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Disenchant unused upgrades


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Hello there. First of all: Thank you for bringing BattleForge back to life. I discovered your project about a month ago and I am having a great time. Great progression for obtaining new cards and upgrades, I am making noticable progress with my decks, but do not get too many cards/upgrades from a couple of matches. 

As a player with not too much time (family, job...) I find myself playing with "cheap" cards and low upgrades on expert PVE, but thats fine. Feels like a little extra challenge to Level up my decks that way. :) 

While playing PVE, I made some mistakes. I took some upgrades that I actually do not need and sometimes I accidently started the match with random assignment. Now I am sitting on top of some T3 upgrades whose gold value could finance a lot of missing T1s and T2s... But there ist no way to disenchant them for gold any more. 

So here is my suggestion: In the upgrade tab, the player should be able to right click an unused upgrade and select "disenchant" (= "entzaubern" in the German Version I am playing) from the right click menu. After confirming, he destroys the upgrade and retrieves its gold value instead. 

This may not be the most requested feature I guess, because I can Imagine that a lot players a are swimming in gold already (are they?). But for me with limited playtime it would be very helpful to have this option. Maybe the existing mechanics of turning upgrades into gold after a match can be re-purposed and the change would not be too difficult.

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Agree with Dutchy, cool suggestion.

Since this is an option you get at the end of the map anyway, there is no real change involved when adding this, and it would remove some time pressure to decide instantly to keep or disenchant. Adding a disenchant option to the upgrade tab is a very minor QoL change, but a very cool one 👍

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14 hours ago, Little_Ducky said:

Welcome to the game, hope you like your welcome gift 😄

Wow, thanks a lot for the card. This will come in handy for the shadow / nature deck I am playing atm. 👍


Also, really cool to see that my suggestion is well received, so far. 😄 

How are decision made on that? Is there someone who has the last say in these matters and / or does it require a developer who is willing to tackle this task? (Just generally speaking, not trying to push my suggestion into your TODO list. 😅)

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