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  1. Who wants to help us out, it is a lot of fun
  2. This map is so close to amazing. Really! Just the final touches and it will be comparable with the existing maps, if not better then some.
  3. Hey RookieN, I just did the map on expert a few times with Arabika, and the map felt different than the last time I played it, which is good, as it was more of a challenge. However, we collected a few points that stood out to us when we theory crafted on how to beat the map and when we actually played it. - The walls. Because you can fly over some walls, the units will rocket into space, which makes them difficult to control. this is especially notifiable at the bottom entrance of the top left A. I do not mean you can cross a wall, but more on the sides. - Because the camps are fi
  4. If you want to test some cards, you can play them from the auction house into the forge. There is also the option to play on the test server. Here you have access to every card and every upgrade. If you want to play on the test server, please start the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe, to ensure you have the most recent version, and then close the updater. Then navigate to your BattleForge installation folder, and start the "LauncherTest.exe". Hopefully this helps you.
  5. Yes, but I played both expert and advanced before the last update haha (last wednesday). I will try again somewhere upcoming week.
  6. The way it felt with the 2 games I played, it was about advanced difficulty. On expert I wouldn't say we need more difficult waves, but more waving overall with less downtime between them. for example, not waiting till the previous wave is ll dealt with, but non stop waves ( or almost).
  7. I noticed the expert was the same as advanced when I tried it . What difficulty do you target with the current balancing?
  8. I just played the map on advanced. The map was really fun to play. We tried it with buffed WBG's. However, there is 1 point that was strange to me. In the top right, there was a timer. When it hit 1.40 minutes left, nothing spawned anymore. which made our newly constructed defense useless. Besides that, great map and will definitely try it on expert as well
  9. Another great read! Again, Good job!!! true true Thank you again!
  10. I really hope I can get free again on sunday, just to be able to lose 0-4 in round 1 again
  11. @Majora And the rest of the team, Pleasure to read and visually very appealing. Again, a great job! keep it up!
  12. Thats how I feel every tournament to be honest ^^ I am just feeding the harvey's. It doesn't pay well, but it is an honest job.
  13. Better prepare youself @Majora I trained with Radicalx this evening And yes, the Dutchies will take over this tournament for sure this time!!!
  14. New event? New event??? NEW EVENT!!!
  15. aww, I cant join unfortunately, it's my work day that day. Good luck to all the participants!!!
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