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Found 14 results

  1. Is there a quest you really would like to have in the game? Well here is your chance on suggesting it and maybe the devs will implement it. This thread's purpose is to collect all kinds of ideas for quests and achievements to help out the staff team with coming up with those and instead just picking the good/ best ones out of here. Please try to not suggest ideas that are already on the list in some form (also include not suggesting numbers for a already existing quest). Please note that i am not part of the staff and therefor can not guarantee that any of your suggestions will get implemented in any kind or form. If you post your ideas here i will add them to the main post to the best of my abilities . The general ones i will post in a general form so they can be applied to every map/ difficulty in that way. Thanks in advance to all ideas mentioned. Suggestion: General quests could be expanded to also include selected community maps. General quests/achievements: Complete x map on standard/advanced(or higher)/ expert difficulty Reach x PvE/PvP rank Complete a 1/2/4/any rPvE map on x difficulty Play/Complete x games of PvP/ranked PvP Play x amount of time in a PvP/ranked PvP/PVE/rPVE/any match Complete the story around Rogan Kayle Complete the Story around Mo Complete every map on standard/advanced/expert difficulty Complete any map with only x cards in your deck on standard/advanced/expert difficulty Play/Complete x amounts of PvE/rPvE/PvP/ranked PvP games (on x difficulty- PvE only) Open all gold chests on x map on x difficulty Complete x map in under x minutes Complete a ranked PvP match in under x minutes (Countermeasure against instant leaves probably necassary) Complete x amounts of daily quests/achievements Open x amounts of gold chests/boosters total Complete a 2/4 player map solo on x difficulty Deal x amount of damage using spells/buildings/units (all time) Heal x amount of health (units only - no regenerating at nearby buildings/wells/monuments Built x amounts of orbs/power wells/ (killing and rebuilding orbs does not count) Use x card/any single card/any single card type(spells, buildings, units) x amounts of time Use (any) card abilities x amounts of times Kill x amounts of Lost Souls/Bandits/Stonekin/Twilight enemies Have 4 different orbs in a match Break x amounts of shields/ break shields with the HP value of y Reach the Unit limit with only small/flying/x unit(s) Don't let a single of your units in a match die Destroy an enemy structure with your own building Complete a map without spawning a ranged unit Complete x map with only unit cards One Shot any Boss Hear "a monument is destroyed" x amounts of times Build x wells and/or y monuments Break the population/unit limit by at least x points Get 1000 power from your void within 3 seconds Control a single unit of s units for x seconds Complete x map without/only using fire/frost/nature/shadow (splashs included/splashs not included) on y difficulty -->(maybe 1 map for each orb) Play/Win a match with x differentt(unique) players Participate/Reach x rank in an "official" Skylords Reborn tournament (probably needs to be handed out manually) Use every card in your deck at least once in x amounts of matches Complete x amounts of matches playing with a friend Let a unit survive for at least 15 minutes Have no void power at any time in a match Complete a match without using any spells/buildings Complete any map without self-destructing a single unit or building "Out of match" achievements: Clone x amounts of decks Add your own custommade map to Battleforge Win x amount of bid auctions Kill all AI creatures available in the forge at least once Upgrade x card(s) to rank 1/2/3 (with rarity common/uncommon/rare/ultra rare) Own x unique/every cards of y faction/edition/element /rarity/size/total Trade/Buy/Sell x amount of cards Upgrade x cards to UX Add x players to your friendlist Reach deck level x Buy x amounts of boosters Earn x amounts of BFP/gold with Quests/Achievements/Trading/any way Show a (single unique) deck to x persons Watch x amounts of different decks (from other players) Specific quests/achievements: I will try to seperate good ideas for endgame achievements beforehand in a 2nd list below. Please let me know if you agree with that kind of structuring and if you have a different opinion on how good those choices are. This is done simply for better visibility and a better overall structure as i a assume we will have quite a number of suggestions: Ability/Card Specific Quests/Achievements Teleport a unit using a "tunnel" ability Travel through a Deepcoil Worm with another Deepcoil Worm Complete a level 1 battleground using only "snapjaws" "Freeze" x amounts of units in matches (Santa Reward?) Destroy x amount of buildings using a unit with the "siege ability" Absorb/Heal x amount using "Ashbone Pyro" Do x amount of damage using "x unit" Use a "revenants doom ability" Use a "transform ability" "Knock back" x amounts of unit Spawn more than x % of units within range of "Breeding Grounds" Have 12 "Lost Spirit Ships" spawned at the same time Have every dragon creature summoned at the same time (t4 only -- Fire Dragon, Lost Dragon, Giant Wyrm, Grim Bahir, Skycatcher) Have every Worm summoned at the same time (Fire Worm, Shadow