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  1. Hi there... For those who are whining, I just want you to remember Skylord reborn is not a company, neither staff and dev are professionals. They give their free time for this project, for us all; that we can again play this game. I don't think most of you have any idea how big, hard and complicated this work can be, and if you do and keep whining, then sorry but you are stupid. I follow this project since the begining and get closer after the rewrite annoucement, saw the evolution. Got some luck and get into CBT and then saw the behind of the scene. Sure it's not perfect, but it can't be, even a big company has their problems and mistakes. Things go in the good way, so yeah it take longer than expected but is it a reason to harass the staff like some people does ? I really find that totally unbelivable, even for a 12 years old child... Keep in mind staff are people like other and want the game as much as anyone there, so show some respect for the work they give. Devs are doing everything they can to get a stable server working, even disconnect, we just have to tag and they connect as fast as they can to restart the server after a crash or have new info; meaning, they stop their real life to come check why they are tag, to work for free, how many of you will make it, for years without giving up... And it's not just about knowledge, this dev's side, you need to create something, not just fix something already working before. You need to be organised, smart and creative without of course talking about programming knwoledge for the base. I could write long post about how much I'm amazed about you, whiners but will not change so much right now; better keep energy for supporting this team. They are many things not write in the stone for sure, but one is clearly sure, you will all come back playing in this community like little kitties, so show some respect for those who will allow you to play again this game one day. See you soon online
  2. After years of hoping this game back.... one more month will not change so much ^^ IRL first
  3. Eonir Skudero what a old time
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