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  1. Man, this thread really makes me want to look left and right without crossing the street.
  2. For the building decstruction: Maybe use Soulshatter (straight forward), Frenetic Assault (not that synergetic with the whole disintegration thing), Infect (Not sure if that works with disintegration) or Riffle Cultists. Not sure if and which of these are viable, but they were the first few things that came to my mind.
  3. Hello everyone, recently I have seen more and more threads about reworking cards, that regarded greefing potential. For example, some people were complaining about decomposer being used to greef, while others wanted offering to work on your teams units, which would again allow for more greefing. While there are arguments for both sides, I hereby want to make a proposal, that might be satisfying to both sides of the medal. The idea is, that spells/abilities, which would sacrifice your teammates units now no longer directly kill them, but instead give them the ability to kill themselves. This could work as with Skycatcher's Twilight Infection: You use decomposer/offering/whatever on a unit of your teammate, then this unit gets a new ability to kill itself which then triggers the corresponding effect, i.e. transferring power/refilling charges/.... This way you can no longer greef with those cards, since your teammate can always decide not to sacrifice the unit, but it also does not break speedruns/tactics, which rely on the use of decomposer. It would only make those a little more micro intensive, but since the players, which have their units decomposed, usually have a bit less microing to do, it should not be the end of the world, but I am interested in hearing, what the speedrun community says about that last point. Anyways, this is my idea on how to fix this issue. Let me know, what you think about this idea. And also, is this even possible to implement? I would guess so, since it works for the Skycatcher...
  4. Somehow I don't think this whole "forced to play a gamemode" doesn't work for achievements. Especially since we already have a lot of "forcing" achievments: Beat campaign on expert, use deck with specific colour in PvE/P, use 7 dragons in PvE, use a legendary Skylord card in a pure deck in PvE etc. While most of these "forced" me to play a few games out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed these. So adding an achievement like this is not a bad idea imo.
  5. PvP and explaining people on the forums, why Free PvP Decks are a good thing.
  6. 2972 This thread is getting more and more nasty!
  7. There are obviously multiple ways of dealing with this map. The strat I found the easiest however is to rush to the first base and quickly focus down the small crystals. This can be done with ranged units or just by using Eruption. This makes the walls break and will make this first base a lot easier. Then the other person on my side and I decide, who will rush T4 and who will stay T1. The rushing person takes T2 and the majority of wells, then you quickly clear another monument, let the rusher go T3 and clear another base to let the rusher go T4. Then the rusher simply spawns a few (1 or 2 should be enough) flying units, for example Giant Wyrms, and fly from crystal to crystal, focuses the crystals and ignores everything else. You can even fly over the middle and clear the other side's crystals as well to speed it up even more. For defense, don't be afraid to use the altar of flames, it will make stronger waves appear, but as soon as the rusher is T4, they can easily help defend with more Giant Wyrms/other T4 units. Now just clear the remaining attacks using the wyrms and maybe some thunderstorms and you are good to go Here is a replay, where we use this strat. The execution is far from flawless, especially since we ran into a way to hard base at first, but you should get the idea: 20210120_123238_11301_PvE_04p_ColorCode.pmv
  8. You have to read the quests completely: It aleays says "difficulty 5 OR HIGHER" and "Advanced OR HIGHER"
  9. This is amazing! I hope you find the source code for this and post in on github or something similar, so it can be brought up to date.
  10. I think you are overexaggerating by a lot. The game is far from "unplayable". From the end of the open beta up to now I also had ~2 DC's. I agree, that, obviously, better hardware is always better and will be needed once the playercount increases fruther, but right now I do not really see a problem yet. Did you make sure it is not your connection, that is causing the problems?
  11. While this idea seems good at first glance, there should still be an option to repick a deck. This is because someone, who just starts out with PvP will not know, what their playstyle will be. For example I first picked Fire/Frost when the free PvP decks came out and later noticed, that it didn't suite my playstyle at all, so I no longer pick it. And I guess that I am not alone in that position. I don't really think your idea is too bad however, so if we were to consider something like it, a system similar to the respecing system in World of Warcraft could be employed: Make the first pick free, one can then repick the deck for a small fee, which drastically increases with each repick. This gives rise to another problem. In tournaments or other Bo3/Bo5 scenarios you will run into situations, where you will have to counterpick against some decks. Therefore you will need a deck, which covers the weaknesses of your main deck. For example, let's consider the Rock/Paper/Scissors like decks: Pure Fire beats Shadow Nature beats Pure Frost beats Pure Fire. When you now have one of those decks as your main deck, a good choice would be to take one of the other two as well to cover up your biggest weakness. It is like playing Rock/Paper/Scissors, but you only have the Rock and the Paper. I'm fine with not having immediate access to the Scissors and having to grind for it, but only having the Paper and relying on luck to get either Scissors or Rock seems kind of odd to me. Especially because the random rotation might give you a second piece of paper or even a wet noodle (*cough* bandits *cough*). I know, that this is a very simplified version of how the PvP meta actually is, but the idea should be clear. tl;dr: Your first suggestion seems plausible, but needs some tweaking. The second suggestion is not a good idea in my opinion. Maybe implementing the first suggestion for one deck and being able to pick the second deck as before would be feasible. But tbh, I still prefer the system as it is right now.
