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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everyone, I would like to hear which decks you think are good for rPvE, something about level 9-10. Write which card you are using, and if you want, why you are using these cards. Thanks to you all for the information
  2. hey guys i started playing, sorry re-playing about a week ago and this is my current deck, any suggestions would come in handy i'm currently using this deck for all modes(even though i know it's not rpve material...
  3. felkin

    Pure shadow pvp

    I was wondering if i should put a third unit in my pure shadow pvp deck (not shadow-shadow-frost) along with ashbone pyro, cultist master and was not sure what unit exactly out of these options: red carrier, brannoc and unstable demon are excluded. at the moment I have 5 cards on my tier 3 (can do with 4 too), 2 units plus evocator's woe, voidstorm and soulshatter. I can swap soulshatter anytime you can show me your deck as well, will help a lot
  4. iRoDiieK

    Starter Deck

    In the final version, will the current starter deck be changed to the official deck that was received when creating a new account on the old battleforge? These were the cards you received when creating an account: I ask this because the currently decks received when creating an account are not good.
  5. I want to make a shadow frost pvp deck, I Want to use lost cards. Anyone got samples?
  6. Hello everybody. You know i never could understand what the Damage information was about, that one in the bottom left. First exempel Bae.. i mean Frost Mage. It says 360 S(with Bow icon) and it says that she deals 57 damage to each enemy unit every 4 seconds. 14.25*60 = 855 Damage per Minute Frost Mage Picture Second exempel Forsaken: It says 360 M(Bow) and text says every 2 seconds each units deals 6 damage. 3*5 = 15*60 = 900 Damage per Minute Forsaken So what does that nummber means... 360 and that S or M (maybe Range ?) and than the Bow which is probably means that its loong range but than we have this unit Green Dudes with a star as an attack Icon. So weird and confusing. Helpfull site for info https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html Thank you for Help
  7. The problem started today, I tried to change my deck since I got new cards from boosters. I can go to Edit Deck Mode, save it, it properly shows in my deck, but when I load into any map I can't summon/use any of the new cards I added. I click to summon, plays the sound of placing a card, but doesn't take any energy, only the card loses a charge. Then after I relog it changes my deck back to how it was, or if I make a new deck it just disappears. When I click ready on any map and I use a new deck, it changes to the Tutorial deck.
  8. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    Greetings @ all. In cooperation with Ladadoos we would like to know which main decks did you played in BaFo PvP? I'll add your name into the main deck section & to a counter for the upcoming statistic. I would appreciate it if you let us know what you play/ed regardless of your T1 choice for a short overview. Vote counter: 115 Votes Deck's Player 11 Pure Fire ( cDKiLLrOy, Archmystic, LinEQ, LEBOVIN, Lohle, Taker, Jenskendrik, shadowxxs77, DawsonTheFish, @LoKilleRs, @Taurusfire... ) 10 Pure Nature ( dekka, Azta, @TomyWomy, @Kahetabi, @EarthRed, @PickOrder, @Danito, @MarbSlonk, @Chomiczek, @Roguzf ... ) 17 Pure Frost ( freemka, Tormar, MisterBanane, ferevus, Blondais97, MrBoa, Akula, @Jumpman, @Akiyamachandesu, @Dallarian, @Kinoster, @Daaron, @Dragonhide, @Leukos, @KonaiLP, @jaktichu, @Mefesto ... ) 17 Pure Shadow ( GadaiGER, veryhasted, Anonymos, Chimerae, Asraiel, thifofdeath, @UBiLAVA, @XxHARVESTERxX, @Kessler, @guyperetz, @ulvfdfgtmk, @Istab, @Crosego, @Riviute, @Complex, @ecillio, @OXYKNG... ) 13 Twilight ( xHighTech, Ladadoos, Treim, Sykole, MephistoRoss, Eirias, Dexirian, Ezmoneysniper, @Kipspiesje, @XxAndroidxX, @Dzodin, @ThomasMann, @Tofu, ... ) 7 Fire/Frost ( kestas3, Nachtalb, Ultrakool, Trihl, @DrOetker, @Necrovan, @HomieGoHome... ) 5 Bandits ( Drezrak, @JugGERnaut, @ImaginaryNumb3r, @Tytraso, @GEILWIEPEN, ... ) 12 Lost Souls ( Hirooo, DuellLord, Eddio, ImperatorSK, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Loptous, fShark, xtazfuneral, @mezren, @Demonic55331, @Totylcf, @Darkblaster, ... ) 12 Amii ( RadicalX, MrNguyen, valarium, DeChris, Hollwie, JuvenileEnvy, Jew, DarcReaver, @tbpeti, @Mirosius, @YaBro0 , @bramkriek, ... ) 11 Stonekin ( MaranV, forger, Dmytros, element, WotdeFack, @alesgec, @darklionking, @Demiron, @Venorik, @Delok, @Dragon270,... ) Best regards, xHighTech & Ladadoos Inspired by Ladadoos's Where are you from thread.
  9. znee

