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  1. A little thing to add to @LEBOVIN's proposal imo: The maximum orn count achieved should be capped at 4. Otherwise people going for more orbs (e.g. 4orbs+amii mon. or Raven's wns, where more than 4 orbs are needed) would drag down the team, unless everyone goes for more than 4. Just a little detail but imo quite important. Otherwise I like the suggestion in general
  2. There is also a community PvP map called "Deathmatch", where you start off with 4 Orbs of each colour and have to destroy a buffed up World Breaker Gun. Maybe in this mode you can make use of this strategy.
  3. Did you use it a lot of times before? Because I think some CCs in BF have deminishing returns, i.e. when you use the same CC multiple times in a row, the duration will be shortened. Correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik this is the case for Oink! as well for example, but not for Roots. This is put in place to prevent perma CC. It is in general a common thing in many games such WoW. But again, I'm not 100% sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Tool This get's an easy 9/10 from me. Now it's my turn:
  5. Depends on how much you get to play. If you can play everyday for a few hours it surely takes way less time. But if you can't play that much, for example some people can only play on maybe 2-3 days a week for maybe 1-2 hours, and since I have a similar amount of time at my hand right now I can assure you, that it does indeed take a long ass time. Eventhough I played a lot right after the release, I could probably not yet afford to finish up a semi-complete deck. The only way for me to do this would be to not build a PvE deck at all, but then, who should I get the gold/BfP? Grinding PvE with an
  6. That's just wrong. I want to play with competitve decks right away and not get kicked in the butt for the first few months by people who grinded more. And I still think that the majority of people think that way considering how little the collection mode is played.
  7. There are still also ultra rare cards like Mounti, FireDancer and Harvester, which are excluded by your idea. Also, the deck lists for the free PvP decks are still around, so it will only take you a few clicks to find decklists for competitive decks, which completely invalidates the point about incentivising creative deckbuilding, when people can just go for the current decks again.
  8. If you have read any of the way too many threads suggesting the removal of free PvP decks, you should know, why this is still a bad idea. It will take away a lot of key cards and give you a lot of useless trash instead. Thus grinding will be mandatory again. If you don't want to play against free PvP decks, just play collection mode. (Btw, guess why almost noone wants to play that mode lol)
  9. Man, this thread really makes me want to look left and right without crossing the street.
  10. For the building decstruction: Maybe use Soulshatter (straight forward), Frenetic Assault (not that synergetic with the whole disintegration thing), Infect (Not sure if that works with disintegration) or Riffle Cultists. Not sure if and which of these are viable, but they were the first few things that came to my mind.
  11. Hello everyone, recently I have seen more and more threads about reworking cards, that regarded greefing potential. For example, some people were complaining about decomposer being used to greef, while others wanted offering to work on your teams units, which would again allow for more greefing. While there are arguments for both sides, I hereby want to make a proposal, that might be satisfying to both sides of the medal. The idea is, that spells/abilities, which would sacrifice your teammates units now no longer directly kill them, but instead give them the ability to kill thems
  12. Somehow I don't think this whole "forced to play a gamemode" doesn't work for achievements. Especially since we already have a lot of "forcing" achievments: Beat campaign on expert, use deck with specific colour in PvE/P, use 7 dragons in PvE, use a legendary Skylord card in a pure deck in PvE etc. While most of these "forced" me to play a few games out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed these. So adding an achievement like this is not a bad idea imo.
  13. PvP and explaining people on the forums, why Free PvP Decks are a good thing.
  14. 2972 This thread is getting more and more nasty!
  15. There are obviously multiple ways of dealing with this map. The strat I found the easiest however is to rush to the first base and quickly focus down the small crystals. This can be done with ranged units or just by using Eruption. This makes the walls break and will make this first base a lot easier. Then the other person on my side and I decide, who will rush T4 and who will stay T1. The rushing person takes T2 and the majority of wells, then you quickly clear another monument, let the rusher go T3 and clear another base to let the rusher go T4. Then the rusher simply spawns a few (1 o
  16. You have to read the quests completely: It aleays says "difficulty 5 OR HIGHER" and "Advanced OR HIGHER"
  17. This is amazing! I hope you find the source code for this and post in on github or something similar, so it can be brought up to date.
  18. I think you are overexaggerating by a lot. The game is far from "unplayable". From the end of the open beta up to now I also had ~2 DC's. I agree, that, obviously, better hardware is always better and will be needed once the playercount increases fruther, but right now I do not really see a problem yet. Did you make sure it is not your connection, that is causing the problems?
  19. While this idea seems good at first glance, there should still be an option to repick a deck. This is because someone, who just starts out with PvP will not know, what their playstyle will be. For example I first picked Fire/Frost when the free PvP decks came out and later noticed, that it didn't suite my playstyle at all, so I no longer pick it. And I guess that I am not alone in that position. I don't really think your idea is too bad however, so if we were to consider something like it, a system similar to the respecing system in World of Warcraft could be employed: Make the first pick free
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