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Found 18 results

  1. One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  2. So this one is as easy as you think. You just rate the post of your foreposter, scale from 1 to 10 with 1 = super awful and 10 = amazing After you rated you gonna post a new song:) Have fun and explore some great music. I will start:
  3. Shadows Over Lyr (SOL) is a pet project of mine, spanning over 30 hours to create and finalise. The intention was to retain the art of Battleforge and turn it into a thematic, printable (i.e. physical) card game that’s perfectly balanced and playable. Skip the dark grey text and jump to the Story and gameplay paragraph half-way below if you don't want to read about the history of how this project came to fruition. Behind the scenes My first choice was to create duel decks by copying Magic the Gathering cards, which I had to relinquish mainly because Wizards of the Coast don’t take kindly to c
  4. Hello! To begin with, I would like to thank you for your work! nostalgia! Tell me, I want to play with my wife, can we freely exchange cards and points with her? I don’t risk getting banned hummer? — I Здравствуйте! Для начала хотел бы поблагодарить за вашу работу! ностальгия! Скажите, я хочу играть с супругой, можем ли мы свободно с ней обмениваться картами и очками не рискую попасть под “ban hummer”? Вы просто вернули меня в 2010! ?
  5. Hi guys, it seems that everybody here has the game from like 3 weeks or so. I have forgotten alot of stuff from back in the day and I have a bad deck in the moment. So I'm searching for someone who could like carry me lol.. just someone who doesn't mind helping, you know untill I get a decent deck. I can't really get in any battlegrounds because I don't have a good deck and nobody wants to play with a noob, I get it lol. So yeah my nickname is: vanko1_60 . Feel free to add me or comment on this post so I can add you. Have a nice day yall
  6. When I clicked "play" on the launcher my Avast moved the "Launcher.exe" into a Virus Container. I've read the thread that I have to disable my Anti Virus Programm and Whitelist the installation folder, but why? I mean there is a reason why the anti virus picks it up, or am I wrong here?
  7. Soooo, can someone tell me in steps how to open the forge or play it? Cause, now I have updater and the BattleForge file. And the problem is when I'm opening updater it says to agree for this type of file, and the patcher is not seeable ( one time i was clicking everywhere and just black screen popped out and then it crashed) And when I'm opening the battleforge file nothing happens Pls help with this Screen
  8. NAME: Creating game crashes client SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge\World map\Scenario: Setup screen (any map) REPRODUCIBILITY: 3/6 (quiet random due to strange combination of actions) DESCRIPTION: After a finished match with a group as group member creation of game/lobby/match crashes game (client side) straight to the desktop with following error -> [scrn shot] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: supposed steps to reproduce it: >start a 2 or 4 player match (with group only) >finish it >leave a group if you are a group member, OR if kick a group member(s)/let
  9. Amergo

    Booster Deck

    Hi i saw the new booster Sim and became an idea for an game in the forum Go to https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html and open 5 booster with screens like i did and build a Deck on base of this 5 booster with 10 cards in it and explain why choose them so in my case i would build a stonekin deck with 1 x Windweavers 1x Spearmen 1x dryad 1x defenders 1x phalanx 1x Rageflame 1x Stone Shell 1x Grinder 1x Grimvine 1x Equilibrium I choose this cause grinder is a damn strong t4 card and in comb with grimvine i can root in late
  10. Rules: 1 - You can only post 1 word 2 - Have to wait until 4 others have posted a word until you can repost 3 - You can use Dot (.) Comma (,) etc at the end of your word if you want. 4 - Keep it PG Aim: With an increasing number of posts a story is formed, your job is to continue the story with 1 word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall start: - Today
  11. The game will start with a picture. When I will post it, You must find another picture that have not already been used before. after the second picture you have again to do the same thing. In conclusion, I post a picture, someone post another one similar and the next person will post another picture similar with it and vis versa. Don't forget the forum rules ! Here we go...
  12. So I was bored and I ended up teaching myself how to use this game making program last night and tonight I have a working version of the game . It's a 2 person game, but since I'm using the free version of the software, both players need to be at the same computer (one player uses the mouse and the other uses the keyboard). If you want to try my game out, just let me know . And it's not BattleForge themed, but if someone wants to help me out by making some BF sprites and sounds, it would not be difficult to make it BattleForge themed
  13. Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Alien Swarm has been re-released on Steam under the title Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. The original game was released 7 years ago and was/is a fantastic top-down co-operative tactical shooter with lots of variety, tense moments and atmosphere. This new version just adds some extra bits e.g. allowing 8 players to co-operate on each map and Steam Workshop. If you don't know the game, imagine Starship Troopers or Warhammer 40k's Space Hulk from a top down perspective where players pick different classes, weapons and equ
  14. Welcome to Conquer Lyr! The successor of Conquer Nyn We are currently recruiting players to start the first war. It will require 12 players to play and it will start once 12 players join. Here is the current list of participants: SilenceKiller99 - Grimvine (Dark Green) DyonisX - Lost Grigori (Purple) Dallarian - Battleship (Light Blue) How to play: The strategy game will be played here on this thread. The game is turn-based, with the length of 1 turn being 1 day. Therefor
  15. Try to make the combinations! No Frost Deck Without Home Soil
  16. Right lets play a little game, thought about this a while ago but only boredom and time could actually make me write this so here it goes. All you have to do in this game is use our imagination and think of a power, anything and everything however here is the catch; People will need to reply to your post and give you a limit for your power for example If you say ''I want to have the power of telepathy'' a limit for it can be You can never turn it off etc. As for my power I would like to possess the power of Spacial Render, controlling space itself gives me abilities with magnetic and
  17. The more forum games, the merrier! Let's see how creative/mature this community really is. This game is simple, you copy and paste the most recent reply and add up to two words to the story. Punctuation can be added for free. For example: A watermelon Next reply: A watermelon was once Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree. It had Rules: You can only post once ever half-hour. Do not add words/punctuation that does not make sense. If two people post
  18. Hey guys ! The Japanese version of Unison League has had a Vocaloid collaboration event going on for a while now and it's about to come out in 1 day on the regular English server. If you were ever hesitant in starting to play Unison League and you also like Vocaloid, this is probably the best time to start playing it so that you get to experience this event~! "But Dyo, you majestic beast, what is Unison League?~" is something that you may be asking. Unison League is a real time PHONE game which CAN be played with a pc emulator(if you want to), it's an MMORPG in which
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