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Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

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Updated this month's 1 Player maps for Level 10, 9 and 1

I think this months Level 10 map has some interesting choices for Level 1, I think all colors besides Frost are somewhat comparable. Shadow takes a slight edge but my current time is definetly still easily doable with Fire and Nature starts (did 20:47 and 20:40 with them respectively with Batariel dying in both those runs). I think a low 18 should be possible on this map.

Level 9 just pretty standard. I messed up my pathing in that run slightly which cost me some time, 11:50-ish possible.

Level 1 ~ 02:08/02:09 possible

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11 hours ago, Treim said:

Update for
rPvE 1 Player Level 1 - extremely short little map even in terms of Level 1 maps.
Took me like 30 tries to get from a 1:40.0 to the 1:39.7 that i got now. Very fun to optimize this run.
10/10 can recommend ;)

I'd never imagined someone would optimise a BG MotM lvl1 run XD

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5 hours ago, Mynoduesp said:

I'd never imagined someone would optimise a BG MotM lvl1 run XD

It can be quite refreshing to work on the small things in a run and see how much of a difference small adjustments to pathing and placing of spells and units can make.
I started out with a 1:47 and just by placing the Mine on the t2 camp differently and not charging onto the unit I saved ~4 seconds. The remaining ~3-4 seconds are from small improvements with the "hold position"-command and timing Mines better than before which includes actually using thugs to kill the tower in order to get the Sunderer in position quicker to place Mine when it comes off cooldown instead of killing the last tower with Sunderer ability + AA's.
Thinking about it now maybe one couldve tried using Sunderer ability on the first tower as well and the Sunderer might be in position in time for the next Mine. Another variation that might yield even quicker results. 

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added 1 Player Level 10 - 2nd try
I think a well played shadow start is probably faster but also a tad more difficult to execute, especially the t2 clear, and as I am lazy fire it is.
A time improvement of about a minute should relatively easily be doable just with cleaner gameplay without any strategic changes. With a good shadow t1 you can probably get into the 14:15-14:30 range.
Alas as its already so late in the month and so close to the reset probably noone will bother

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added this months 1 Player Level 10 map.
Quite interesting map at t2 where the tower from t3 can attack your wells and monument. Also if you step too far forward your monument attacks the t3 camp and therefor pulls it all.
Forces one to trap the income and do not pull wells.
The most elegant solution in terms of stability is probably Windelf Templar. Otherwise you can just wait for power, get the monument and then build a big army. If you play fire t1 you can also try to play with sunderers + Nomad and then build t2 to clear out the spawn and the tower first with cc support (remember you then have to trap the income from the camp towards the left of t3 again) and then build everything up at t2 and prepare to strike.

Possible time with my current strategy : ~18:00-18:15

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added 1 Player Level 9 & 10 for this month.
Level 9 is pretty straightforward - ~10:30 possible
Level 10 is one of those annoying maps again where you have a close base early on, this time at t1. I tried a bunch of different approaches to defend t1 and then how to kill the close camp most efficiently and ended up with the approach with a Sunderer and Nomads. You can obviously brute force the camp with something like Nox spam as well. ~17:15 should be possible on this map.

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2 replays of 4 Player Motm August Lvl.10:

  1. first one being the new alltime record for 4 player solo rpve. Was not perfect towards the end. The Bata was slow especially in the last layer of camps due to fuckups on my end and the bloodhorns were too far back because I missed sending them further forward at some point. They were supposed to attack the Slavemaster camp after I warped Bata into the camp on the top right, so they can be supported by spells which wouldve allowed Bata to mostly skip the Slavemaster base. Sadly I wasn't super motivated to play the map more  and was not home for the last 1/3rd of the month anyway to maybe give it 1 more try.
    Possible time: ~17:30.
  2. I also added a replay of an LSS run with a worse start strat (position 3 instead of position 1 in the first replay). This was my initial draft for this map until I realized position 1 can be done without pulling the camp next to t2 instantly which allows you to safe 1 deckslot (skeleton warriors) and still clear faster. I also had a Bata run with this start which clocked in faster than the LSS run (and were similarly well played) which is why I went forward with the Bata strategy and did not continue tries with LSS.

1 replay of 1 Player Motm August Lvl.9: was my 2nd try on the map, was an okayish run but not very polished.

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added last months 1 Player replay and new alltime record. YT will follow sometime.
Sub 11 was possible but wouldve needed a perfect run which I didn't feel like grinding for any more.
Major time losses were the t3 clear where the strikers survived due to teh strikers not running out towards my spawned archers. Usually an archer squad survived the first dive and would pull it. Misclick of the archers to all attack the birds instead of 1 pushing towards t3 results (in combination with first well being late 5 secs and the mentioned 3rd dive of phoenixes) in t3 and therefor bata being about 10 seconds late.
Secondly the warp into the Slavemaster camp was slightly too far. Best case scenario was the Bata coming out directly left of the artillery. Where he can turn and directly attack the Slavemaster again while still killing the spawn camp with his aura. Instead of the little dance that he did in the replay - time loss about 5 secs. After killing the income bata stops running for about 3 seconds. Same thing for a moment after getting bata through the portal nexus - another 4 seconds. The cc in the top right camp was not nice but ultimately only cost me about 5 seconds as otherwise he couldve been positioned better towards the next camp.

That makes up around 27 seconds (10+5+3+4+5) + a second here or there for slightly better clears per camp. So ~10:50-10:55 with a perfect run at least with this strategy.
Deck used:

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