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Construct - Battleship - Nether Warp

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This is my current RPVE deck and it generally does pretty well against 9s and solo 10s. (replace resource with juice tank for solo)

How could I improve it? The problems with it come from mainly flying enemies with Lost Souls, Should I do things like replace Storm singer with Gravity surge and finding some melee unit for both teleportation and killing flying XLs?

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Hey man!

I really like you! I also have this Deck and I love to play it!

There are some things I would change. The main problem playing this deck are heals. How do I heal my units?
Well, there are some ways to do it.

- Viridya (doesnt work that good, cause she is faster then your units)
- Netherwarp Green (does only a bit)
- Bloodhealing (But with what units?)

Best way to do it (in my opinion): Undead Army and Bloodhealing. You dont lose any HP in T4 by using a Construct or something and it really heals alot!

Key card for this deck is the following:
- Incredible Mo (3rd ability (200e) -> for LS)
     - The LS dragons makes your ranged units debuff so they dont attack. 3rd ability mo ensure that your units doesnt get debuffed.
     - Only thing on LS are the ultra ranged dancers. They disenchant your ground units, so the dragons can debuff your ranged units again. But this only works for ground units!
     - So for LS I would use 1 Construct and then work only with Battle Ships.


Personal opinion for your deck:
- For me there are too many units in it.
    - I would remove: Frost Mage, Shadow Phoenix, Storm Singer and normal Construct -> And Glyphe of Frost (cause im not a friend of freeze)
- Then there is something very important missing in your deck.
    - Culist Master and Fournance of Flesh -> For void manipulation
- Cards to add instead of the cards above:
    - Second Frenetic Assault, FoF, Cultist Master, Decomposer, (if you play Shadow Phoenix -> then Embalmer Shrine), Soul Shatter, Infect, Ice Tornado, Ward of the North, Frost Shard, Timeless One


I would really love to play with you and your deck, cause you're the first one I see, who play this deck.
So if you like to add me ingame, we can play some games together.

If you have some more questions, feel free to ask.

Cheers, DNY

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Hi, thanks for the insight, I had no idea dragons could only debuff ground targets!


I've been using Viridya for healing and teleportation purposes in this deck, meaning that its a good thing she is faster.  So she's like a healing spell for me.  Another low tier usage is with Lost Shades, she can turn them into an absolute tank with the health pooling + constant health regeneration, hence her in there.

I'm definitively going to get The Incredible Mo.


Why do you recommend against frost mage? For me its the card that makes your Master archers die to bandits vs killing infinite numbers of them! (I can do non-lost souls Tier 2 orbs with 2 mages and 3 MAs consistently, which is really energy efficient and fast.

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26 minutes ago, Weak1ings said:

Hi, thanks for the insight, I had no idea dragons could only debuff ground targets!

Well to be exact Dragons debuff ALL ranged units, including air units. It is just that Incredible Mo functions as a buff the counteract that debuff. The problem however is that Lost Dancers negate all buffs on a unit but as they can only attack ground units you get the end result that ranged air units are unaffected by the dragon debuff but the ranged ground units will still be affected as they will get attacked by a Lost Dancer rather sooner than later.
so basically it is "Lost Dancer debuff counters Incredible Mo buff which counteracts Dragon debuff "for ground units while for air units you only get "Incredible Mo buff counteracts Dragon debuff"

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Exactly. Thx Treim.

Why I am against Frost Mage, its just a personal dislike. In my opinion is 1 Unit for each tier enough, except for T4. For the open slots you can add spells and some support buildings.
So thats why I think MA are enough for T1-3 bases. And with Home Soil you eliminiate each base in few seconds, so no need for Frost Mage. But thats up to everyone self.

I agree that Viridiya is awesome with Lost Shades and I really like that combo. But if you're attacking with T4 and are in the middle of a fight and you spawn Viridya, I think the healing isnt that big for T4 and Viridya dies to fast when you're in a base. So I decided to go with Blood Healing and Undead Army.

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Thanks for the help, I've added the Incredible Mo and Decomposer to my deck and removed Shadow Phoenix and Glyph of Frost.


How do I decide whether to build another construct or use a spell? I've found that I almost always run out of void power because I am building units instead, in gameplay. (So I actually use both Constructs sometimes)

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Im a huge fan of using much spells and getting void power back from it.
So for me, I spawn a new unit (in LS maps -> Battleship, in other maps construct or BS) when i have like 400-500 power left, so if I spawn a unit, I have like 150-200 power left.

Then I can use another Frenetic Assault or Maelstorm or something like that.

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You also can use Infect instead of Undead Army. But for me Undead Army works better, cause I think they have more health to heal your units.
Take whatever works better for you.

And the power difference of 10 power isnt that huge of a problem. ;-) And with void manipulation its absolute 0 problem. :-D

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I noticed that the undead armor from Skeletons makes them great units for healers too!  Same applies to any defensive bonus like this, including ice shields, so while it'd make for a weird deck, one could use Imperials + Frost mage + blood healing to have a incredible healing unit which can keep pace with Constructs.  (Undead army prbly better than this, but still...)


So Undead > Infect for healing!  Unity can help too albeit with fire orbs.

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Nether warp is okay and all but you are overlooking another good option here:


The Tunnel Network

Deepcoil worm + Infused Burrow ritual and or the Tunnel building

Attack damage buff from burrow ritual, healing from nature orbs and you just run your fast deepcoil worm out ahead turn it into a tunnel and BAM all your slow high damage frost units are instantly teleported across the whole map at once AND, deepcoil worm in tunnel mode counts as a structure so you can use homesoil thats even more bonus damage! also this only requires 1 nature orb (for healing too) so you can still add in a shadow orb for offering and buff spells.

Side note, doing this is a lot of fun and I recommend using life weaving and revenge with maybe a regrowth on your deepcoil so it cant be easily killed if you charge it into enemies.

Also optional, add a fire orb and use shrine of war for void power.

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It really works very great on every map.

You have alot of CC with both Frenetic Assaults, Maelstrom. And all your ranged and ultra ranged units do alot of damage.
There is almost no way to die with this deck. Except if you run out of CC or heals or face a very difficult LS map with alot of units.

Try it out ;-)

Cheers, DNY

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Recently I tried netherwarping these constructs and ships, too. :) ..still figuring out a good deck around those cards. For now, I cannot complain about problems with bloodhealing - never used it. There are two units which do get a lot of healing spells form other players: shadow mages and constucts. (Well, that is highly dependant :D but still...)

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