Worm, Deepcoil Worm, Core Dredge) Use "Enlightenment" to build an "Ice Barrier" Grab a paralyzed target with a "Deep One" Summon "all legendary cards" in a match Make a "Shadow Phoenix" revive x times or more Build all 4 Affinity Crystals in 1 match Kill a Nightguard that was once yours with a Nox Trooper ability Deconstruct a unit that has more than 6k health (by using Wrathgazer, Grigori, Shadow Worm, etc) Destroy x units with a single Shadow Worm/Church of Negation Build a root network with at least x participants (units or buildings) Use a healing spell to revive at least x squad members at once Let a Tortugun eat x population or more in 1 match Destroy x or more buildings with a single Worldbreaker Gun shot Kill any Boss using only Termite Hills (Map)specific quests/achievements i will not specifically name the difficulty or the like on these achievements as they probably have to be manually chosen by the staff team, maybe in cooperation with the community to allow for enough achievements on each difficulty of play and to make them reasonable for the players that play on that level. These are supposed to be challenging not outright impossible for players of that skill level. The really hard ones come down below . Complete "Introduction" without killing the Bandit Healer Complete "Introduction" without building t3 units Complete "Encounters with Twilight" by attacking the Twilight fortifications on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" without a spirit reaching the Wrathgazer (was it called that?) on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" by defending against the Twilight horde attacking on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" and don't loose any units to the Wrathgazer on x difficulty Complete "Siege of Hope" without any defenders dying on x diffiuclty Complete "Siege of Hope" Complete "Defending Hope" without Rogan taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "The Soultree" without Moon getting under x % of health on x difficulty (no Amii-Monument) Complete "The Soultree" without any of the Lyrish Defenders die on x difficulty Complete "Mo" and kill the Commando Walker on x difficulty Complete "Mo" without any of the Banzai birds exploding Complete "Oracle" using all trick magic devices in Oracle correctly on the first try Complete "The Treasure Fleet" without losing a single Gold Wagon on x difficulty Complete "The Treasure Fleet" without opening a single Gold Chest Complete "Sunbridge" switching the gate in Sunbridge x amount of times on x difficulty Complete "Sunbridge" without loosing any units against Mora on x difficulty Complete "Convoy" without letting x amouns of Walkers die on y difficulty Complete "Convoy" without using the spell devices more than x times on y difficulty Complete "Nightmares End" without losing any of the nodes on x difficulty Complete "The Insane God" without letting any of the priests or temples take damage on x difficulty Complete "Bad Harvest" without the Gold Wagon taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "Titans" and save every single Prisoner on x difficulty Complete "Blight" killing the Ravenheart in under x seconds on x difficulty Complete "Blight" without failing to destroy a bandit camp in time on x difficulty Complete "Empire" killing Brannoc in x amount of time on x difficulty Complete "The Ravens End" killing at least x amounts of Raven Scoutships on x difficulty Complete "Guns of Lyr" without Rogans Stronghold taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "The Dwarven Riddle" without using the Fire Altar on x difficulty Complete a "Battleground difficulty 5" only using Manawing and Deathglider Complete a "PvP ranked match" going t3 before your opponent builds a second monument Kill a Promo unit with a Promo unit in a "PvP ranked match" Kill an XL unit with a S unit in a "PvP ranked match" Kill x amounts of frozen units in "PvP matches" Win a match with someone x PvP ranks lower than you in a "PvP Match" (same team) Complete a "Battleground" match on every difficulty Complete a "usergenerated map" on x difficulty Endgame, (map)specific quests/achievements: Some of these probably need some testing if at all possible (I will mark the ones i think might prove difficult to achieve or have outright no clue if possible for testing by making them yellow coloured. If you have already completed such feats in the original game or know that they are possible let me know and i will make sure they are no longer coloured). Complete "Mo" without Mo ever getting under x% (maybe 90%/95%/99%?) of HP on expert difficulty Complete "Crusade" without using the teleporters on expert difficulty Complete "Crusade" without building any walls on expert difficulty Complete "Sunbridge" without using the Amii-Portal-Switches on expert difficulty Complete "Slavemaster" without using the Firetrap on expert difficulty Complete "Bad Harvest" without building any walls on expert difficulty Complete "King of the Giants" without Rogan Kayle taking any damage on expert difficulty Complete "Dwarven Riddle" solo without building any buildings (including walls) on expert difficulty Complete "The Dwarven Riddle" killing all crystals within 3 minutes after destroying the first one on expert difficulty Complete "Guns of Lyr" solo without building any buildings (including walls) on