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Help shadow/nature

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If you look for a shadow nature deck I recommend starting with Shadow T1 as it is more solid overall and easier to learn in the first place. High dps units are nice to provide a strong early game, that synergizes well with the strong early T2 by shadow nature.


Just to give a strong deck example for a Shadow Nature deck












Darkelf Assassins

Amii Phantom

Shadow Phoenix

Ensnaring Roots

Curse of Oink

Surge of Light


Aura of Corruption




Ashebone Pyro

Shield Building 

Lost Grigori (Purple) 


If you prefer playing a 3 card T3, you can pick up Ghostspears in T2 (they are quite useful against pure Fire) or the Burrower for some easier, but slightly less effective attacks. If you have any questions regarding the deck, just let me know.  



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Imo The frost way with grigoris is the strongest. You get a lot of defensive strength with shield building and silverwindnasties. Another small advantage is you're able to play more than one grig while you can play only one Brannoc at a time. Also look at your avatar!

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14 hours ago, felkin said:

How and when aura of corruption is useful? I'm thinking about swapping burrower with it but not sure

Aura is pretty much a staple in most shadow decks. It acts like a deterrent(soft cc) so that enemies will stop attacking you. It’s useful as a delay tactic against a huge army attack, if you have spells or huge units you can take advantage of its effects and perhaps even counter attack

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Brannoc is by far the best XL choice for SN in most matchups. For beginners I recommend using burrowers.

Edit: Deepcoil is really stronk with good micro but you kinda need LW to make it reliable so I agree with the common opinion that it's generally a bad pick. It will always be the kind of surprise early t3 finisher thingy :p

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