    Crogi's special deck purefire PVP

    Hello bois and girls, As we know Open Beta is coming to us. That's why i would like to show you my pure fire deck (before the close). There is a full deck. At start we summon Nomad to get asap first powerwall. We can used 3 Nomad to rush enemies (they getting dmg buff). We can use Sunderer or makeshift tower to destroy small monsters. At tier 2 we got some combos - for example firedancers, raylling banner + girl power. This way you can easly take down power wells or orbs outlocated on map. 0 Second one is Scythe Fiends/Skyfire Drake with ravage. To quick down strong opponents you can summons enforcer. Two card T3 to long games. We got here also control spells (offensiv) to doing dmg before heal up and etc. What do you think about my special deck :)? Waiting for feedback! Really sorry for my english (it's my biggest flaw)
  10. BFlove123

    Share Your Deck With Us ;)

    my pvp frost aggro (theme= swarm+buff units) (early)
  11. DerFahrrad

    Help my memory

    Can someone with better memory help me please ? I was thinking about tomes and prebuild decks and now i dont know if theyer the same or 2 seperate things. I know tomes where like decks for rent, right ? But you could buy them for a higher bfp price. And there were the prebuild decks like the one with Soulhunter in it. Im confused and dont know if it was ever possible to buy tomes permanently and if the prebuild decks werent tomes in the first place.
  12. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Hi there, I got an idea for the upcoming game. At the begin you don't have any good cards. But we could change that and everbody can decide at the beginning of bf a deck: frost, fire, nature or shadow deck etc. Not very expensive deck just a deck to start best regards BanGo
  13. I'm sorry that I write in Polish, but i will try to translate well (i have weak english ;/). I would like to share with my opinion on the cards on PVP. (I m not alpha tester, but I was beta tester in old BF xD) / Przepraszam ,że piszę w języku polskim, ale postaram się dobrze przetłumaczyć(Mam słaby angielski). Chciałbym się podzielić z moją opinią na temat kart na PVp ( Nie jestem alfa testerem , ale byłem beta testerem w starym Battle Forge xD ) I begin from the shadow cards. / Zacznę od Kart cienia. T1. DreadCharger http://screenshot.sh/mMDArQsMNip46 Jedna z podstawowych jednostek ze "switf" Dobra z połączeniem z Nasty Surprise. One of the fundamental units in Shadow (pvp), He is good with Nasty Surprise. Jego umiejętność "The Reaping" dobrze się sprawdza z pochłanianiem jednostek, które za jakiś czas mogą umrzeć po użyciu swojej umiejętności np. Frenzy. W ten sposób nie marnujemy cennego powera. / Him skill "The reaping" is good with absorption antoher units with active skill e.g Frenzy. So we dont lose valuable powers. Umiejętność "Stamp" jest przydatną umiejętnością w przedzieraniu się przez małe jednostki(S), ale nie zaleca się tratować małe jednostki, które kontrują tę umiejętność poprzez "payback". / "Stamp" is useful skill on small units(S), but not good on small units with "payback". Jest dość tanią jednostką (60 power) / cheap unit (60 power) 2. Withclaws (fire/purple) http://screenshot.sh/n9INMez2sKGTq Jak dla mnie dobry zamiennik w talii zamiast dreadchargera. / For me is good replacement in deck instead dreadcharger Jego umiejętność raczej nie jest używana (albo nie znalazłem praktycznego zastosowania) / His ability is hardly used ( or I can't use skill in pvp..) Koszt 65 jest trochę droższy od dreadchargera, ale withclaws mają wyższe parametry i co najważniejsze... są 2 jednostki. / The cost of 65 is a little more expensive than Dreadcharger , but withclaws they have higher performance , and withclaws = 2 units. Minimalnie lepsze zastosowanie z nasty surprise niż z dreadchargerem (ponieważ więcej HP mają). / Marginally better use with Nasty surprise than dreadcharger (because withclaws have more hp ). 