  12. (German version below) Hello Schoenherr and welcome to the game As @ThomasMann already said, you won't need any T4 cards in PvP. You should also shrink your T3 a little and expand your T1 and T2 instead. I would also suggest what my melony friend before me said; either use one of the free PvP decks (which can be accessed by clicking the sword icon in the top bar, when you are in the forge ingame), especially because they also provide upgrades, or just use them as a guidline to create your own deck. For the explicit deck you provided I would change a few things, for example: T1: Remove Warden's sigil and Northern Keep. Add Ice Guardian, Glyph of Frost, Home Soil, Glacier Shell and Ice Barrier. T2: Add cards like Stormsinger (g), Burrower, maybe Mountaineer, Stone shards (r), Surge of Light, Kobold Trick, Coldsnap, Ensnaring Roots, Hurricane, Stone Tempest, Crystal Fiend. You maybe won't fit all of them in your deck, so make sure the ones you pick synergize well with one another. Cannon Tower, Mauler and Aggressor aren't bad cards per se, but they are very situational cards. Also, make sure that you are using the green affinity of the Spirit Hunters. T3: Remove Thorn Bark, Deepcoil Worm, Hammerfall, Stone Shell, Equilibrium. Instead add Timeless One, if you play the Stone Warrior (btw, the blue affinity of it is better afaik). Also, cards like Silverwind Lancers, Tremor and Shield Building are also excellent choices for T3. T4: Remove T4 completely. As you see, these are a lot of choices. You can also choose to not play a T3 at all with a Stonekin (Frost/Nature) deck and only play T1 and T2 cards. But again, your best option is to just use one of the free PvP decks, as they provide an excellent base of cards to start with PvP. I am also not an expert in deck building, so keep that in mind as well I hope this was somewhat helpful. Have fun!
  13. You are right in that the PvP decks have an influence on the market by lowering the prices of PvP only cards and mostly PvP cards, such as Giant Slayer or Scythe Fiends. You have to keep in mind however, that other cards will therefore increase in value, because the average value of a booster will sonner or later fluctuate around their fixed market price of 350, as you can verify here: https://smj.herokuapp.com/boosters This is just wrong, inappropriate and rude. It has nothing to do with boosting anyones ego. With the free PvP decks, everyone has the same chances of winning. If you don't make it to say the top 50, it is just because you are not good enough. And when you loose, it is because your opponent outplayed you. Getting good is the only way to climb the ranks, and this takes practice and effort. The knowledge you gain in PvE barely even helps in PvP, you have to play PvP in order to get better at it. If we go back to the old system - which btw was not optimized for fair play/fun but for making profit - people who farm more will win more, sometimes even against players, who would outplay them in an even match in terms of cards and upgrades. The best PvP players are indeed the best, because they spent the most time practicing - just look at the number of games they player, its usually several hundred. I, who has played way less games obviously stand no chance against them. But this is also why we have a - admittedly flawed - Matchmaking System, to pair even players.
  14. You can change your avatar to any card by: 1. Owning that card 2. Finding that card in your inventory (the search function in the top bar of the inventory is useful for that) 3. Rightclicking it and selecting "Set as avatar". This costs 10 BFP however.
  15. Yes, just create a new character. Have fun!
  16. There was a reset in mid December, because the game has now officially released. This means the Open Beta is over. There will be no more resets in the future.
  17. I don't know if something like this exists - I have never made my own map - but what about just making the unit, that is carrying the flag immune to mindcontrol spells? Would something like that be possible?
  18. Yes, because it defies the whole point behind the free PvP decks - to have a competitively viable deck without any farming of any kind. Giving them a time limit will force people to use them as time efficiently as possible in PvP instead of just play the way they like in order to ensure that they have a selfmade deck after their time ends. Giving them a limited amount of uses makes people less willing to play with them because it is like a consumable thing. The time/amount of games needed to build a PvP deck from scratch also varies heavily. E.g. a shadow nature deck will need way less expensive cards than for example a pure shadow/frost splash/nature T1 deck, which need 4 copies of a Harvester/Mountaineer/Shaman to bring them to deck lvl 120. Furthermore, if you already want to give them to people for long enough to make their own deck, why not let them keep the free ones in the first place? If they do not last long enough to build a full PvP deck, people who farmed more will have an, in my opinion unfair, advantage again. Aditionally, will people only have access to free decks until they can build a single PvP deck or a deck of every colour combination (10 / 16 decks, depending if you want each combination with different T1s or just one T1)? This would take even longer and bring your whole point even further ad absurdum. Only having one deck after the free deck phase is over will greatly limit your options of playstyle, making PvP way less interesting in my opinion, since you are then for a long time forced to just play one deck. tl;dr, I don't think this idea is really thought through. The current system is fine and should stay the way it is.
  19. I didn't "loose" anything, some prices are just shifted around. Making PvP decks limited in time/usage will only encourage multiaccounting, since people will create a new account, when their free decks run out. Also, I honestlt don't get what your problem with the free decks is in general. Somehow you complain, that with them people can farm gold without building a deck, and on the other hand you want people to farm to build a deck. So, please, explain to me, how and why the free PvP decks concretely make the game less enjoyable for you and also for so many people, that it would be a concern.
  20. Well, if you also want free decks for PvE I suggest you can play on the test server. Just taking stuff away from others to mkake yourself feel better is not gonna help anyone. Also, a lot of people play PvE also for the aspect of progression/deck improvement.
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