expert difficulty Complete any 2 Player map solo using the tutorial deck on expert difficulty Complete a 12 Player map with only on person on each map and without using any spells on expert difficulty Complete all PVE maps in under 6 hours on expert difficulty (adding the all-time speedrun rankings of all time together (no rPvE) results in about 5 hours and 20-25 minutes --> 6 hours should be possible but still be a challenge even for most if not all speedrunners) --> can this even be tracked? Complete a "solo lvl 10 Battleground match" with only 2 monuments build total Own every card at least once ( (not) including promos?) Have every card fully upgraded (U3 + fully charged) Complete 1P rPvE at lvl x in under y minutes Complete 2P rPvE at lvl x in under y minutes Complete 4P rPvE in under 10 minutes 30 seconds on difficulty 9 Complete 4P rPvE in under 13 minutes 30 seconds on difficulty 10 Own x amount of gold Complete x amounts of "PvP ranked matches" in a row Reach Top 3 in either ranked PVP 1v1 or 2v2 Reach Top 1 on any Map of the month ranking (not including maps with fixed times: F.e. Siege of Hope) Use every card at least once in a match (all time) Complete all 2 and 4 Player maps solo on expert difficulty Complete any map with maximal 4(?) cards solo on expert difficulty Changelog: 2018.08.17 Added a "Ability/ Card specific" list for a better structure. Added @Eddio's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70866) 2018.08.19 Added @Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'s suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70893) Added @LetsEinfallslos002's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1948-achievements-for-bfr/&tab=comments#comment-40340) --> Does not include the "Kill x amount of units with y" or "Control x amount of units with y card" quests/achievements as those can be done for every card and would therefor make the list even more unreadable as it already is 2018.08.29 Added @Navarr's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70938) Added @Smok's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70959) Added @MephistoRoss's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/704-ideas-for-daily-quests/&) Adeed achievement category "out of match" (should be rather self explanatory, but here you get anything that is about trading and forge activities and really anything that is not directly reached in a match) 2018.09.04 Added @Kiwi's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2737-quest-suggestions/&) Added some more own map specific and end game specific quests 2018.09.08 Added @Navarr's post (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/&do=findComment&comment=71129) Added some more own quests 2018.10.09 Added @Karl Lavafeld's post in form of a suggestion/hint in the thread introduction (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/&do=findComment&comment=76186)
  2. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I wanted to suggest that the use of "his/her" within the game (such as "join his/her group" or "look at his/her deck") should be changed to simply "their". Not only is it clunky and disrupts the sentence flow, it excludes players like myself due to the dysphoria it can induce and can leave us not being comfortable playing the game because of it. It seems counterproductive to allow an "other" gender option and use inclusive language in posts on this forum, but to then continue with outdated gendered language in the game itself. It's just a subtle change that opens the game and community up to another demographic, and is also a quality-of-life change that makes the text easier to read for everyone.
  3. Before you ask, yes I read that thread, but these are more of an chievements than daily quests. Giving out BFP only based on play time, and only in limited amount on weekly bases is the most fair option of these, because everyone get the same amount of BFP and will have no gap between skilled players and new players in regards to BFP gain. On the other hand rewarding only victories and based on difficulty will give big advantage to veteran players that know the game and can start expert maps quickly. We are not going to use result of this poll unless we want to, we are interested in opinions, we take them to consideration, but we do not need to follow the majority! There seem to be missunderstanding with "or play that map for at least Y minutes to get significantly reduced reward (50%)" it mean that if you play at least Y minutes and lose not win you can take 50% of reward
