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  1. There is already a discussion going on about this topic: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/7432-trashcan-for-useless-cards/
  2. There is an extensive guide to the Skylords economy somewhere here in the forum. Please read it thoroughly, understand it, rethink tour question, and if it is still your opinion, post it again.
  3. Metagross31

    AH Health

    I get your point, but that is not a fullt thought out idea imo. This woukd e.g. make it unnecessarily unconveniant to donate a friend, who just starts playing, some beginner cards. Maybe rather something like preventing to buy more than 4 copies within a certain time frame (1h?), so that you could still help a friend but not just buy the entire AH.
  4. I actually thought about stacking up the rewards a little out of my own pocket, but I will only gibe an explicit update on that, once I farmed enough money for that. But keep an eye out for that! Regarding the difference between the factions, I wanted to follow the theme of first price get's a strong pure card, second a different (almost) pure T4 card, which is worth a little less, top3 get faction boosters. The boosters alone make this a bit uneven between the factions, additionally the cards are not worth the same amount of BfP, for example F-Elder vs Batariel.
  5. Does this happen all the time? And when/where on the map does it crash? TBH I have no experience designing tournaments, so maybe the prize split is a bit unfair. If so, geel free to suggest different ones, I am open to new ideas. I mainly wanted to make it worth it go grind for the first few spots, while still rewarding at least the 10 best runs. To me either vie PM on this forum over via discord.
  6. Tbh I haven't tried it on expert with all factions yet. But considering how some people beat previous challenges and even last months rPvE10, I expect it to be possible. After all, it is the gold challenge
  7. I really like this suggestion! In case you didn't know yet, you can view all available cards at https://allcards.skylords.eu/ or ingame by clicking the "contents" button at the booster section in the market place. Your suggestion is still a good point though, since both of these methods rely on you clicking through a second website/ingame window at the same time. Having the possibility to highlight the owned cards or show unowned cards in the inventory sounds really nice imo! (Also really helpful, when you want to collect all cards)
  8. I also only have V0.8, so I guess this is the correct version. Someone please correct me, if this information is wrong. ( @Emmaerzeh?)
  9. Hello Skylords and Skyladies, Another month, another PvE Contest! This time it is something special, because we are going to play community maps! The Map The map this contest is held on is called "King's Ridge". It is a community map made by Spitzkopf and polished by Emmaerzeh. In order to play the map, you have to go to the community maps section at the very bottom right of the world map and select King's Ridge from the menu. Emmaerzeh also made a video, in which he shows the map and plays it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcXKP6QsG9o What? We are having
  10. Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTYzSFVB-98
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I will definetely add a requirements.txt, eventhough I think all you need (i.e. tkinter) is included in Python3 by default. I have already thought, that installing python is an additional step, which not everybody might want to make, but sadly I don't know any Javascript, so I can't really make a web interface yet. But I might look into your idea of using FLASK to put a web interface in front of a python backend. Another idea I had was trying to write it in C++, but I want to have it OS independent and cross compiling can be a pain, especially with GUIs.
  12. It does not need the skylords client at all. I just took the formulas for the void flow from @Eirias' old PvP tutorial and put them into a little program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhqUuZMUb0Q
  13. I don't know, if this is already somewhere in this thread, but Lost Dragon actually knocks back small and medium units with its attack, but I does not say it in the card description.
  14. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a worm! And he has a new little tool for you! Hello Everyone, today I want to present you a little tool I have been working on recently, which some of you might find useful. I call it the "Skylords Ultimate Battle Simulator", or SUBS for short. It is a small tool that let's you simulate power levels of two players in a game of Skylords. What does that mean? It means that SUBS can track power pool, void pool, number of power wells and value of the standing army for two players and enables you to interact with those numbers! This all
  15. This really gives me Legend of Zelda Bomb Arrow vibes!
  16. No four Mounties? Big sad. How are we supposed to deal with pure fire then?
  17. The title pretty much says it. I think the PvE record leaderboards should also include a section for community maps. This might spark some competition for best times and thus increase the attentention they get and their popularity.
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