3. Nightguard (green/ purple) http://screenshot.sh/owqpDrzcb92I6 Green attribute-> Swift Dobra jednostka (jak dla mnie lepsza jest z zielonym atrybutem niż z fioletowym) jako kontra na L (szczególnie dobra na sunderer). / Good untis (for me better is green attribute than purple.) As for Versus size L (especially good wth sunderer) Czasem widziałem jak była wykorzystywana jako rozpoczynająca jednostka(zamiast innej jednostki ze swiftem np dreadcharger/withclaws), Sometimes I saw her as for start units instead dreadcharger or withclaws. Nawet bardzo dobra umiejętność do zamiany kontroli nad jednostkami (ale przeciwnik mógł ją wykorzystać ponownie do przejęcia naszej jednostki), / Good skill for conversion control unit (but the enemy could use it again to take over our unit) Zdecydowanie słabo sobie radzi z małymi jednostkami. / Definitely poorly copes with small units. Purple attribute -> Tainted Fury - 50% more dmg on Human units. Gorsza wersja nightuard(green) ponieważ nie ma szybkości. / worse version nightguard(green) because she dont hae swift. Używana jako kontra na L , albo do używania jej umiejętności. / Used as a double over L, or to use her skills Mało mobilna. / Few mobile. 4. Nox Trooper http://screenshot.sh/odDxuGgRbyVOA Must have card. Bardzo potężna jednostka, szczególnie na M. / Very powerful unit, especially on M "Overload" bardzo użyteczna umiejętność szczególnie na M , Latające jednostki. Potrafi odrzucać Małe jednostki, ale jest to płatna umiejętność. / "Overload" very useful skill especially M, Flying units. He can reject Small units, but you must pay for use skill. Te jednostki mają także zastosowanie w PVE./ very good on too PVE. 5. Executor http://screenshot.sh/mMFdE86MoloNe Raczej nie polecana karta w taliach PVP. / Probably not recommended card decks in PVP. Wolno atakuje, nie jest jednostką która strzela. / Slow attacks, there is a unit that shoots. W tali raczej jest używany Nox Troper, który ma szersze zastosowanie. / The deck is used rather Nox Trooper, which has a wider application. Dość dobra umiejętność, która wzmacnia jednostkę o X% po czym nie ginie (ale osłabia jednostkę na jakiś czas). / Good skill that strengthens the body by X% then not die (but weakens the unit for some time). Jest wolna i łatwo ją skontrować innymi jednostkami. / It's slow and easy to control other units. 6. Forsaken http://screenshot.sh/n7XXX7gZnUW6Q Must have card. Bardzo mocny atak. Umiejętność frenzy jest bardzo mocna umiejętnościa, która wzmacnia nasze jednostki na jakiś czas a następnie uśmierca jednostkę. / Very streng dmg. Skill Frenzy is very good skill, which reinforces our unit for some time and then kill unit. Bardzo mocna w rush'u. / very good in rush. Bardzo niebezpieczna z Frenzy + Motivate lub Freny + motivate + home soil. / Very dangerous with frenzy + motivate or better Frenzy + motivate + home soil. Jest tania (50 power) a potrafi wiele zaszkodzić. / Cheap units (50 power) and can harm many. 7. Wrathblades http://screenshot.sh/ouEzREcTLF5yk Jednostka dobra, ale raczej nie używana. ( chyba,że jako zapychacz w talii) / good units , but hardly used. ( I think that as a hanger-on in the deck ) Z aktywną umiejętnością potrafią pokonać dreadcharger'a. / With an active skill can kill dreadcharger Są tanie (50 power) i bardzo mocna na krótki czas, ale raczej nie używana karta. / Cheap units (50 power) and very strong for a short time, but rather not card used 8. Skeleton Warrior http://screenshot.sh/oB47IYfX1Ov3G Podobnie jak z Wrathblades, Raczej nie używana karta (chyba, że jako zapychacz) / As with Wraithblades, rather not use the card. Bardzo wytrzymałe z aktywną umiejętnością , później zostają zabite. / Very tany with active skill on short time. Jako karta raczej nie jest stosowana, raczej jako stosowana jednostka z umiejętności Harvester'a. / What card is not really used, but rather used as a unit of skill from Harvester Lepsze zastosowanie ma Forsaken, niż ta karta na T1. / Better apply Forsaken, than the card at T1. 