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Found 17 results

  1. So this one is as easy as you think. You just rate the post of your foreposter, scale from 1 to 10 with 1 = super awful and 10 = amazing After you rated you gonna post a new song:) Have fun and explore some great music. I will start:
  2. One thing I would very much like to be added to the game in the future would be the varied boosters, because it would be better to get cards from a certain edition, rather than a single booster containing all the editions. And not only the boosters but also the elements that gave some bonus in the game would be nice to return. * Elements:
  3. Shadows Over Lyr (SOL) is a pet project of mine, spanning over 30 hours to create and finalise. The intention was to retain the art of Battleforge and turn it into a thematic, printable (i.e. physical) card game that’s perfectly balanced and playable. Skip the dark grey text and jump to the Story and gameplay paragraph half-way below if you don't want to read about the history of how this project came to fruition. Behind the scenes My first choice was to create duel decks by copying Magic the Gathering cards, which I had to relinquish mainly because Wizards of the Coast don’t take kindly to copies of their card game. Creating mechanics mimicking MtG would’ve been fine, but not balanced enough to truly enjoy as an end product. After going through iterations of some of my beloved card games, I’ve finally decided to base SOL on the highly acclaimed Lost Cities. Which – due to its abstract nature – can be played using an expanded standard deck of cards, lending itself beautifully to iterations. The rules of SOL are easy to learn but the gameplay is ripe with tension and tough decisions, which has made Lost Cities so well received and sought after by gamers and non-gamers alike. I used card frames without the artwork, and stripped these of their power and orb counters, the rarity indicator then rebuilt missing parts to create a clean template for each card. Card artwork was used from the original Battleforge files (thanks to @bobfrog for collating these, and to @MrXLink for offering his help in locating a missing one), then flavour text was added at the bottom of each. The developers of Battleforge have come up with lore for 19 creatures per faction. I’ve read each of these, and based on the creature and how interesting the lore was decided to pick 12 per faction. The other reason why the cards were stripped clean is to replace the original barebones font with a display font that’s – in my opinion – gives cards more personality. The black bleed area around each card has been doubled, then replaced with a white trim to protect the edges of physical cards from damage caused by wear and tear. For the fifth faction/colour, I’ve combined a gold frame with the textures of the original black frame and used mostly legendary creatures to create another 12 cards. All card values were allocated based on the original power cost. Card backs were created from the map of Lyr, a flourish design used in the Battleforge lore book and layer styles. There were also five ‘location’ cards made without text and two rule cards included on a black solid card template to re-iterate each game phase and scoring to both players. Story and gameplay (thematic flavour text in italic) Like a dark, ominous storm cloud creeping through the darkest crevices and gleaming mountain tops, an unknown force is gathering over the land of Lyr. You and another Skylord have been alerted to this presence and decided to deal with the incursion. After several key locations have been identified as the main target of this mysterious enemy, negotiations between you and the other Skylord have ceased. Now it’s a frantic race between the two armies, seeing who will be able to repel the impending shadow and secure the knowledge held within these sites of power. Shadows of Lyr is a two-player hand management and set collection game. The objective is to achieve the highest overall score after three rounds by sending out the largest army possible for each faction, while hindering your opponent who’s trying to do the same. Game components: 2 identical game rule cards 5 location cards with horizontal layout 45 creature cards (9 for each faction) ranging from numbers 2 to 10 15 scout cards (3 for each faction) with no numerical value Give each player a game rule card to provide them with a quick reminder of game rules and scoring system. Place the 5 location cards – also known as ‘sites of power’ – face up between the two players, in any order you’d like. These will act as dividers between the two Skylords’ armies, and as discard piles for roaming creatures of corresponding colours. Shuffle the remaining creature and scout cards into a single deck of 60 cards, then deal 8 cards face down to each player. Place the remaining pile of cards face down within both players’ reach. Then the game begins. Players alternate turns and must take two actions each before ending their turn. Play a card from your hand. You have three options here: 1. Start a new column of cards. Place a card below one of the sites of power of matching colour on your side of the play area. As an example, units of the Nature faction may only be sent to reinforce and protect the green site of power. You’ve now committed to that location and have to do your utmost best to send enough forces to repel the enemy when it strikes against your army. 2. Place a card at the end of a column you already started. If you already have a card played below one of the sites of power, you may choose another unit from your hand to strengthen the defense. This unit must be of corresponding colour to the previous card played, and to the site of power it will be guarding from the enemy. This card must also have a higher value than the previous number in that column. Be careful, as scouts must be sent to a site of power before your main army arrives. This will give them enough time to entrench themselves, gather information and explore the area to give tactical advantages to your main forces. As an example, you may play up to three scouts per site of power of a colour – however once you place a unit that has a power value, you can no longer send scouts to that location. 