  4. So this will be my first real post in quite a while, so I do wonder if anyone remembers me. Anyways, I always remember everyone trying to come up with ideas on how to properly mix Fire and Frost as a dual faction, but with no real resolution or agreements. I just recently realized last week that I could actually play the limited beta of BF and I have been playing religiously since then. I then remembered about the dilemna that concerned this debate for years, and decided that I might give it more thought. And give it more thought I did! I'm very confident in my idea mostly because it just sounds fun to me. There has never been a "spell slinging" strategy in this game yet compared to many other TCG games, and when I realized this, inspiration hit me like a brick. What if we made Frost and Fire a spells matter faction? So my logic begins from here, everyone who has thought of the idea of making this Fire/Frost faction has always battled with the fact that offense and defense do not combine very well in a way that doesn't make it a little more on the broken side, so I said, what does the heat and cold create? Storms and even tornados if the conditions are right. So from there, I came up with a theme. So I combined the storm idea with spells, and obviously enough, their main mechanic could be "Spellstorm". Before I go through what Spellstorm is, I also thought about the lore of this Fire/Frost faction. I deemed them the "Apostles of the Storm". They just want to see the world churn (in a storm). They attack as fast as lightning and can ride the oncoming winds to victory. This faction could easily set up for another part of the campaign where you have to save the world again again from these guys. So what is this new mechanic called Spellstorm. Well, my idea is that it activates whenever you cast a spell (be it a normal or arcane), to add buffs or create additional effects. Here's an example card I came up with (Keep in mind these are first drafts, so numbers might be a little scewed to powerful or weak): So here, Spellstorm would read in the sense, "Whenever you play a spell, Storm Raptor gains 15% damage for 10 seconds; this effect and stack up to three times". That means if you were to play a Homesoil or Eruption with this guy on the field, he would basically gain 67.5 damage not including homesoil, and if you add other spells, it will buff up to three times which makes its attack a wopping 652.5 for a couple seconds, which is pretty decent. Spellstorm needn't only apply stat buffs, it could even do other things like this guys: --> He should probably be a rare yeah? So his Spellstorm would read, "Whenever you play a spell, this unit gains an Ice Shield that absorbs up to 120 damage for 10 seconds; this effect can stack up to 3 times". I would compare him to a mini Avatar of Frost, only now you have access to cards like ravage and disenchant (ooh scary). I don't think there is much more to say about this guy. But how do we play so many spells when the more important ones have large costs and cooldowns. Well I've thought about that too, and here are some neat enablers: Refresh reads, "Reduces the cooldown of all other spells in your deck by 20 seconds. Additionally, all spells you play for the next 10 seconds require 15% less of the usual power cost". Now that's a spell enabler if I ever saw one. Here would be a great way to be able to spam more spells to get those Spellstorm procs off. Though what if you just want to play a spell for cheap? Invigorate reads, "Invigorates targeted friendly unit with a newfound strength: it gains swift speed for 20 seconds and takes 15% less damage for 10 seconds". Something cheap and simple. Can be useful as a way to let a unit get past some obstacles, or just let's you get in a very cheap Spellstorm proc. Though I don't want to think of a Construct with swift . So we've gone past some of the basic synergies for the faction, but what do the big spells do? Where's the "wow" factor? I've even thought of some cool cards for that too, so let's start of with an interesting shrine that could be: Storm the World reads, ""Activate (costs 50 power) to cause all of your spells played in the next 10 seconds to immediately refund 50% of their power cost and then they are immediately reusable ". I'll let you guys think about that one. So many possibilities. >:D Now we go on the Magnum Opus of the Apostles of the Storm, the big spell to end all other spells: So let's go through what the ability does, shall we? "Casts a massive spell storm that deals 150 damage per second to enemy units and buildings in a 30m radius, up to 600 in total, for 10 seconds. If another spell is played within this radius, the duration is extended by 5 seconds, and the damage dealt is increased by 50, up to 200 in total. This can only be extended a total of 10 times. Additionally, enemy units can only move at walk speed inside the radius". Here is what will be able to kill everything, especially when there are more players . I'm sure the spectacle will be more than worth the cost. So that's what my idea for the Fire/Frost faction would be. You can definately point out whats overwhelmingly op, but I'd like to think I made things decently fair. What do you guys think about the name "Apostles of the Storm"? What about the Spellstorm mechanic? I do eagerly await your thoughts on the faction, have a good day! Edit: Before we go on, there is still a lot of things to consider about Spellstorm. I was thinking of it being a spellspam deck, but perhaps it can be left to only 1 instance of the proc at a time, but with more powerful buffs added, then casting another spell after the first would just refresh the timer on the proc. Which sounds better? Also, should it also count buildings played? (Ice Barrier?) Edit 2: it just occurred to me that it might be possible for Spellstorm to count your opponents' spells too. How would that sound? Edit 3: I think I might need to clarify, but this thread is more to showcase what might be possible with this mechanic and cards that can synergize with it. The specific cards don't matter too much.
  5. Kilian Dermoth

