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  1. Vovano

    Damage count

    Units have several types of attack animation with different duration, damage scaled with duration.
  2. Vovano

    Fog of War in PvP

    Fog of war will kill T1 frost.
  3. Vovano

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    Then "casual" who play 2 hours for 5 days in week will have advantage before someone who can play 5 hours 2 days per week. System just force to play EVERY day.
  4. Vovano

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    Remove BF gain reduction with time?
  5. Vovano

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    So give 1000 BF to both of them, best way to make multi-accounting useless.
  6. Vovano

    How much BFp is worth your time?

    Hey! In lol you need one champion and one rune paige per game. In bf you need only 1 deck to play. So if i can build good shadow/nature deck for pvp in 2 months, i am don't care that someone can have even 5 different decks with same amount of time. Anyway he can take to game only one of them. And with current vision of ecomomic system, ppl can just play on several accs. Just play. This is more efficient way to have, for example, one account with pure fire deck and second with deck without fire cards at all if you have time to play over 100% BF income limit.
  7. Vovano

    Upcoming new alpha selection.

    As for me, 20 testers is enough for alpha, anyway there not so many features that must be tested in forge.
  8. Vovano

    Battleforege Reborn servers

    Server located in Amsterdam.
  9. Vovano

    Add more languages

    Russian is in game already. Full translation with lorebook, cinematic, units descriptions and speech. Yep. They really have a lot of similar words.
  10. Vovano

    Which card would you bring to the real world

    Surge of light... Or soulshatter... Can i take both?
  11. Vovano

    What software do you use for music?

    Really, try AIMP3.
  12. Vovano

    What software do you use for music?

    AIMP3 is good, winamp style interface + tons of usefull tools like audio converter and tags editor. But in my linuxoid life i am use Deadbeef.
  13. Vovano

    Linux/Mac forum section and install scripts.

    I am don't wanna make reservation! Just isolate Linux/Max specific issues from windows users.
  14. Vovano

    Linux/Mac forum section and install scripts.

    1. For uniting linux/mac users. 2. Anyway ill try to create and maintain scripts by my self when client become public.

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