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  1. You gain 50 gold per match from these achievements, these achievemenst are endless and you will get higher and higher milestones, which will reward 50 gold per step. We did not introduce achievements to add a way to grind gold. This type of achievement is a measurement-achievement. The achievement is more meant as measure of how much you have played with a certain faction instead of being another gold farming strategy. I'll be moving this to rejected.
  2. We are not going to remove the free PvP decks and we are also going to keep them at level 120. We also are not looking to encourage the collection mode over the unlimited mode. The collection mode was added as a secondary option for players who enjoyed playing with messy decks in the early stages of the game against other beginners. Forcing players to use the collection mode in ranked play will eventually result in beginners facing veterans with fully upgraded decks, which they have earned after months of grinding. Do you think it's fair that the player with the low level deck loses, even if t
  3. Thanks, we added the missing ability to north star and removed the mention of "Rapid construction" in the tooltip. We plan to push this change tonight.
  4. Our first balancing update was released today. For now balancing updates will break replays, but in the future we will be adding a feature to view old replays.
  5. Patch #400022 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks, This update contains our first balance patch for the game and a minor fix, enjoy! Feedback to these changes can be given on the balancing discord. When you give feedback make sure to properly support your reasoning by including replays or video footage, otherwise it is not very helpful. General fixes Fixed wrong amount of gained ELO displayed after a ranked PvP match. General changes Added the option to select the reward distribution mode also for single player campaign. Card changes A
  6. We made mini boosters untradable in the last patch.
  7. For singleplayer maps we removed the autokick. You will instead not receive any rewards if you are AFK for too long.
  8. We added a new mode in sparring which does not allow the usage of the free PvP decks. Free PvP decks will be allowed in the ranked mode just as before. We do not want players who get lucky with boosters, or those who have spent the most time grinding upgrades and gold in PvE maps to have any kind of advantage.
  9. The high texture pack is installed by default.
  10. Zyna


    There is no achievement which grants 1250 BFP. Could you please clarify where exactly you lost BFP?
  11. We will not be implementing this, as this is a huge amount of work for little gain.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone, We hope you all are having a jolly time. Christmas has also reached Nyn, and therefore we'd like to give all of you a little special present. Yesterday we added a new ingame achievement which will be active until 31.12.2020 and will allow you to earn Santa Claus as a card! Furthermore, we're quite satisfied with how well the release launch went. There have only been minor issues and hiccups, which all were fixed relatively quickly. However, with the increase in playerbase and player activity since release, we have to take extra measures to ensure we have hea
  13. As we speak there is exactly 1 person on the test server, and 1121 players on the main server. We don't want to restrict access to the test server, because there's already barely anyone testing new balancing changes and features as of right now.
  14. Zyna

    Can't login

    Can you also make sure you are not writing a lowercase L, but an uppercase i?
  15. Zyna

    Can't login

    @ghostsree You have to write it without the "
  16. No you can already play, enjoy!
  17. The countdown starts at 10:30 CET (AM).
  18. How can I play Skylords Reborn? In order to play the game, you will need 2 parts: 1. The client. This is the game code itself, you will need it for the installation process. You can download the client from one of these links: Mediafire Mega.nz Google Drive 2. The installer. This application installs Skylords Reborn on your PC. For the installation process you will also need the client from step 1. You can download the installer from one of these links: Mediafire Mega.nz Be mindful that the game will not function without any of these files.
  19. Zyna

    Promo Mountaineer?

    I encourage everyone to try the code PROM-OMOU-NTAI-NEER after the release. You'll get something nice!
  20. Since some of our applicants have either not responded or have revoked their applications, we will be opening up the applications again until the 18.12.2020. We would really appreciate your help! We expect our discord to become way more crowded when we release.
  21. The application period is over, thanks for applying.
  22. I've seen this exact error before when an Anti-Virus was blocking the game. If I recall correctly, most users who had this were using Avast. Can you try adding an exception for the game in your anti-virus, if you are using one? If this doesn't help, you should try redownloading & reinstalling the client, like suggested above.
  23. Please fix your audio setup on your TV, and then report back if the crashes still happen. The game is known to crash when switching audio devices. I assume that's what's happening here.
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