9. Snapjaws (purple/orange) http://screenshot.sh/odZBfbVtwKbhG raczej nie używana karta. / rather not card used. słaby atak , ma tylko właściwości supportujące. / weak dmg, Snapjaws are more support units. droga (70 power) / expensive (70 power) Używana jako supportujące stworki z umiejętności Satanael'a. / Satanael use snapjaws from skill for support units. Spells 10. Nasty Surprise http://screenshot.sh/mGTIsHrSgbD5C Must have. Shadow głównie opiera się na tej karcie. / Shadow is mainly based on this tab. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tylko w T1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Bardzo mocna karta, ale użyta na zranionej jednostce nie daje swojego potencjału. / Very strong card, but used on the injured unit does not give its potential. Bardzo tania na III. ulepszeniu (60 > 50 power) / Cheap spell on III uprage (60 > 50 power) 11. Life weaving http://screenshot.sh/ou0ySSDknJSVS Must Have. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tylko w T1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Wykorzystywana także w PVE. / use too on PVE (e.g Batariel) dość drogi spell, ale użyta na silnej jednostce np Harvester , ashbone pyro. Daje bardzo mocny efekt / expensive spell , but use on strong units e.g Harvester , ashbone pyro, It gives a very strong effect. Używałem jej jako kontry na Avatar of Frost. Odbija i omija jego tarcze, Gdzie po 3 uderzeniach Avatar ginie. / you can use this spell as for counter on Avatar of Frost. 3 shots from avatar = dead avatar. 12. Motivate http://screenshot.sh/mFdoY1Hhv5ROY bardzo dobra karta / very good card Tania z mocnym efektem. / cheap with strong effect. Szerokie zastosowanie (nie tlyko w t1) / Extensive use (not only in T1) Dobra z Forsaken + motivate / Shadow mage + motivate / Darkelf assasin + Motivate/ Cultist master + motivate / good with forsaken , shadow mage , darkeflassasin , cultist master 13. Offering http://screenshot.sh/odw4WkOeOf8Qc w PVP nie jest raczej stosowana, Lepsze zastosowanie ma w PVE / rPVE / PVP is not used, rather, better apply in PVE / rPVE Towers 14. LifeStealer http://screenshot.sh/mMhW9RP1qQSEY raczej nie używana podczas PVP, chyba ,że ktoś lubi obronne budowle. / hardly used during PVP, unless you like defense buildings. 15. Phase Tower http://screenshot.sh/n9mtRCwNJpB2E Specyficzna wieża ,która potrafi przemieszczać się. / Specific tower, which is able to move. Stosowana nie tylko w obronie ale i także w rush'u / Used not only in defense but also in a rush Ciekawa karta, stosowana także w pve. / An interesting card, also used in pve. 16. Soul splicer (green) http://screenshot.sh/n9mtL96tM5PeI Popularna w PVE , ale nie zabardzo w PVP(często była krytykowana) / Popular in PVE, but not really in PVP (was often criticized) Lubiłem tą kartę w PVP, jako element zaskoczenia przeciwnika. W pvp ma dobrą właściwość obronną , ponieważ leczy nasze jednostki. / I liked this card in PVP, as the element of surprise opponent. The property has a good pvp defensive because it heals our units. Dobre powiązanie z Shadow Mage , lub FoF (furnace of fleish) w odzyskiwaniu Power. / Good with shadow mage , or fof in Power recovery. 17. Embalmer's Shrine http://screenshot.sh/oAAKdKRRbaXSA tania budowla (30 power) / cheap tower (30 power) Raczej była stosowana dla Shadow Phoenix. / Rather it was used for shadow phoenix użyteczna w PVE oraz w PVP / useful in the PVE and PVP
  14. Hi everyone! I saw there was no stickied post about general concepts and strategies to think about when brewing decks, and as an avid MtG player, that made me think. I know how important things like tempo, card advantage and synergies are when constructing decks in other TCGs, but I never really thought about that when I played this game, I want this thread to be a place where discussion regarding synergies, concepts and DeckTechs take place. I will update this post with all tips that are recieved positively. Happy brewing! @Eirias has made an amazing guide to deckbuilding in BF here. It contains invaluable info on the value of different units in different meta-games. Be sure to read it through! /PorousBoat
  15. Amergo

