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  1. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    I am so sorry I just want make this logo bigger that could someone use it for YouTube video making trailers or just download and use like background wallpaper on desktop. I tag names that there is no misunderstanding.
  2. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    YES. I just want to make it biger. now you can use it on your computer screen like wallpaper. YES. I just want to make it bigger. now you can use it on your computer screen like wallpaper. this logo was dimensions 845 x 755, and I make it 3521 x 3145 because I ask for @Danfghj to give me Photoshop file to use it for other works but he send me just screenshot. So I use it.
  3. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    Hello, I back here i want show big logo of BattleForgeReborn If someone need use like wallpaper or pace in video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/12feer2l5qkrmyt/black%20logo.png?dl=0 made by : @bobfrog @Danfghj @TomSz91 and lots of advice from @Ladadoos.
  4. TomSz91

    Music for BattleForge Reborn.

    This is realy good I like !
  5. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    Hm... I dont know what i need to add here here need to be some space but how to make it look best ........ still dont know.
  6. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    @Ladadoos how now? But now i dont like bottom so now i need to fix it
  7. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    @Ladadoos look: OK I try make this logo a bit smaller and move it in middle of wallpaper.
  8. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    OH so you want i move BFR logo more up? in middle? so we cant see others heros in top + original logo looks like this just reborn is in bottom.
  9. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    How about this? 1920x1080 PNG Downloading link :https://www.dropbox.com/s/uyx8t4yautgg55f/BFR%207.0.png?dl=0 JPG LOGO :
  10. TomSz91

    BFR Wallpapers

    Here update I add new BFR logo and change my wallpapers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8st3lrpvmbawcm1/BFR%206.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/of86h66j5vf4upg/Big%20wallpaper.png?dl=0
  11. TomSz91

    Updated BFR LOGO (W.I.P)

    Nop man. Hope he give me his photoshop file so we can together make this logo awesome but still dont have this project so cant help him to complete this logo.
  12. TomSz91

    Updated BFR LOGO (W.I.P)

    @Danfghj What I suggest to fix : I make this fast don't have your Photoshop file, so hope so you give my and we can together make this logo perfect. /1\ I want to see less space between FORGE and REBORN. /2\ I want make REBORN letters not too close to each other. /3\ I like your reborn green effect, - Tom
  13. TomSz91

    Updated BFR LOGO (W.I.P)

    Hi man i write you pm I see some problem in this logo. But I see you are doing well I like it.
  14. TomSz91


    Thank you
  15. TomSz91

    Guess the screenshot!

    This is Warframe ! How about this?

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