    Possibility to disable chats

    So there are some client modifications. Even the resizeable chat windows didnt exist, did they (at least I cant remember them)? There was always something that pretty much annoyed me (even back at ea times) about the chat system in Battleforge. It was that you werent able to disable some chat categories, especially the trading chat. For me the whole trading spam is completely irrelevant but also it is the most active category and sometimes it is even so worse that you almost see nothing else than trading spam. (Already set some of the worst trading spammers on the ignore list) My suggestion is to make it possible to block / unblock chat categories. It would be nice by clicking a button in the client if possible to add something like this to the client. But it would be also ok if it would be done server side, for example by typing something like this:
  6. TheYog

    [New card]: Sand dunes

    Hello there fellow Skylords! I'd like to suggest a new card, the balancing of it might not be intirely on point yet but I do like the Idea. Opinions?
  7. Przemek

    Troop Lore

    Hello, I just joined the forums. I have been playing BattleForge during its days of glory and in all honesty, I do miss it. Anyway, here is my suggestion: As you may know, each troop/spell/building comes with a short description to sort of briefly explain what the card is and what it does. I would suggest that we have a section in which we can read about the background of each card. I don't know about you, but I like little "stories" like that and I think it would be a cool way for us, the players to learn about the world of Skylords. So, eh, for example: You have your card...let's say it's a troop card, for example, "Archers" and naturally, you have your short description on the card. But maybe there could be an extra section for us to read the extended lore of the archers, for example: "The Archers of ---- are elite marksmen trained at the academy of -----. yada yada yada...they are skilled in this and that and so on." It's a small thing, I know, but I still think it would be cool and maybe it would let us..."bond" (?) with the specific card, in a weird way... Or it could help us understand more about the specific troop or spell. Like the "Phalanx" (I think it was called). I, for some reason, always liked the card. And from what I understand, they have a turtle-shell-like armor on their backs which they can use as a "shield" in battle. From what I understand, they have those gears on their shoulders which help bring that turtle-shell-like-armor/shield-thing to the front of the solider and serve as this large shield, but it slows them down. That's what I speculate... and it would be really cool if things like that could be explained on an extended description just to help us know about that specific troop. spell or building. Y'know what I mean, I hope?

    PVP-PVE Ideas

    I just saw a battleforge PVP gamemode and made think. Maby it would be cool (in the far future because battleforge is awsome the way it is) to do be able to do ranked pvp matches with like a 2, 3 and maby even 4 orb start. In PVP you only see 1 and 2 orbs units being deployed. It would give us awsome battle to be able to change those things. The suggestion for PVE is to be able to gain quick power in trade for less battletime to compleet the PVE. I think (hope) those are little changes to make in the future. Those little changes can make big changes in al of pvp and pve.. What do you guys think? Let me know!
  9. I had an interesting idea. What if we had units that interacted with power after spawning? Obviously, the mechanic of generating power is overpowered already so the units must come with a downside. That downside being bad stats and a high cost. Imagine a PVP game. One player plays a 300 cost (random costs) power interacting unit that will generate 50 power after one minute. The other knows that it cant live anymore so he sends a 100 cost unit to kill it. Because of its bad stats, the 300 cost dies and the first player now has a huge disadvantage. 200 power difference and the enemy still has that 100 cost unit. There are four categories. -Generators -Boosters -Replenishers -Others --- Lets talk about generators first... They generate power... That's it. They have the worst stats but that's really it. They're just wells without a limit and easily killed. --- Secondly are boosters. This one is probably the simplest because there is a card I can compare it to. Juice tank. Really, its just a unit that sits beside your wells and increases power gain. It's stats shouldn't need to be that bad because of the restriction it has on it. The restriction being it can't leave a well's radius or its effect is useless. Also you don't really want to attack with it because the stats are bad compared to other cards of the same cost. You think there isn't a difference between these units and the juice booster but there is. They can move to different wells, they can also defend. The big thing is that they can move without a power cost, which makes them a unit. They also should cost more since juice tank can't. --- The third category is a strange one. Replenishers. They're generators but very specific. Replenishers replenish the power in a well. They have worse stats than the second category but the stats are better than those in the first. In my head, I'm imagining a shaman healing a well's power. --- Lastly, the others category. These are for the cards that are random. Like a 300 cost card that replenishes 150 cost on spawn but has the stats of a 200 cost. If you look at it simply, it looks like a 150 cost card with the stats of a 200 stat card. It looks pretty good. But when you look at it more deeply you see that it costs 300 power and the 150 only comes back during its spawn. If you played that card in a PVP game, your first orb would have already been taken. This card is very similar to breeding grounds. --- Anyway, that's it. There's definitely some problems with this but community suggestions can fix that. (If I took your idea, sorry.)
  10. salenstern