    The Nature wins

    Hey Does you want do play a deck that´s like healing and make at the same time dmg ? Then is this Build the right ! Nature ever Wins Deck: Like you can see is this deck bases on 2 facts 1. Synergy yes i know its sounds weird but the root and linked is real hard dmg you can defense a lot in pve and still make hard dmg when you go in the offensive like a mobile tower 2. Enlightment well that card is your dmg giver and your mobile repair kobold it allows you all the Units from frost ,fire etc. to call i do Bloodhorn ,juggernaut and AoF in because they have the best combo Batariel= offensiv church = defensiv T1: well a bit about the gameplay this is a deck that have many good units on the start so wich one you take first? ofc the shaman he is a mobile heal spell and with archers and a dryade a rly hard to stop crasher you need only to try to get your shamans alive then more shamans = more heal = lesser chances to die T2: on t2 give it not much to say your spell will helps you to get t3 even when not you have enough power to get it T3: here are 2 thinks rly important and when you forget to build a wheel you can forget to get a strong late its like you say waht more power no thanks ^^ so this 2 things are important on t3 T4: if you doesn´t even are on rampage and spawn all out or haven ´t enough energy for all then spawn first he is solid and can hold a lot after him you spawn these 2 will help with stuns and dmg buffs at least the now you can even get enemy Units great right? So waht you say :)? hope i can help
  16. Hey everyone, I made the following deck, and I was curious if it would work in PvP. It's just a simple Nature/Fire deck, but only T1 and T2. The strategy behind this deck is like 'survive T1 and break the enemy in T2'. In T1 and T2 it has counters for everything (except XL). For siege it has burrower and vileblood, I even had an idea to combine a rallying banner with burrower spam, any good? Also for defense it has mauler (denial of range), dryad (damage reduction) and just strong troops and spells. This is for 1 vs 1 PvP only, so probably on smaller maps. Would this work? And would it be good to put wildfire in, or would that just be 'to much'? Deck: Surge-of-Light,Ensnaring-Roots,Hurricane,Curse-of-Oink,Ravage,Eruption,Lava-Field,Swiftclaw,Dryad_frost,Windweavers,Spearmen,Shaman,Scythe-Fiends,Skyfire-Drake,Gladiatrix_nature,Vileblood_nature,Mauler,Ghostspears,Burrower,Rallying-Banner Edit: has someone actually tried this in PvP already, so yes: someone can post a link?
  17. When we start play BFR, we dont have good cards. How build not bad Frost (with some nature) deck for PvE with common cards? I am interested on T1 and T2 (maybe T3). T1 (frost) Master Archers, Imperials, Red Lightblade, Ice barrier? T2 (frost-nature) Defenders, Cobolts Trick, Cannon Tower, Phalanx, Stone Tempest? T3 (frost-nature-frost) Silverwind Lancers, Shield building, Drones, Equilibrium, Drones, Swamp Drake, Tremor? What you think about it? Which cards i should have in first deck? Only COMMON cards
  18. I not played much PvP, and my only deck was little changed PvE deck. Can give me clues (and cards) how to build good Frost PvP deck and Stonekin (?)(?) PvP deck?
  19. Kanuepps

