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  1. Omg, I am super hyped for the new Bandit card, it looks amazing!! Just a little question about the red affinity: It currently says "adds x% bonus siege damage to allied units...". Does that mean, that only siege units are buffed, or do all units get a siege bonus from the ability, no matter if they have it normally or not?
  2. When I first started, two friends of mine brought me to BF. They told me about all the factions and I was like "holy crap, fire sounds so cool", so for me the thematic fire cards do it. Especially Fire Worm. The reason is, that one of my friends gave me some starting cards (they bought some BFP, while I did not), including a wildfire. I sold that wildfire and bought some other cards from it, sold them again and so on until I was able to buy a Fire Worm, which I remember as the strongest card in my deck back then. Another one is the Promo Jugger, since it has always been - and still is - like that holy grail, super rare, super strong, super cool looking card, which I already knew, that I would never be able to get my hands on. Additionally some of the power houses my friends played are also super nostalgic to me - especially Avatar of Frost, Deepcoil Worm and Wheel of Gifts.
  3. While I think that the idea sounds interesting, there were two things which immediately struck my mind: 1. Speedrunning. Being able to play the game at say 0.8x speed, it would make it much easier to hit crucial timings and micro more efficiently. This would (probably) make speedrunning somewhat easier, but also more time consuming, since every reset then means 25% extra time loss. 2. Grinding. Giving the option of increased speed would mean, that people can complete maps much faster, also the typical farming maps like BH and GoL or even rPvE9. They could speed it up to a point, where they can still manage to play correctly and control their micro, but maximize the gold gained per time. Since farming is already usually seen as problematic, this would definitely not help with that issue. All in all I am not a priori against such an option, but I would not want it at any cost and make sure, that it does not break anything/make it worse when being implemented.
  4. New oven goes all the way to 300 degrees Celsius, perfect for making pizza!
  5. Just a short, kinda related, kinda offtopic question: When playing pure frost in rPvE, do you usually build 1 or 2 Shrines of Martyrs?
  6. I would personally prefer, if the old promos from back in the day stayed how they are - super rare special drops from boosters, which get super expensive. But I also like the idea of adding new promos as kind of special rewards - similar to the promo snapjaws. But again, don't make them too inflationary.
  7. for drpve! Will there also be difficulties for drpve?
  8. Right now, when trying to mindcontrol a spawnbuilding, your power gets taken away, you lose a charge, the animation is played, but you don't get the building. Having it say something like "target is immune to that spell" would be nice.
  9. Is something similar planned for spawnbuildings and matter mastery?
  10. This is actually a well known issue and there have been some discussion about possible solutions in the past. You can find them somewhere in the "suggestions" tab in the forum. I also think the staff is already aware of this and are thinking about solutions, too.
  11. I also love the idea and would definitely sign up! I am also pro flexible times, something like play your game until the end of the week. Also, I think it should be designed in a way, that a season does not take too long, so maybe 10 players per league and only one game (or two in the same week?) between participants. Otherwise, you might be in the "wrong" league, losing every game because everyone is just on another level, and you hsve to bear this for a long time, which can kill the fun out of it. If the seasons change more often, you are more likely to slide into a league fitting to your playing strength.
  12. I played this map yesterday and tried to condense my thoughts about it into a video, I hope it is helpful to you: Also, here is the replay file, in case you need it: 20210905_132222_restoringlyr.pmv
  13. A T2 unit with almost giant slayer like stats and abilities +Siege and a selfhealing mechanic, buffable with shields? I generally like some of your ideas, but the balancing will definitely need tweaking!
  14. Hey everyone! Since the upcoming patch is probably going to break replays again, I decided to cast the winning replays from the King's Ridge challenge back in may, so the will be preserved to after that date. The first one is already online and the remaining ones will also come online during next week. I also added @KserSke's two replays, which he cast on his channel as well and put all of them into one playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsv7N7EBTyI&list=PLOGMzVQue-AZ492AxuxAuqeHufqGkhHUm&index=1
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