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  1. I would like to know (if someone plays it), I have the same issue, (also as so many people)
  2. You have something like this? Is it my fault or the servers?? someone tell
  3. OK I'm playing now, I had to open UAC and disable anti virus and it opened a patcher and it works :)))) OPEN UAC!!!
  4. So, now I turned off the anti virus, and what's still happens is that when I accept this 2 icons on the bottom dissapear and nothing happens And this is what's happens when I won't accept / the information dissapears and the patcher stays, and it's black screen
  5. Soooo, can someone tell me in steps how to open the forge or play it? Cause, now I have updater and the BattleForge file. And the problem is when I'm opening updater it says to agree for this type of file, and the patcher is not seeable ( one time i was clicking everywhere and just black screen popped out and then it crashed) And when I'm opening the battleforge file nothing happens Pls help with this Screen
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