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  1. Pretty sure you loose all the power. as you tend to build them up again for 100 power that is your net loss as the other power is bound permanently anyways ( as you don‘t destroy monuments without the intention of rebuilding them instantly). Essentially you bind an extra 100 power to that monument. That‘s at least my understanding of it. Correct me if I‘m wrong,but i don‘t think any power from the monument or destroyed wells goes back into the void or the usrable power pool upon destruction (except when a monument still in buildjng process is destroyed)
  2. rPvE = random PvE = Battlegrounds. New York already did a goob job of lining out some of the core cards you should be looking for in PvE and rPvE. There is an interesting diacussion going on about Shaman in another thread (about a Nature PvE deck). The TL;DR of my opinion is that Shamans are often more of an optional card, especially considering that a lot of players don‘t use them as a backliner/support unit only but let it attack often as well. Only on a couple of Expert PvE maps are they truly „required“ to play that map efficiently. Considering that their price is absolutely
  3. Your English is totally fine, don‘t worry. Do you look for a PvE/rPvE or PvP deck? It would be helpful to know these things because the game modes have different priorities and therefor require different types of deck compositions and cards @Marvvster
  4. I highly doubt this will ever happen. The devs stated since the beginning that thy don‘t want to split up the (already small) community. So unless the community absolutely massively grows we will probably only ever have 1 server as sad as that is for players that live far from europe.
  5. The Cultist Master has an ability that spawns little Night Crawlers(which don‘t cost any power). Furnace of Flesh uses their max HP when they die to get your power back from the void pool. You do NOT kill the Cultist Masters, they are a permanent investment and stay on the field for whole game. that is worth because they basically allow you access to huge amounts of power by constantly cycling power through your power pools Use spells -> void power pool goes up/ useable power pool goes down -> Use Cultist Master + FoF combo -> void power goes down/ useable power pool goes
  6. I feel like we need to get things into perspctive here: Shaman is overrated yes, it is by no means a bad unit though and can be very helpful on a couple of expert maps where they ARE basically or very close to mandatory to play nature t1 efficiently. The card is overrated in the sense that a lot of people, especially beginner players think it is a mandatory op card for any nature t1 deck, which is definetly not the case. That does not mean that it is unplayable, it just means that it is more of an optional choice. That choice is viable and can be very helpful, but you can ofte
  7. 90% for destroyed buildigs/units, used spells and monuments that are destroyed before they are finished building. 100% for used abilities of buildings/units 0% for destroyed wells and fully build monuments
  8. Either he cheated or you missed him building t3
  9. Updated! Sub 13 is definetly possible
  10. iirc buildings and units stayed alive after one player leaves and stays in the „You lost“ screen. I might be wrong about that one though
  11. Iirc: upgrade price = 2.5* activation price activation price = upgrade price/2.5 –> Rare: 400 - 1000 - 3000 Ultra Rare: 800 - 2000 - 6000
  12. What does it really matter what currency you use for it as long as the progression speed is similar. Sure its not a unique currency to PvE maps as you can also get it in rPvE and PvP it is however a solid and relatively easy to implement solution that also makes balancing rewards and progression easier than introducing a 3rd currency (as was the case with tokens).
  13. The thread is based solely on trust. I just wanted a place to compete with people fair and square. My idea regarding verifying times was to save the replays to be publicized after the month is over. if you don't want your replay to be publicized that is fine with me either way. Mine will definetly be available here. This month you can use some interesting strategies and use small things to your advantage. If they are publicly known afterwards i don't really care either way, will make competition more fun in the future hopefully and maybe someone new gets interested in the idea of speedrunn
  14. We essentially have that with gold. You can always buy your upgrades with gold ingame instead of grinding out the maps for upgrade drops.
  15. Definetly send you a replay with twilight cards like abomination vileblood and twilight warfare. Maybe you missed it? Regarding maps. Don‘t you have any of those or are only the ones without pass missing?
  16. Is it possible to add that information manually? As in if you upload the replay and it is a random map you get asked about difficulty and if its map of the month?
  17. Would be great if you could mark a rPvE replay as map of the month and then for which month (so f.e. January 2019) in addition to Players and difficulty and for PvP rank of player and the rank of enemy player as an optional information. A comment function would be nice P.s. send you a couple replays
  18. I have some replays with some of the missing cards and maps. Will check for replays today or tomorrow.
  19. @WernerShadow Just hit me up ingame and i will play some games with you and answer questions you might have about the game (if you want to). Ingame name is Treim as well
  20. -----------Disclaimer-------------- No further Updates due to the release of ranked leaderboards ingame Since Rankings are not yet implemented but the map of the month already works as you can repeat the map however often you want, I was thinking to create a forumintern place to compete anyways. For starters i will post my (teams) best times so far for level 10's. If people feel like they're up for the challenge you can report your times in this place. It would be great if you could save a copy of your replay to post it here in early February. I'm interested in how other people solve th
  21. I feel like the obvious here is Shrine of War. While not directly a powerup it provides your wife with extra power that she can use on whatever, this works obviously best if she uses a lot of spells or abilities instead of units. As mentioned above basically any spells that help her out, heals(Regrowth, Equilibriu, Surge of Light, protects (Revenge, Stone Shell, Ward of the North,Life Weaving), shields(Area Ice Shield), damage buffs(Unholy Hero, Unholy Power, Motivate, Home Soil), crowd control(Curse of Oink, Creeping Paralysis, Coldsnap, Maelstrom, Amok, Frenetic Assault), debuffs (on enemi
  22. I don't think my guide mentions every possible scneario. So here's the short version of for all 3 possible scenarios in order of likelihood: 1. Enemy spawns/incomes attack you and pull the whole base when attacking you: Countermeasure: Trap spawns in between t1 and t2 - there should be an example given how you do it for every standard faction t1. Basically the methods are endless though and it comes down to minimizing the archer squad down to 1 or 2 members and then letting them attacking anything. Once the spawn is trapped you are free to take t2. Your wells/monuments ALWAYS should b
  23. You can do Stormsinger spam with Coldsnap + Homesoil, Mountaineer + Homesoil or WarEagle with Area Ice Shield. Mountaineer helps you a lot if you can basically rush t3 with only minor reinforcements but is not that great against difficult t3's, namely Lost Souls as you dont have a reliable way to deal with Lost Vigils unless you take the extra slot for Gravity Surge or Stormsinger. War Eagle i personally dislike because generally it tend to get better the more you have of them and is not much better against Lost Souls. I would take Mountaineer from an efficiency standpoint anytime over War
  24. Treim

    Church of negation

    works with units too. You can manipulate ranged units so that one unit can attack while the other cant. It's a perfect alternative strategy to trap incomes in rPvE.
  25. Most people play it because it is a braindead card that is spamable and splashable. With the occasional heal it is basically impossible to die or lose a map. People really started using it after decks fot speedrun rankings were made public and people saw LSS being used all the time. For speedruns its strong because the damage in AOE scnearios gets insane (iirc you can get it up to 8 or 9k without buffs/20 in an ideal scenario. The weakness on single targets can be mitigated a bit by correct movement of the unit, buffs and debuffs. You never have to stop for incomes. The unit is cheap
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