3. Discard a card. When discarding from your hand, you must place that card face up on the matching colour of a site of power. Units discarded this way become roaming creatures, not part of either Skylords’ forces until enrolled in an army. Draw a card into your hand. You have two options here: 1. Choose one of the top cards from the five discard stacks (if any). You may take any face up card irrespective of their colour, as long as it’s not the same card you’ve just discarded. Units you take control of this way become part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary. 2. Take the top card of the draw pile. The unit you’ve summoned this way becomes part of your roster to reinforce your armies on the field when necessary. Now it’s your opponent’s turn. Once a player draws the last card from the draw pile, the round ends immediately (the last card from the draw pile can't be played). The above indicates that both Skylords have ran out of time and are unable to summon any more creatures. The mysterious shadow descends upon the land of Lyr and its forces lay siege to each of the five sites of power. Scoring: Cards in your hand, and scouts placed on the battlefield are worth zero points. 1. For each faction (colour), add the card values together for each column on your side of the playing field. This is the sheer strength of your army. If you haven’t placed any cards below a site of power, skip that location. As a Skylord, you’ve decided not to commit any of your units to come to the aid of that site of power, endured neither losses nor victories, and have no knowledge of enemy activity in that area. 2. Subtract 20 points from each column where you’ve placed cards. This is the power of the enemy forces at that location, determining whether the Skylord was able to repel the enemy force, seizing the site of power to themselves. 3. Multiply subtotals by the number of scouts +1. Your scouts give your main armies tactical advice and strategic knowledge about the battlefield: In case you failed to dispatch enough forces and the enemy prevailed, your forces have perished and your scouts scattered. Not only have your lost your creatures, your scouts have been taken hostage, exposing your weaknesses causing a major blow to your overall strategy. In case your army has prevailed and destroyed the forces of shadow, your scouts have exploited the enemy’s tactics allowing you to turn their weakness against them. You’ve achieved a glorious victory. 4. Add 20 points for each column with at least 8 cards. Your superior army has ruthlessly decimated the enemy forces and eradicated the surviving stragglers, wavering the morale of your foe. Finally, add each column’s points together to form your victory points. The Skylord with the highest score begins the next round, preparing for another impeding attack. Whoever has the most victory points after three rounds is the winner of SOL. 3-player game variant: Plays exactly the same as the original base game of SOL for two players, but with the following differences: - location cards are only used as scrap piles, as everyone will play cards (i.e. start columns) in front of them - only 7 cards are given to each player at the beginning of the game, as opposed to the standard 8 (unless you're playing with 72 cards) - enemy forces have 15 power per location, as opposed to the standard 20 - you receive 15 bonus points for each column with at least 7 cards, as opposed to the standard 20 & 8 split Basically, 8 becomes 7 and 20 becomes 15 Please note this game mode has not been tested with 72 cards (6 factions) therefore slight tweaking may be required if you're adding the Forgotten to the mix. This is what a typical game of SOL would look like from one of the Skylords’ point of view. The other player would be placing cards on the opposite side of the discard piles, where the explanation texts are: And finally, here are some interesting tips and strategies to take into consideration: - be careful what you discard, as your opponent may want to use that card - you could discard cards with the intent of picking them up later, but in doing so you’re also giving your opponent the same option - cards you keep waiting for could be at the bottom of the draw pile or in your opponents hand - would you risk playing high value cards with the intention of denying them from your opponent, even if that means losing points for that colour? - make sure valuable cards in your hand get played, as once the last card from the draw pile is gone the round is over - be cautious about starting a new column, as once you place the first card in any given colour your opponent will try and deny those faction cards from you - you can keep discarding cards at the