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Crystal Fiends don't heal Constructs

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SEVERITY: I'd think this is serious issue, as Crystal Fiends should be able to heal all units.

LOCATION: Happens in-game in PvE maps, all types, but doesn't happen in the forge.

REPRODUCIBILITY: I've had this happen multiple times, whenever I'm doing a PvE Map, regardless of the amount of players that are in the match, happens solo and in multiplayer.

DESCRIPTION: Whenever a Construct has taken damage, they can't be healed by Crystal Fiends which are a T2 Stoneskin card, so you have to talk them back to the nearest power well.

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17 hours ago, InsaneHawk said:

This is a client sided bug, so it was probably the case before too.
I'll move that to the right section

Thanks, I didn't quite understand where to report it :thinking:

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