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  1. Everything works fine, apps, games, stream. Evrything is up to date, drivers and firmware as bios. Ping goes higher and higher over game time, starting directly form 2-3K and doesn't stop to grows. About 100 000 at ~ 3 minutes. alternative launcher, game goes 150-250ms Windows and game in French. MSI B350 TOMAHAWK Ryzen 7 1700 @ 4ghz 1.3v (8cores - 16 threads) 16Gb HyperX 2133 CAS 14 MSI 1060 6G - gpu 2000 / memory 4200 SSD kingston sv300s37a120g Windows 10 family fresh install at 15/05/2018 85Mo Down 25Mo Up
  2. Hi there... For those who are whining, I just want you to remember Skylord reborn is not a company, neither staff and dev are professionals. They give their free time for this project, for us all; that we can again play this game. I don't think most of you have any idea how big, hard and complicated this work can be, and if you do and keep whining, then sorry but you are stupid. I follow this project since the begining and get closer after the rewrite annoucement, saw the evolution. Got some luck and get into CBT and then saw the behind of the scene. Sure it's not perfect
  3. After years of hoping this game back.... one more month will not change so much ^^ IRL first
  4. Eonir Skudero what a old time
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