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New Card: Twilight Infestator

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I know, new cards are not going to happen any time soon and everybody has a couple of card ideas himself. Nonetheless, it is fun to speculate sometimes which is why I thought of a new Twilight T2 card, the Twilight  Infestator.

It would serve as a T2 version of Shaman which can only heal Twilight units. It can also be used as ranged anti-s unit (which is what Twilight lacks). One affinity focuses on the healing aspect, while the other focuses on combat.

Twilight Infestator red.pngTwilight Infestator green.png

Eldtrich Blaze: Every 3 seconds this unit emits a blaze of eldtrich energies that deals 72 damage (up to 108).
Infused Blaze: Same als Eldtrich Blaze, but also knocks back small units.

Festering: Every 4 seconds, the Infestator heals a friendly Twilight unit for 140 life points.
Gifted Festering: Every 4 seconds, the Infestator heals a friendly Twilight unit for 165 life points.

Twilight Infection: Infects an own ground unit with the twilight curse. During the next 40 seconds the unit can transform at will into any other twilight creature in the current deck whose orb requirements are met.

I was mostly concerned with gameplay when thinking about this unit. Twilight units don't see much play and I was hoping to promote the usage of Twilight units if this card was in the game. The ranged anti-S is certainly strong, but it's true power comes only when it is combinated with the potential of healing.

The stats are a bit weak for a 70e unit, but I mainly see it as a supporter. The stats are only to show the idea, and not suggest a finished implementation. On U3, its stats would be 720/590.

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Not gonna lie, I'd love a replacement S-counter for scythe fiends.


Still doesn't synergize terribly in pvp, except to heal vilebloods (and I'm not sure if the s knockback is worth it because of hurricane). But i guess this is a pve card?

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Originally, it started out as a pure pve card, but as I was working on it I tried to fill a niche in pvp (ranged anti-S). Mostly, I wanted to encourage the usage of Twilight cards as they are rarely seen (sadly, for good reasons). The idea was to have an offensive and a supportive affinity, but you are probably right about the redundance of S-knockback.

Possibly, the affinities could be changed to: Blessed affinity with minor heal for all units and a gifted affinity with a major heal for Twilight units.

I was thinking that Twilight T2 has some interesting cards which have a lot of potential to become viable cards. I thought with this card, I could add another incentive to actually play Twilight competitively. It's a long shot, though.

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