    Fire/Frost - Frost/Fire Deck Comparison

    Hey Guys, Till the last days of BF I played Fire/Frost in PvP. For my next deck, I had the Idea to exclude t3 from my deck, because I want to play a bigger t1 while maintaining a big variety of units and Combinations in t2. This is the deck I had so far in my mind: Scavenger,Sunstriders,Firesworn_fire,Thugs,Eruption,Home-Soil,Glacier-Shell,Ice-Barrier,Coldsnap,Frost-Sorceress,Kobold-Trick,Lava-Field,Ravage,Lyrish-Knight,Stormsinger_nature,Skyfire-Drake,Rageclaws,Scythe-Fiends,Gladiatrix_nature,Fire-Stalker I would/could include Mortar/Sunderer/Mountaineer/Termite Hill somewhere into this, but these are my least favoured options. Please tell me what you think of this, especially if my t1 is suitable for playing High-ranked and your thoughts about staying t2 with Fire/Frost, maybe also your thoughts about possible Weaknesses in here. I included Lyrish Knight as 'new' card compared to my old deck, because I have to stay t2 the entire game. I'm also hoping to eliminate the big Weakness against stonekin (knockback). Home soil and Ice Barrier are of course also a must have, if you bring Lyrish. My Idea is, to have no real 'siege' unit who does the job, thats why there is no mountaineer. There is a counter for (I hope so) everything while all t2 units (except stormsinger, gladiatrix and Firestalker. It's dmg is just nahw although it has siege) are able to deal great dmg on Wells or Orbs-especially with Home Soil. While Rageclaws suck in the Defense, they're great to kick Wells in the Offense. Of course they often suck against shadowsplashes because Darkelf Assasins, so I will use Firestalker to have a long-range knockback against activated Darkelfes. M-Units are shredded by rageclaws if they get the chance. Attacking on different places helps against Hurricane. Also I hope to stand a better chance against Ghostspears or Razorshards thus giving me a better position against Stonekin. Frost Sorceress to keep Units alive. I guess the deck is explained so far. Please tell me if some of my thoughts sound discussable. What really concerns me is the Fact, that I have already 4 t1 Frost-Cards in this deck. I already kicked out Frostbite because of that, although I think this card is very useful and should get a place in Fire/Frost. This might be the main reason to not play Lyrish in a Fire/Frost deck. But futhermore I think, staying t2 is only possible because of the combination Lyrish Knight-Home Soil-Ice Barrier. Thats why I started to think of playing Frost as t1. Didn't play as much Frost t1 back then, but I think it would probably look this way: Ice-Guardian,Frost-Sorceress,Wintertide_frost,Frost-Bite_shadow,Ice-Barrier,Home-Soil,Lightblade_shadow,Master-Archers,Glacier-Shell,Coldsnap,Kobold-Trick,Stormsinger_nature,Lyrish-Knight,Scythe-Fiends,Skyfire-Drake,Ravage,Rageclaws,Lava-Field,Gladiatrix_nature,Fire-Stalker I would/could include Imperials (can be strong with Frost Sorceress)/Eruption/Mountaineer/Frost Mage/Glyph of Frost or Skyelf Templar. Wintertide might be very devastating in combination with Rageclaws. Should be a standard frost t1 so far. Should I be worried about not having Eruption? Is Firestalker as useful as before, now that I think about including Wintertide? Or is Wintertide Laming-OP-nonsense? Please compare these two possible Ways to combine Fire and Frost and tell me everything that comes in your mind reading this. Thank you.
