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Found 14 results

  1. Why does X suck... I guess it can be called a series now. To read "Why does Wheel of Gift suck", please click here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9219-why-does-wheel-of-gifts-suck/ Juice Tank is a Tier 2 building (device). It costs 50 power and passive ability that does the following: "Within a 25m radius the remaining capacity of own and friendly Power Wells takes 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% longer to deplete. Production per time increment remains the same." To explain in simple terms, if you build a Juice Tank near a Power Well, it will take longer for that Power Well to
  2. Why does Wheel of Gifts suck... That’s what the title says. Now hear me out, there might be a place and time where it can be useful, but continue reading why the majority of the community came to this conclusion as well. Where do I start. This card is notorious for probably the wrong reasons. Back in EA days, there was a bug where it was possible to stack multiple of the same buff. This, together with how easy to use Lost Spirit Ships are, made any map a walk in the park. This was mainly the case for Random PvE maps. Ever since the revival of the game by the Skylords Reborn team, this bug
  3. The 3 RPVE Achievements "Apprentice", "The Road not Taken" and "Abandon all Hope, ye how enter here" all stop at 19 games played. Im at 22 maps won so far and the non of the Achievements trigger. And i'm not the only one with that issue.
  4. UPDATED to match 1y-patch from 18.12.21 Hey all, since we have many requests here, but few decks are shown pro-actively, I would like to show some of my RPVE decks (deck kits) over the next few weeks. Each of the decks will be limited by a "theme", they will prolly not all be end-to-end meta approaches - especially since they are relatively simple to get to the point in the BG: Bata = Meta And the rest will run behind. But since I'm a little bored with the Batariel right now - let's take a look at what other fine decks for rpve are out there. This first will touch the meta har
  5. Hey all, as the last deck that I showed was more an super-expensive expert deck, let's speak about the most beloved beginner faction this time - Stonekin. Prologue: Even though I don't want to present simple solutions with fixed 20 cards, I have to split the Stonekin topic into 3 parts. There are always nice cards that you can not take because of the limited slots, or other cards that offer other options, but that would be just another deck. Stonekin is a great example. So that the tension is not quite so unbearable, already the outlook for you: 1/3 will be a classic Stoneki
  6. ------------------Disclaimer------------------ I wrote this guide without access to the game and do not intend to update it anytime soon. I apologize for all inaccuracies due to my limited memory. The vast majority of things should be actually correct, but I might've missed a few smaller things that i probably wouldn't now. Also note that the metagame in some areas has evolved since the game has been accessable again. This mostly manifests in the fact that Lost Spirit Ships became a lot more situational and Batariel is often the way to go instead, even against Lost Souls maps. This happene
  7. Also available in pdf! Choose the format that suits you best. Disclaimer: The work does not cover all possibilities and is not the highest quality. I am a recognisable Frost player, but certainly not the best one. I do not expect to make any major updates. I am not responsible for any malicious software contained within enclosed files and do not promise that all provided links are safe. Use at your own risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iScntKo6SOFooLC2OO-Qtu3MGf_TcnYu/view?usp=sharing Pure Frost PvE Guide – How to hit hard as hail @Dallarian – author
  8. Hello folks, I need some recommendations regarding an Enlightenment Batariel deck where T2 is shadow. I've seen many players which are playing T1 with Nomand & Mine, then pushing forward to T2 with shadow sphere, from there they push T3 with shadow phoenix - which is (in my opinion) a really nice combi to wipe out the enemies to T3 really fast. I attached my current Enlightenment Batariel deck starting with T1 fire and T2 nature. Greetings and have a nice day / week! :-)
  9. Hi zusammen, ich würde hier gerne eine Sammlung von rPVE 10 Decks machen. Ihr könnt gerne eure schicken und ich ergänze es nach und nach.
  10. I searched the wiki and the forums, but I couldn't find anywhere a list of how much gold you get in 1, 2 and 4 player maps at each level, 1-10 (does it change with how many players you have? Ex. if you have 3 players instead of 4 on a 4 player rPvE, will everyone get more gold?) Curious if there's a list out there.
  11. Hi everyone, I would like to hear which decks you think are good for rPvE, something about level 9-10. Write which card you are using, and if you want, why you are using these cards. Thanks to you all for the information
  12. NAME: Game crashes upon finish message SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Match REPRODUCIBILITY: Random DESCRIPTION: As soon as you manage to win the match (tested only on rPvE) and "Victory" message appears, game may crash straight to desktop without losing a connection to server or anything else (freezing and then disconnecting -> forced log-out; error message; etc.). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: > Never happened upon "Lose" message, at least yet. > Seems to happen only in rPvE. According to what other people say, there is another case like a 'freezing midgame', but i think this is a bit differe
  13. NAME: "Critical Error: Assertion failed!" SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Starting rPVE REPRODUCIBILITY: NONE DESCRIPTION: Starting rPVE invokes a Whitescreen and an Error Message SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not sure when exactly the Error started. My assumption is while pressing "start the game" Errorrating 2, since i havent reproduced the bug and it could be due to server shutdown. pressing the OK button resulted in another error message. was either a .net or visual studio 20XX message saying something about virtual metho
  14. SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Battlegrounds rPvE REPRODUCIBILITY: Always after the first game is over and you create a second game and launch it. DESCRIPTION: You play a game first this works perfectly fine, then after this game is finished and you create a new game and launch it, the host is fine but the player/players you're playing with have time left of game speeding up (at least 5 times faster than usual) command latency starts at 2 million then slowly goes down over time and can't do anything (spawn in units or use spells). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We have noticed that logging out and in again wi
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