    A small warning.

    Just a tiny suggestion, nothing too major. Back in the old days of battleforge, there were tons of scammers. I, myself, was scammed. It didn't feel really good. The trick that got me was "My trade system doesn't work. Send me your grimvine over the mail and I'll send you a forest elder!" I just started the game. I waited for a day before I realized what had happened. Scammers usually have multiple accounts, never doing the dirty work on their main acc. So banning those spare accounts won't really stop them. My suggestion is to ad a little warning. If your sending mail and it has cards on it (or bf but I don't remember if you could send bf), a little message will show up saying something like "Warning, you have some/a card(s) attached. Only send cards to people you trust. If you don't know the player, use the trade system. Are you sure you want to proceed?" With this, the newer players will be less susceptible to scams and will further demoralize scammers. Of course, if you're sending mail and you know what you're doing, this may be annoying. In this case, there could be a button that disables this message from appearing. That's pretty much it. Tell me your thoughts. (If I stole this from someone, I'll take it down. Sorry.)
  11. salenstern

    Orb Ownership

    I want to propose the idea of Orb Ownership. Orbs are one of the main mechanics of the game and are extremely important in every game mode, whether it be PVE or PVP. Saying this, this post is only going to be about Orbs in PVE. So... Orb Ownership? Basically, Orb Ownership is the idea that you can only claim certain orbs, instead of being able to claim them all. For example, Bad Harvest. I remember when I was playing some other player took my fourth orb for his fifth and I was super pissed. So I built towers preventing the ground units from moving past. I also remember the first player, dark green on the map, destroying the first base, taking both orbs, getting tier four and single handedly winning the game. Great if you were playing to win, bad if you were playing for fun, which is what games or for. Orb Ownership removes those scenarios from the game. As I said before, you can only claim specific orbs based on your position on the map. Another example in bad harvest. If you're the first player, the dark green, you can only claim the orb beside your starting orb, one of the orbs in the base and the final orb near the end of the map. This also applies if your orb is destroyed. This means if your teammates decide to not help/troll you and let enemies destroy any of your orbs, they won't be able to claim it. I feel Orb Ownership will force players to improve their teamwork and help their allies. It will also remove any "I can win the game by myself" players. What do you think about Orb Ownership. (If someone already came up with idea or something similar, sorry, didn't mean to steal it.)
  12. Fauchderial

    ADS ???

    ADS TOPIC When I was talking on discord, noney and me have gotten an idea. Adding ads if donation isn't enough. Where to add ads and do we really need them ??? Suggestion is welcome !
  13. Sylo

    Card links in forum

    Hey guys, Are cards linkable in the forums? if not, could we get a link command in the forum such that highlighting over [card]Forest's Vim[/card] would show Forest's Vim picture? This is similar to what's been implemented in other card game forums. Thanks.
  14. Nameless

    Booster Draft Tournament

    Hi, i have an small suggestion about implementing with tournament an Booster draft type. Something like in MTG. I know it could be hard to do but after applying some new cards into game or new expansions this could make an sense. You could do something like an prerelease patch where it can be played and some spoilers on the website to guide about new cards. Tournament could be started with 8 players drafting pack which contains 15* cards (if possible) if not only 8-10* (x 3) And after draft you create an deck with side board (*if possible). Matches: swiss 1 vs 1 and after that an one or two sided match. Prize: 1 or 2 boosters which contains 1 epic/legnedary/promo for a winner I know really similar to MTG but in Battleforge could be interesting

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