  20. Hello fellow skylord. Did you play maps like Dwarven Riddle and lost because you couldn't hold the enemy wave? Did you ever play Behind Enemy Lines and couldn't defend agaisnt big enemy waves? Or did you and your team lose in Crusade because your base got completely destroyed? In this thread I will teach you how you can play a frost defensive deck that doesn't cost much! in this Post i write you how you can play a defensive Frost deck That not cost to much Deck The deck that I will be using in this guide is shown here: http://bfcards.info/search.php?i=deck&id=20382037201520222020200821042004200520452002205020312028203320482014204320402013 This deck is based on a slow and control based playstyle, instead of speed and precision. The key cards in this deck is Kobol Engineer to keep your defensive buildings repaired and also skyelf Templar, Sage and Commander. Deck Basic : This deck is based on a slow ,control based playstyle your key units are the kobold for the towers and the skyelfs T1: You start T1 with your the typical Frost Mage, Frost Sorceress and Master Archers combo. It’s very helpful to build a Construction Hut where you will be building your towers, since they will cost less and be built faster. T2: In T2 you should look into building towers in places you need to defend. Place some Cannon Towers in combinaton with a Shield Tower as your tower line. Furthermore, build Juice Tanks near your wells, since this is a slow playstyle and you will therefore need all the energy you can get before the wells go dry. Spawn some flying units like Skyelf Templar and War Eagle, and in combination with your T1 units, go for your T3. Remember to use Coldsnap if necessary! T3: In T3 you spawn some Kobold Engineers and build one Stronghold to make your defenses stronger. As for your offensive force, summon some Avatar of Frosts and Core Dredges. You don’t really need more T2 units, and since you didn’t spend a lot of power in T2, you can spend it in T3.Use the special ability from Skyelf Sage on your Stronghold so that it gains a damage boost. Again, slow playstyle with strong defenses. Next, get your T4 with your Avatar of Frost, Core Dredges and Coldsnap. T4: On T4 cames the strongst part for your line The Worldbreaker Gun place some on the line because she can handle the big ones place now some commanders to the cannon towers and a Sage to the worldbreaker gun (the Commanders are good when some fly units comes to attack the towers ) Place your Construct with a Battleship and go slowly forward to take her bases your should take a dreadnought on her side when they get in trouble can he use Shared pain to get the dmg away ^^ and thats it more i can´t tell about this deck its like a big chain of combinations ^^ i think i didn´t need to say that this is a pve /battleground deck ^^ its not a pvp deck so ^^ well have fun with it and Gl ^^ Behind enemy Lines : Key Unit : Skyelf Sage who don´t know it you start a 1 player mission and think .... damn i hate it to play alone vs alll these mobs http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/battleforge/images/9/99/Behind_Enemy_Lines_Map.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090505071629 ^^ you start rly simple on a higher ground with a t1 orb first you should concentrate to get the base in south east so you make enough mages and witches and attack watch out for the minions that patrol. Now you should get up your t2 and walls and defend it with your mages build a constructions hub, some cannon and ice shield towers to defend yourself . After this you should get some fly units and go with them and the mages you get in the time to the west gate place some archers on walls to get more safe clean your way to the base in the west and get your t3 after this the rest is not to hard place a stronghold on your main base and some sages and 2-3 kobolds ^^ now you call your AoF and Worm combo to clear the noth west base don´t forget cold snap and t2 units can be usefull too don´t get to greedy if you fail it doesn´t be that bad ^^ it only need to time get some new armys together Now you should go first to the north base and take the t4 you can place a worldbreaker cannon there and a sage then you can with construct dreadnought shared pain and a battleship go into her last base ^^ after this you win congratz Dwarven Riddle/Bad Harvest: