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Updater Error


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Hey guys i got a problem for like 1 and a half week now i thought maybe its just a normal bug and i first didnt wanna complain about because well yea it could get fixed but in the whoole time i didnt see anyone that has the same issue so maybe its just for me,

i have played quite a bit, so it was possible before to play with the usual issues but i could get in and now whenever i try to click on play in the updater i get this message.

i did not change any settings on my end or something so i dont know what could have happened.

well i still think that maybe it is a known issue and you guys are already working on it and if that is like that just tell me that you are and you can close this thread :)


thanks for the answers :D


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On 10/11/2018 at 9:05 PM, Cadark said:

64bit system and it was working before and i haven't changed any settings or something else.

i did redownload everything but the problem is still there :/

Are you trying to launch BattleForge.exe or the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe?

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well i just downloaded everything again and still the same problem i sadly dont know why its that way but i guess i just hope that it will fix itself by the time the beta starts, you can close this thread now and thanks anyways ! appreciate it :)

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