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Found 5 results

  1. Before you ask, yes I read that thread, but these are more of an chievements than daily quests. Giving out BFP only based on play time, and only in limited amount on weekly bases is the most fair option of these, because everyone get the same amount of BFP and will have no gap between skilled players and new players in regards to BFP gain. On the other hand rewarding only victories and based on difficulty will give big advantage to veteran players that know the game and can start expert maps quickly. We are not going to use result of this poll unless we want to, we are in
  2. Is there a quest you really would like to have in the game? Well here is your chance on suggesting it and maybe the devs will implement it. This thread's purpose is to collect all kinds of ideas for quests and achievements to help out the staff team with coming up with those and instead just picking the good/ best ones out of here. Please try to not suggest ideas that are already on the list in some form (also include not suggesting numbers for a already existing quest). Please note that i am not part of the staff and therefor can not guarantee that any of your suggestions will get im
  3. I wanted to suggest that the use of "his/her" within the game (such as "join his/her group" or "look at his/her deck") should be changed to simply "their". Not only is it clunky and disrupts the sentence flow, it excludes players like myself due to the dysphoria it can induce and can leave us not being comfortable playing the game because of it. It seems counterproductive to allow an "other" gender option and use inclusive language in posts on this forum, but to then continue with outdated gendered language in the game itself. It's just a subtle change that opens the game and community u
  4. So this will be my first real post in quite a while, so I do wonder if anyone remembers me. Anyways, I always remember everyone trying to come up with ideas on how to properly mix Fire and Frost as a dual faction, but with no real resolution or agreements. I just recently realized last week that I could actually play the limited beta of BF and I have been playing religiously since then. I then remembered about the dilemna that concerned this debate for years, and decided that I might give it more thought. And give it more thought I did! I'm very confident in my idea mostly because it jus
  5. Hello there fellow Skylords! I'd like to suggest a new card, the balancing of it might not be intirely on point yet but I do like the Idea. Opinions?
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