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  1. GHOST_killer

    All files not archived properly in BattleForge folder?!

    My friend, it seems you dont understand.... Extract the Updater.rar into the battleforge file! Or more simply put: After you extract Battleforge.rar, open Updater.rar and drag all files into Battleforge (THE FILE YOU ALREADY EXTRACTED). Then you use the updater to start battleforge, not battleforge.exe Hopefully you understand and I dont need to print screen you through it.
  2. GHOST_killer

    .dll missing / problem after Fresh download

    Nope, still shows me the same Error... Oh ... it works actually with the second link, Thank you !
  3. Hello, I am currently on another pc and I wanted to download the game as I did on my main pc. Even though this pc is a bit Sluggish, it is still on a 64 bit operating system, however when I press play I keep getting this Error: Any ideas how can I fix it? Not sure if there are any other problems similar already posted, I looked over them and didn't see such problems... I already tried to disable firewall when starting it.
  4. GHOST_killer

    Easter Egg Nerf

    Make this card's effect to be one like : All units caught in the radius of explosion will attack each other (friendly units , any units) for the next 10 sec Or units caught in the radius are rooted for 12 seconds + increase cost to lets say 75
  5. GHOST_killer

    Easter Egg Nerf

    Maybe do it to explode and deal only 1 wave of damage

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