beginning of the game to guess what your opponent is after, but this might set you behind - if your opponent discards a card you want, do you take it right away and alert them to the fact that you want that colour? DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2v2lkal7pliop/Shadows_Over_Lyr There are now three files in this folder: BF_SOL.zip - first edition of SOL (standalone, not compatible with any of the below) This is the deck of cards you need to print to play the game. All of the above videos, photos and pictures were made with these images and cards. BF_SOL_revised.zip - revised edition of SOL with small cosmetic tweaks Font size for card values increased by 25% ; gave more emphasis to Shadows Over Lyr text on cardbacks ; canvas proportions constrained to 63:88 ; white bleed extended by 2mm per edge Please note that there is no difference in image quality or gameplay between the first and revised editions. BF_SOL_expansion.zip - expansion set containing 12 new cards as a new colour (the Forgotten faction) ; requires revised edition This is an expansion to boost the number of cards to Printerstudio's standard of 72 (6 factions x 12 cards each) i.e. as long as you don't use/print location and reference cards from the base game. The expansion is only compatible with the revised edition due to cosmetic tweaks, and is not required to play the base game of SOL. Two main reasons why this was created: 1) Lost Cities has just received an expansion adding a sixth colour 2) to provide meaningful choice to people who want to use up their 72-card slot at Printerstudio and don't care about rule reference or location cards Click here to look at a comparison photo between the two editions. Many thanks to @Avire for pointing us to http://www.printerstudio.de/machen/blanko-spielkarten-63x88mm-personalisieren.html in his thread. Printerstudio also has an American website at http://www.printerstudio.com/personalized/custom_playing_cards_blank_cards.html which is a tad more expensive unless you actually live in the States. The UK website is defunct according to their customer services, so please use the German site if you live in Europe (i.e. the first link). Have fun playing SOL with your partner, friends or gaming group!
  4. Hello! To begin with, I would like to thank you for your work! nostalgia! Tell me, I want to play with my wife, can we freely exchange cards and points with her? I don’t risk getting banned hummer? — I Здравствуйте! Для начала хотел бы поблагодарить за вашу работу! ностальгия! Скажите, я хочу играть с супругой, можем ли мы свободно с ней обмениваться картами и очками не рискую попасть под “ban hummer”? Вы просто вернули меня в 2010! ?
  5. Hi guys, it seems that everybody here has the game from like 3 weeks or so. I have forgotten alot of stuff from back in the day and I have a bad deck in the moment. So I'm searching for someone who could like carry me lol.. just someone who doesn't mind helping, you know untill I get a decent deck. I can't really get in any battlegrounds because I don't have a good deck and nobody wants to play with a noob, I get it lol. So yeah my nickname is: vanko1_60 . Feel free to add me or comment on this post so I can add you. Have a nice day yall
  6. When I clicked "play" on the launcher my Avast moved the "Launcher.exe" into a Virus Container. I've read the thread that I have to disable my Anti Virus Programm and Whitelist the installation folder, but why? I mean there is a reason why the anti virus picks it up, or am I wrong here?
  7. Soooo, can someone tell me in steps how to open the forge or play it? Cause, now I have updater and the BattleForge file. And the problem is when I'm opening updater it says to agree for this type of file, and the patcher is not seeable ( one time i was clicking everywhere and just black screen popped out and then it crashed) And when I'm opening the battleforge file nothing happens Pls help with this Screen
  8. Amergo

    Booster Deck

    Hi i saw the new booster Sim and became an idea for an game in the forum Go to https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html and open 5 booster with screens like i did and build a Deck on base of this 5 booster with 10 cards in it and explain why choose them so in my case i would build a stonekin deck with 1 x Windweavers 1x Spearmen 1x dryad 1x defenders 1x phalanx 1x Rageflame 1x Stone Shell 1x Grinder 1x Grimvine 1x Equilibrium I choose this cause grinder is a damn strong t4 card and in comb with grimvine i can root in lategame and do hard dmg with a rageflame in background + i have a strong t1 with dryad windeaver combo so this was the best case for my 5 booster try yourself and let us see what you get and build ps sry for my grammar ^^
  9. Rules: 1 - You can only post 1 word 2 - Have to wait until 4 others have posted a word until you can repost 3 - You can use Dot (.) Comma (,) etc at the end of your word if you want. 4 - Keep it PG Aim: With an increasing number of posts a story is formed, your job is to continue the story with 1 word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall start: - Today
  10. The game will start with a picture. When I will post it, You must find another picture that have not already been used before. after the second picture you have again to do the same thing. In conclusion, I post a picture, someone post another one similar and the next person will post another picture similar with it and vis versa. Don't forget the forum rules ! Here we go...
