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  1. Okay 2 questions from me: -If i hit 4 monuments and lose it, does the time count on which i finished the building first? -replay name timer: which time u want? start of building T4; finished building T4; finished map time?
  2. I'll skip this one, pref solo events. Too much pain in the ass to look for a decent team, thats not already participating. Question: if you play solo, are u compared in a solo player queue, or is it same pool no matter how many player u have (1-4)? Kinda impossible to compare solo runs with a 4 man team where one destroys the objectives and the other one pays the orbs (x2)
  3. Questions: -Skills like Shami heal doesnt count as ability? All <passive> Skills without a button can be used? -Repair of Buildings and wall = Ability or may be used? -wall build - counts as building 25 points? -building energy wells - monu and rebuild monu doesnt counts as 0 points?
  4. Thx for the answeres, managed to keep all refugees alive now anyway Pls answere the last question left, might make my runs easier: Kinda important if you may just stomp the camp and then go arround or if it has to be alive while running your rounds. Also for other players it might be important to know if you have to run the rounds before the first timer runs out or if you can run them any time. Also if the camp has to stay alive can i get rid of the non-spawning buildings? Greets Toddy
  5. After some tries one more question: Are refugees only counted as dead if the whole troup is dead, or do you count every single unit of a 6 man squad? What if he summons a unit and then he dies before his summoned unit? Do you count his cummoned units too or only units/buildings from the final camp itself?
  6. I add some questions: -->What about diffrent affinities, are they counting as "diffrent kind of units"? Same Question regarding promo and non promo cards. -->Does it have to be a more or less perfect circle? Do you have to end your round where you started or is it just important to go 2 rounds? Example: you stand in between (a little south east) the camp, summon your runners a bit to the right and do your rounds. You end your rounds by going to the camps and destroy them (not finishing where you started). Does it count as full round? -->do you have to run those round
  7. How about including a replay ingame for the best player? On some maps I'd realy wish to know how they did their runs... Would be nice if you include an auto replay safe for the best player each month or only the best player All-Time. It's frustrating when you think you did a perfect run and someone comes and beats it by 5 seconds ;(
  8. What's the goal in reseting our accounts? If you don't implement any new content worth playing, it will just frustrate players who have reached the point of having a decent card base to have fun playing with, and building decks... If you want to fight against reselling abuse in the shop, you won't be successfull. Once those abusers have a bit BFP farmed after a week or 2, you have your problem back again. Good to know its the "last time" the accouns will be reset, but i reached everything in the game and still have fun playing arround with diffrent decks.... How do you intent
  9. Just disintegrated the boss, took a while, saved the replay but also can't view it ... seems a problem with a solo run?
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