card -ONLY in the forge-?

This basically helps test cards before buying them, since some are quite expensive.

I think this was one of the reasons the original BF didn't go too well, and I hope Reborn can address some of these issues.

Thanks a lot!

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I could think of two -probable- ways to do that:

1- Auction: when a player clicks on card in the auction, they can play it in their Forge (without being added to their deck)

2- Offline mode: before logging in, someone could choose the Offline mode, which is basically just a forge with all the cards available (no matches, no auction, ..etc)

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There is the spawning option where you spawn in enemies, perhaps something like that could be created? Although I can see how this would take a long time since it's an entire UI update. But for my friend, who is new to battleforge in general, something like this would be great just to see how they look like and what they can do.

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