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  1. Gnougnou liked a post in a topic by Samson in What card do you get the strongest BattleForge vibe from?   
    Honestly I think nothing really beats good ol Juggernaut running through the enemy walls when it comes to nostalgia of the ol' Battle Forge days...

    But concerning the cards...I guess my pick would've been the Bandit Walker or the Construct. Those are in a complete different level compared to most other cards due to them being mechanical in nature rather then fantastical creatures which makes the Frost deck so unique compared to the others, sure they are not the only ones to have those but they defnetly stood out the most to me back in the day 


  2. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in [BF Sink] Brainstorming Inflation   
    Hi everyone,
    After a discussion on Discord with a couple players/devs, we established that the game doesn't have any BF sink, which may result in inflation on the market.

    Since gold isn't tradable, accumulation of gold isn't much of an issue, beside not being useful in very late-game. We could give them a purpose, but this is not in the scope of this topic.
    Another long term issue pointed by Mynoduesp is the lack of Card sink, which already results in the accumulation of cards on the market.

    There are probably a lot of ways to counter that, so maybe we can put our minds together and find some.
    Give your ideas in the thread and I'll add them to the main post !
    IDEA 1 : INGAME LOTTERY - Gnougnou
    IDEA 2 : PROMO CARD SHOP - Mynoduesp
    IDEA 3 : SKINS - Gnougnou
     IDEA 4 : CARD CRAFTING - Tweeto

  3. Sebu liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Trashcan for useless cards   
    Hi everyone,
    We all have those useless cards that cost 3 BF on the market, which already has 5 pages of people selling said card.
    That would be great if we could trash all those cards in exchange for 2 BF.
    You basically "lose" 1BF but get rid of it instantly, instead of wasting time on the market. Because a lot of people will rather destroy the card than bother selling it, the supply of the card will decrease and its price may go up. This will fluctuate until demand/supply even.
    What do you think ?
  4. Gnougnou liked a post in a topic by Pyneappole in Increase Resource Booster radiusfrom 20m to 25m   
    Because some people just want to watch the world burn

  5. Demiron liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Choosing Daily Missions - Tired of the chores   
    I'm not asking devs to remove the quests. We're asking to be able to earn BF on our intended gamestyle. While I agree that there is no rush, having quests that force you to spam cards on 5/10, or do mission on advanced that you already did in Expert is pretty pointless, irritating at best.
    Hell, I once had a quest asking me to spawn 12000 worth of power... What I did is play a 5/10 map with Resource Booster, Juice Tank, Furnace of Flesh, Decomposer, Breeding Grounds Offering, Rifle Cultists, Ravenheart, Mo and other T4 units. I sat there for 15mn building T4 units, killing them, offering a Rifle Cultists, rince & repeat. The fun was off the chart ...
  6. anonyme0273 liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Choosing Daily Missions - Tired of the chores   
    No one is forcing me to wake up in the morning to go to work either. Too bad I kind of need that since it's a huge part of my income !
    Why would I need to get out of my comfort zone in a game like that ? There are plenty of hardcore games to do that, I don't think being annoyed and forced to do tasks I don't wanna do is getting me out of my comfort zone. I already plan in doing a shadow deck for instance, and to do the game in expert. And don't get me wrong, the reason I wanna try shadow is not because I've been forced, again and again, to spawn 50ish cards in a 5/10. It's because I've played expert mission and 10/10 willingly and seen that they have some cool options. Also reading a lot of https://allcards.skylords.eu/. Forcing people to do something to get them out of their comfort zone is arguably one of the best way to make sure they will never ever do that thing again on their own unless forced again.
    And as for the mission, I'm sorry but since I did that mission in expert already, where am I getting out of my comfort zone in redoing the same mission again, in the easiest setup possible allowed by the game so I can get it done as fast as I can ? Maybe I could have selected manually a specific mission to do in expert since this is what I plan to do anyway ?
    And after I'm done with expert missions that I would have selected manually ? I'll proabaly go into PVP, and maybe someday we will have a defensive rPVE and I'll enjoy that too, and select my daily accordingly.
    See, I don't mind achievement sometimes asking you to do weird stuff, but dailies that are a big part of your income, and random ? Please no. I wanna have fun, not do chores again. If this was gold reward, I would completely ignore those missions everyday and do whatever I like to do.
  7. Torban liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Lost Soul Passive Buff   
    I never thought of that, but you are right. This passive is based on the idea that you are going to either kill your unit on purpose (to maybe gain the 25% damage from Revenant's blessing), or that you are going to make a mistake. It's like a very expensive car insurance that gives you a supercar for 25s if you crash yours... Nobody in their right minds would buy that, or crash their car on purpose...
  8. Totylcf liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Choosing Daily Missions - Tired of the chores   
    Hi everyone,
    I'd like to know what you think of being able to manually choose your daily missions ?
    Today for instance, I wanted to try some new decks in solo rPVE, only to find that my daily quests are :

    As I'm pretty new (not to the game, but to this rebirth), I need those BF, so guess what I'm not doing tonight ? That's right, not what I wanted to do. Instead, I'll go and do the chores :
    Defending Hope, which I already did in Expert. Thanks for the waste of time. Try and find another player that has the same chores as I do to do The Insane God in Advanced. Yes, I can reroll, but am I not gonna lose 5 BF per missions ? And what if I end up with another stupid mission like "Spawning X shadow cards" while I have no Shadow deck ? Yes, I can go on a 5/10, spam units like we all do, but, where is the fun ? What is the point beside being annoying and burning your gametime ?
    I just don't understand the whole concept of random missions, at all. As anyone ever launched the game and been like "Oh I can't wait to see what my missions are ! This is gonna be so much fun !" ? Every. Damn. Time. I start the game, I just HOPE that I'm gonna have either really easy tasks to quickly get it done, or stuff that lines up with what I expected to do with my gametime on Battleforge.
    Bad luck ? Too bad ! Here is -10 BF for not doing your daily chores. Luck harder next time !
    I cannot be the only one bothered by that, can I ? Why not letting people do whatever they wanna do with their evening on the game ? Those missions are a really important part of the BF income, which is even more important when you start. If they were 10BF I would probably ignore missions like that, but this is way too much to be left undone. So here I am, doing missions against my will.
    Anyway, let me know what you think !
    EDIT :
  9. gemeiner Lauch liked a post in a topic by Gnougnou in Patch #400021 - 31 December 2020   
    Thanks for your work ! I brought back two old players back to the game today ! I'm doing my part.
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