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    Kiwi Shipping

    We are talking about shipping kiwis, so i would take 1kg of fresh Kiwi's. Thanks (btw: before someone tells me, i already know what that topic is actually about)
  2. You lil'... Well the amazon, i rarely used her but her stats for a T1 card are amazingly high... (Just realized how much cards i had and how few i used ) Sure 80 power is a lot at the beginning but still, this card is kind of a differencemaker (Thats just what i think )
  3. Still quite impressive. Necrofury is more powerful than i ever thought, ill definitely use him when im back in the forge. Maybe it could be changed that he uses his Bone Shards also in normal mode (Or maybe through a upgrade)
  4. lol i never expected to see the necrofury that powerful... but yea in combination with nature this guy can be a real badass! i also like the design of the necrofury
  5. Well i had to check out the Database first to know what this card actually does... Used it nearly never back then when i played BF. But now i read the effect of this card i can say that its kind of a risk to use the card, you uses it and the enemy just split of his troops and the damage wasnt so high as you may expected. But if it goes well this thing can be a powerfull spell.
  6. I just hope no one is quoting the whole thing above us... However, you guys put a HUUUGE amount of work into this topic, how many hours you were writing on that, guess this is one of best guides ive seen for BF. Good job on that
  7. Its a good card for F2P i guess, but 100 power for a M creature is a bit high in my opinion.
  8. Deep One = Der Unergründliche Fathom Lord = Herr der Tiefe
  9. @SilenceKiller99 His german name is Herr der Tiefe. If i would translate it, its gonna be: "Lord of the depth" or "Lord of depth" Something like that
  10. I love these guys, cool design, nice voice, decent stats and yeah the crap dance... oh uhm i mean Crab* Some friends and i were making some challenges back then for pve, for example play without XL, so this guy was a nice choice
  11. The value of this card would just explode if this would be UR. 220 Power for a unit like this? Shoots while moving, nice stats and cool desing. Hell of a card, but honestly i used it rarely, sometimes things were going too easy with that
  12. Every day after the work im checking out the BFR Forum. Any News? Hmmm maybe no update but tons of notifications and new topics. There is so much going on in this forum. Keep up the activity guys, together WE WILL KILL THE TIME UNTIL THE RELEASE! :hype:

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    2. Riviute


      Maybe there are some hidden girls around but wanna stay silent :)

    3. Ladadoos


      I wouldn't necessarily say there aren't many updates, it's just that everything gets posted at once so it feels like less :P 

  13. Btw you already got 2 soulhunter pics, one for player the other one was for the AI. And this is the early pic from the soulhunter, maybe if you got time you could add it as well This is my favorite soulhunter pic
  14. This card is pretty nice for a uncommon, good for new players as a nice defense building for pve
  15. Yea thats the moloch... He cant attack flying units but who cares, they can bearly damage him when hes on 2nd upgrade. 100% siege damage is nice bonus One of my all time favorite XL monsters
  16. Just played C&C and i got the massage: "Our harvester is under attack" .... thank you C&C  :kappa:

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    2. Ultrakool


      afaik there isnt :( 

    3. DyonisX


      which one? tiberium wars is awesome.. also renegade (the shooter game)

    4. Riviute


      DTA dawn of tiberium age, its a crossover from red alert 1 and tiberium dawn

  17. never used him, is he even useful for pve? but i like the card
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