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  1. Cikibarikonei liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP   
    There are quite a few cards, that dominate the meta game and completely prevent variety in the PvP environment. Only Fire and Shadow T1 are viable once people reached a decent level and that is quite unpleasant. We are in a turret T1 meta, where Frost and Nature can't compete. Turrets do have insane damage and tankiness, higher range and don't reward micro management at all. 
    -> 900 damage for 60 power is way more than any T1 unit could offer. Due to the splash you can take center wells vs Frost and Nature without any advantage. 
    -> Even after the teleport 900/600 stats remain insane especially since there are no Siege units in T1.
    -> 40m range can force you to engage into the turrets as they can be placed at the edge to attack your power wells while your units can't reach them. 
    -> Even Fire T1 can't beat Phasetower without stationary turrets itself, which is a disaster as Fire should be the faction, that can deal with turrets. The most reliable counter to Phasetower ... is Phasetower. 
    -> 50m teleport range every 30s is faster than some Frost units (you can kite activated Imperials with Phasetower ...)
    -> Archers are sometimes bugged against Phasetowers. Their damage rotations apply about 2 seconds later (probably as the projectiles travel to the initial position of the tower). This makes it much harder to burst down aggressively placed turrets with your ranged units. 
    -> While other turrets are risky and require initial map control and safetly to be built, Phasetower can be constructed at a much more safe spot and Teleport into the important areas or just jump over cliffs to remove some natural safety provided by the map. 
    -> 1575/700 stats for 50 power is still viable in some T3 scenarios (this may be slightly exaggerated as it requires all shots to hit) 
    -> if splash is included, the tower has a 55m range, which gives huge zoning potential, strong siege potential for close well situations and can be abused over cliffs.
    -> Center Well + Mortar is gg against Frost on map control based maps and forces nature to play more aggressive unit compositions, that are weaker in combat
    The Frost nerfs
    -> After Ice Guardin and Homesoil got nerfed Frost requires at least 8 T1 slots in order to stay relevant. 
    -> Map Control issues still may kill the faction as you can't rush against Mortar
    -> Frostmagespam outperforms IGs on big maps in mirror matches and against nature. That results in stationary gameplay that is quite boring to play
    I personally would like to see harsh nerfs to Phasetower & Mortar in the future & maybe a revert of the IG nerf as it is more micro rewarding than a homesoil revert. Feel free to discuss! 
  2. Cikibarikonei liked a post in a topic by The Aquanix in Executor Rework   
    On the topic of making underwhelming cards, or those who are simply outperformed by another card that does the exact same job but better, i'd like to suggest a potential rework to a card i used to enjoy greatly in the past but realized that it's simply inferior to another card.
    The Executor. This card on the surface just seems to be a Medium Wrathblades with an identical ability, not much different. Which in and of itself isn't bad, but it is simply outperformed by the Nox Trooper, who, while not dealing as much damage per hit simply has the huge advantage of a ranged attack AND a charged attack that can do massive damage. To top it all off, it is an M counter who's ability will not hinder it strength-wise.
    I'd love to see the Executor, among many other underwhelming or outperformed cards see use in gameplay, even if the use is niche i feel the card should at least be very strong in that niche situation to make it stand out and be effective. As such, i'd like to promote the following change.

    New Ability: Execute
    Costs 50 Power. Unit loses 450 HP by activating this ability. Cannot activate if it has less than 450 HP. Unit executes the target enemy, instantly killing it. Can only be cast on enemy units whos current HP is ≤ 50% of its total HP. Can only be cast on ground units with a maximum of 2 orbs and 90 power costs. Cannot be casted on XL Units. Execute could turn the tides of fate for the Executor and bring this card to a new position of use. With the ability to kill an injured enemy up to a point instantly, this could see some great use and make it stand out comparative to its other T1 counterparts. Who knows, this could be one of many things to bring underused and underwhelming cards back into the light of the new sun!
    Update: Due to great and considered suggestions by others, the ability concept has been tweaked to cost the unit more health and require less than 50% of the total HP to be left for an execution to be used. This should prevent the ability from being too strong by allowing the executor to instantly destroy a dazed unit, as well as enabling simple spells like eruption, even at U0 to damage the Executor too greatly for it to cast the ability. Additionally, the power cost maximum has been reduced to 90 to prevent units like the Sunderer at U3 from being vulnerable.
    Thanks to RadicalX, ImaginaryNumb3r, and Eirias for their wonderful suggestions.
  3. Cikibarikonei liked a post in a topic by Ladadoos in which card gives you the most nostalgia?   
    It's kind of a difficult choice to be honest, because it's the combination of cards, music and the environment that gave me nostalgia. I never thought I'd be happy to look at a loading screen. Now, I know you expect me to say Spitfire, but no  I don't know to be honest, maybe Dreadnought, Eruption or the special ability from Worldbreaker Gun being used.
  4. Cikibarikonei liked a post in a topic by ImaginaryNumb3r in New Card: Twilight Infestator   
    I know, new cards are not going to happen any time soon and everybody has a couple of card ideas himself. Nonetheless, it is fun to speculate sometimes which is why I thought of a new Twilight T2 card, the Twilight  Infestator.
    It would serve as a T2 version of Shaman which can only heal Twilight units. It can also be used as ranged anti-s unit (which is what Twilight lacks). One affinity focuses on the healing aspect, while the other focuses on combat.

    Eldtrich Blaze: Every 3 seconds this unit emits a blaze of eldtrich energies that deals 72 damage (up to 108).
    Infused Blaze: Same als Eldtrich Blaze, but also knocks back small units.
    Festering: Every 4 seconds, the Infestator heals a friendly Twilight unit for 140 life points.
    Gifted Festering: Every 4 seconds, the Infestator heals a friendly Twilight unit for 165 life points.
    Twilight Infection: Infects an own ground unit with the twilight curse. During the next 40 seconds the unit can transform at will into any other twilight creature in the current deck whose orb requirements are met.
    I was mostly concerned with gameplay when thinking about this unit. Twilight units don't see much play and I was hoping to promote the usage of Twilight units if this card was in the game. The ranged anti-S is certainly strong, but it's true power comes only when it is combinated with the potential of healing.
    The stats are a bit weak for a 70e unit, but I mainly see it as a supporter. The stats are only to show the idea, and not suggest a finished implementation. On U3, its stats would be 720/590.
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