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Master of the Forge #1 - [GM] Dutchy, Lead Moderator - 03.09.2023 19:30 CEST

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Skylords and Skyladies;

Time for something new!

Masters of the Forge will shine a light on all those people working so tirelessly on Skylords Reborn - for the average Skylord, [Game Masters] are elite, mythical creatures too many know nothing about, and we will hopefully change that. So, in this dev-talk-like podcast series we will meet several Masters of the Forge in person, and hopefully I will be able to ask them questions that are interesting to you. And, you will also get the chance to ask them some questions! The series will be streamed on Twitch and afterwards uploaded on YouTube.

Please note that while the content created is supported by the SR Team and will be all about Skylords Reborn, this is no official event or dev-talk. The focus will be around the guest, what their duties are, how they feel about the game and its development - we will not elaborate future changes in depth or announce anything fancy. But hopefully we will know more about the guest and how It's like to be part of the SR Team.

Due to some connection problems, the start of this series was delayed and almost not happening, but the situation changed in a positive on short notice. So the first instance is already happening tomorrow, and I'm proud to announce that the first guest is the lovely [GM] Dutchy, Lead Moderator.

Quick Overview:

  • Guest                         [GM] Dutchy, Lead Moderator
  • Date                          03. 09. 2023
  • Time                         19:30 CEST
  • Link                           www.twitch.tv/kapostream


At this point, three to four of this podcast-like streams are planned now, and they will continue if there is interest in them, otherwise they will just fade out. So if you want to support this kind of format, please join the stream or take interest in the YouTube video of it, so we estimate properly if this is worth the precious time of the Masters of the Forge - in case of interest, the planned length of this series is 10–15 episodes.




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Masters of the Forge #1 with [GM] Dutchy is also on YouTube!

Sadly there were some troubles with the audio - even though I tested it beforehand, the intro-music got copyright-problems... 😐  
This link points to a point in the stream where its still a acceptable entry :

Successfully disputed the copyright claim - hooray, now with audio right from the start. Unfortunately, that leads to a new export to YouTube. New link:



Thanks to @Dutchy again for being my first guest! Next up is @Majora, Project Lead of the SR Team.

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