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in terms of speed and latency, i feel we can only do better. there were entire weeks where the server was so laggy, it was impossible to play. on the onther hand we have entirely new server side code, so expect some multi threading issues (shared resources beeing locked for long times, deadlocks in general) which typically are very hard to fix, as well as random crashes. untested code is typically full of bugs and hardly all parts of the code will be tested, especially vs. multi thread related issues. just expect tons of bugs and glitches early on as this can hardly be avoided (at least in public alpha/beta).

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[quote='Arokon' pid='2890' dateline='1435968545']
What do you mean when you asking this question ?
About speed or anything else ?

This question has already been answered, no need to ask further questions about his questions..... ^^

wish i can close this..

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  • 3 years later...

and the bad of doing it is because  ? .....

as said in the latest comment you make forum is full of knowledge there is no such thing of dying posts/topics ,even i find an interesting topic 10-20 years old i will post.

i missed the rule "if the topic is too old dont post."

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Raising a dead thread just doesn't help anyone imo (ans is actually not even allowed/possible on most forums).

It this specific post it doesnt't even fot to the first question asked in this thread.
But w/e. I will just ignore his posts from now on.


PS: Oh yea, I really despite myself for that - I'm the worst and I hope that one day I and all the people who did stupid comments, will be merciful and forgive me.

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