on this maps is one thing important ..Teamwork ^^ if you need help or can´t find a right team then can you add me^^ i will help you ^^ back to the maps Crusade : Key Units: ^^ this map is rly good with a friend to make the start is rly simple get mages and archers to fight your way up to the top now you should hurry up ^^ build t2 as fast as you can and place construction hubs ^^ after you done this you should place cannon towers and ice shield towers in this time should your mate beginn to clear some bases ^^ (you have big job you defend the base the game wins/looses with your towers) concentrate to hold the waves away and beginn too with your air units to get some bases t3 should you clear very well ^^ now should your mate been on last base for his side tell him that he should help out on your side because you get now strongholds and sages on every side and some kobolds to repair ofc this will costs alot of energy thats why he needs to help you on your side to get t4 if he don´t help don´t worry ^^ place a AoF and worms and get it but watch out the time you have . Now are you T4 the last waves comes you should get all your sages to the worldbreaker guns and summon all commanders you can get to shield up the strongholds when you have enough energy place some constructs too ^^ that should help to win this map ^^ Congratz ^^ Dwarven Riddle : Key Unit : Kobold Engineer This map is the most teamplayed map you can get ^^ one misstake and the whole game is done First of all press NEVER the switch for the vulcan ^^ belive me its not good for you ok lets start : First you should place some mages and try to save some mana ^^ you will need it for next T go down with your units and his units and destroy the base for t2 now your time come : place construction hubs on both T´s but the important one is the Main Base place all base with cannon shield combo . and don´t forget that they come in waves so you have every time a bit more time to repair all if you hurry up you can place enough tower to hold when not ask your mate ^^ when he gives for a few sec his orb you can place stronghold sage combo and a AoF ^^ when not ...^^ then you should rly try to hurry up get the bases place by place and watch out that you don´t get to greedy and not watch your base on T3 you should place more strongholds and sages With AoF . Worms too but AoF are more important place some kobolds too to get the fast repair ^^ at least you should be able to beat the rest on t4 worldbreaker cannon with sage and now comes the hard one if you beat your side and your mates on other side need help you can help them ^^ place all skyelfs,battleships,eagles and fly to them this is enough firepower to get them down meanwhile should constructs hold the spawn points for the waves ^^( best you place there some worldbreaker guns too) well ^^ more i can´t say ^^ you done Dwarven Riddle ^^ congratz
  21. 7ucker

    Choice of Starter Deck

    This has probably already been discussed in another post but I couldn't find anything quite the same. Instead of the original starter deck with a mixture of each faction, I'd like to see an option to choose 1 colour and get cards only from that deck. This way you could start with a pure fire deck and later in the game you may decide to spend BFP on cards which were otherwise worthless. I would add a 4th orb frost card (battleship would make sense), a couple of 1st orb fire units (sunstriders and thugs?) and a 4th orb shadow card (death ray). I'd like people's opinions on balancing and other issues with this idea but I think it would help when starting the game without any currency.
  22. SweetPotato

    Deck Maker

    Greetings skylords for people that want to make a deck im got a link for you http://www.bfcards.info/ and you can download replays but i dont know how that work ^^ HAVE A NICE DAY

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