  11. So I was bored and I ended up teaching myself how to use this game making program last night and tonight I have a working version of the game . It's a 2 person game, but since I'm using the free version of the software, both players need to be at the same computer (one player uses the mouse and the other uses the keyboard). If you want to try my game out, just let me know . And it's not BattleForge themed, but if someone wants to help me out by making some BF sprites and sounds, it would not be difficult to make it BattleForge themed
  12. Not sure how many of you are aware of this, but Alien Swarm has been re-released on Steam under the title Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. The original game was released 7 years ago and was/is a fantastic top-down co-operative tactical shooter with lots of variety, tense moments and atmosphere. This new version just adds some extra bits e.g. allowing 8 players to co-operate on each map and Steam Workshop. If you don't know the game, imagine Starship Troopers or Warhammer 40k's Space Hulk from a top down perspective where players pick different classes, weapons and equipment then work together to complete missions and survive the alien swarm. There are lots of weapons and items to use and unlock, 8 characters to choose from (medics, tech marines, heavies etc.) and of course objectives to complete as you progress through the map. Missions and campaigns are usually tense and exhilirating, as the game gets quite hard on higher difficulty levels and requires the players to work together as a team. Leave no one behind, especially the technicians as no one else can hack doors and terminals! The game is completely free (courtesy of Valve) and may be downloaded here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/ Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMYdKqXFbiE Steam Workshop means there are more and more maps and mods added each day (e.g. the one allowing you to play as Chaos or Space Marines). Enjoy!
  13. Welcome to Conquer Lyr! The successor of Conquer Nyn We are currently recruiting players to start the first war. It will require 12 players to play and it will start once 12 players join. Here is the current list of participants: SilenceKiller99 - Grimvine (Dark Green) DyonisX - Lost Grigori (Purple) Dallarian - Battleship (Light Blue) How to play: The strategy game will be played here on this thread. The game is turn-based, with the length of 1 turn being 1 day. Therefore, every day all the players will message me their plans. The reason for messaging plans is so that players will not know the plans of other players for that turn. Then, once a day, I will execute all the plans and update the map. I will then post the updated map for the players to use for the next turn. The next turn starts every day between 04h00 and 06h00 CET. Not being able to submit your plan every day isn't necessarily a disadvantage, it simply means your units will not move. If for some reason I cannot update the map on a given day the turn simply updates the day after. Dice: This game uses a unique game mechanic with standard 1-6 dice. Different situation, such as attacking or defending, give you different amount of dice. Attacking a nearby territory when the territory doesn't attack back results in an attack. If two territories attack each other, this results in a battle. The winner of a battle takes the enemy's territory. The dice are rolled and totaled to give you a multiplier. The strength of your army is multiplied by the multiplier to give you your total strength. For example I am attacking a fortified territory with my XL unit and 50 normal units. The fortified territory is defending with 130 normal units. Using the dice rules below, we see that I will get 4 die and the defender will get 5. My dice are rolled and I get a total 10, thus my multiplier will be 1.10. The defender's dice are rolled and he gets a total of 21, thus his multiplier will be 1.21. My army has a strength of 150, multiplied by the multiplier gives me an attacking strength of 165. His army has a strength of 130, with the multiplier gives him a defending strength of 157 (numbers are rounded to the nearest whole). The largest number is the winner, and the difference between the numbers is how many units survive. I win by 8 and take the territory. When fighting with an XL unit, if the attack/battle is lost, the XL unit dies. If it is won, like in my case, the XL unit will always survive. However, none of the normal units survive unless the difference between multiplied numbers is above 100. I won by 8, thus only my XL unit will survive, the territory is taken.. Here is another example. I attack a nearby territory with my XL unit and 50 normal units. However, he also attacks my territory with 50 normal units. Using the dice rules below, I will get 4 die and he will get 2. My dice are rolled and the total is 18, my multiplier is 1.18, so my battling strength is 177. His dice are rolled and the total is 10, his multiplier is 1.10, so his battling strength is 55. I win with a difference of 122, thus I take his territory and I have my XL unit and 22 normal units left over. It is not possible to increase your army with the multiplier. If I attack a nearby territory that has 10 units with 200 units and the difference is 205, I take the territory with 200 units. Dice rules: Defending: with XL - 1 die without fort - 0 die with fort - 5 die Attacking: with normal units only - 2 die with XL only or XL and normal units - 4 die Battling: with normal units only - 2 die with XL only or XL and normal units - 4 die Game parts: Neutral territory: A white territory is neutral. They have 30 normal units on them. If an attack on a neutral territory fails, it will still have 30 units for the next turn. Capital: A territory marked with an X is a capital. If a capital is captured, the player and his XL unit are eliminated from the game. At the end of a turn, for every territory you own, your capital will generate 1 normal unit on it for the next turn. For example: I own 20 territories at the end of a turn so my capital will have 20 additional normal units on it at the beginning of the next turn. If an enemy capital is captured, the capital becomes yours and you will now have 2 capitals for the capital bonus. So if I own 20 territories at the end of a turn, 20 units will be generated on BOTH capitals at the begging of the next turn. However, when an enemy capital is captured, all of their territories return to neutral. The neutral capital in the center of the map has 30 units on it similar to a regular neutral territory. Fort: A territory marked with a square is a fortified territory. An XL unit cannot be an a fortified territory, therefore if a fortified territory is captured with an XL unit, the fort is destroyed. Neutral territories that are fortified have 50 units on them. If an attack on a neutral fortified territory fails, it still has 50 units for the next turn. + Territory: A territory marked with a + is a territory that generates normal units on that territory every turn. If a + territory is owned at the end of a turn and was owned at the end of the last turn, it will generate an additional 20 normal units for the next turn. XL: A triangle is an XL unit. The XL unit has the strength of 100 normal units. 2 XLs cannot be on the same territory. XL units can move 2 spaces per turn if both territories are yours at the beginning of the turn. An XL cannot, however, move one space and then attack a territory in the same turn. Your XL can only be on your territories. Normal Units: The number on each territory is the number of normal units on that territory. Game rules: Truces: You are allowed to make truces in this game. Allies give several advantages: Donating troops. If you move normal units to an allies territory, they are then his to control. Donating territories. You can also give territories to an ally as long as they own a territory next to the one you are donating. However, if there are normal units on the territory when it is converted, they die when the territory changes owner. The game can only have one winner. Enough said The order in which things occur: If a territory is attacked and the enemy player decided to retreat units from that territory for the same turn, the retreating units will move before the attack. If a territory is attacked and reinforcements arrive for the defending territory, the reinforcements will arrive before the attack. If a battle occurs where the losing territory had friendly units moving there, the friendly units will be moved before the territory is captured and will result in an attack. For example: I attack a nearby territory using 100 normal units, it has 50 units there and 60 that will be moved there. The 50 that are currently on the territory also attack my territory, so there is a battle. I win the battle and have 55 units left over, there will then be an attack of my 55 units on his 60 units that just arrived. In other words, the order in which moves are executed is: units moving from friendly to friendly territory are moved first. Battles occur second. Attacks occur lastly. Overlapping: If two un-allied players attack an enemy territory (a three way fight) or two players attack the same neutral territory, the army with the highest multiplied strength will win the territory, the other armies are destroyed. If you and an ally attack the same territory at once, the armies are combined and then multiplied. The territory goes to the one who attacked with the largest army. The map This is what the starter map will look like, with the red hexagons being the player capitals. Everybody will start with 500 units and their XL on their capital. This image will be updated here as well as posted on the thread below daily once the game starts. How to submit your plan: Be sure to message me so that the other teams don't know your plan. Simply write what you would like to do. The map is written in chess notation with the letter written first and number written after. For example: the center piece is K11, the bottom left capital is C19. Here is an example of what a plan could look like: move 30 units from (a territory) to (a territory) move XL from (a territory) to (a territory) attack (a territory) from (a territory) with 50 units etc. You can move as many units/attack as many territories as you want in a turn. Want to play?? Simply reply below stating which XL you'd like to play as and what color territories you want. Make sure your color isn't similar to any other participants. The XLs will all be equal in strength, so the one you select is unimportant. For example: I'd like to play as Abyssal Warder with the color light green. Have questions? Please message me with the question so that the thread doesn't become too cluttered. I will answer and update the rules above. Conquer Nyn players: @Eirias @Grapejuice @Dallarian @Eddio @Tofu @SilenceKiller99 @Lazy @DanielLS @Lukaznid @Ultrakool @DyonisX @Beast
  14. Try to make the combinations! No Frost Deck Without Home Soil
  15. Right lets play a little game, thought about this a while ago but only boredom and time could actually make me write this so here it goes. All you have to do in this game is use our imagination and think of a power, anything and everything however here is the catch; People will need to reply to your post and give you a limit for your power for example If you say ''I want to have the power of telepathy'' a limit for it can be You can never turn it off etc. As for my power I would like to possess the power of Spacial Render, controlling space itself gives me abilities with magnetic and quantum poles
  16. The more forum games, the merrier! Let's see how creative/mature this community really is. This game is simple, you copy and paste the most recent reply and add up to two words to the story. Punctuation can be added for free. For example: A watermelon Next reply: A watermelon was once Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree Next reply: A watermelon was once stuck in a tree. It had Rules: You can only post once ever half-hour. Do not add words/punctuation that does not make sense. If two people post at the same time, the second poster must edit their post. Not sure if a post like this already exists, if so here a fresh start about a baby juggernaut, let's see how far we can take it. Here is the start: Once upon a time, there was a baby juggernaut named
  17. Hey guys ! The Japanese version of Unison League has had a Vocaloid collaboration event going on for a while now and it's about to come out in 1 day on the regular English server. If you were ever hesitant in starting to play Unison League and you also like Vocaloid, this is probably the best time to start playing it so that you get to experience this event~! "But Dyo, you majestic beast, what is Unison League?~" is something that you may be asking. Unison League is a real time PHONE game which CAN be played with a pc emulator(if you want to), it's an MMORPG in which you completely control a single character. This character can be one of the 5 classes which are interchangeable at any time, there's tons of customization, quests, events, guild battles, colloseum pvp etc. The game allows you to use 4 skills of your choosing at any time + the autoattack which you can't change without proper gear (I'm a healer and I have a weak heal that gives a tiny buff instead of a basic attack because I got an event weapon) You can use any skill regardless of your class but there's no reason to usually because your class has perks that buff certain skills, which are only active when you are using said class. The way you get stronger is by equipping items, each item has certain cost and you get more cost from sidequests and leveling up which lets you equip more items of that type. There's 4 types of "items" : Weapons (Swords, Axes, Lances, Scythes, Staves, Relics, Books,Bows,Guns) Chest pieces (armor, clothing) Head pieces (Helmets and hats) And Monsters (Water,Wind,Fire,Dark,Light,Neutral) All the items give certain stats like Attack/MagicAtk Defense/MagicDef (weapons always give atk and matk, chest and head pieces always give def and mdef // Monsters give a combination of those 4, such as atk/def atk/mdef atk/matk def/mdef...) In this game you can use your monster in battle everytime your Unison Gauge reaches 100%, it fills up by taking damage and using abilities, the gain may also be increased with certain abilities and monster abilities. If more than 2 monsters of the same type are used during the same unison, a special unison strike is *triggered* whose strength and type depends on the monsters used : the base unisons go up to MAX LEVEL when 5 of the same type are used, starting at lv 1 when 2 are used If 3 of one type and 2 of another type are used the unison is a lv 2 one with the support of the 2nd type(usually similar but weaker effect than a lv 1 unison) If 2 of one type and 2 of the other are used then there's this thing called canc... lv 1 Genesis which negates all the bonus effects of both regular unisons and only deals damage (which sucks) As of the last COLLAB which was Neon Genesis Evangelion there's been a new unison added, which is triggered when 4 or 5 Evangelion monsters(characters to be specific) are used which creates a super awesome unison which buffs everything by 30% deals damage, increases cost(mana) regeneration speed by a lot and deals damage and also speeds up the game (because you know, it's a racing mecha anime) {I was trying to find the gif of the unison on google but I couldn't fi... WAIT WTF THERE'S AN ATTACK ON TITAN COLLAB ON THE JP SERVER so cuute} * * * Anyways.. so yeah if you have time you should get into it I would post a referal link but there's no point I already invited my cap of people so there's no point So it's not like I'm recommending it to you guys just so I can get referral bonuses (btw if you do start playing one of you should make an account first and then give the referal link to the others so that you all gain some free gems.. I'll leave that to your own devices)
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