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  1. Of course, everyone can claim to have had the same idea. That they had the idea at all, before or after someone else cannot be disproven. But, there are still people that had the idea and then did play it first. ;) 

    Also, as Rise of a Demon has shown: Different players can get sometimes very similar times using way different strategys. :) 



  2. To highlight different strategies, I have uploaded 3 speedrun videos.

    Fire T1 Start: Pritstift 

    Shadow T1 Start: Treim 

    Nature T1 Start: RadicalX

    Emmaerzeh will upload Loriens replay on the Community Channel as part of the Series Let's Play Community Maps.

    Attached you also find all final replay submissions of the participants. Again thank you all for being part of the event!

    Best regards,

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  3. 1 hour ago, Genesis23 said:

    honestly not found a way to keep the Harvester alive and at the same time get a decent army to support him. so far frost seems to be the best bet with Home Soil and so on. so im quite excited for the result other people got and hope we get to see their plays and learn from them.

    Did you notice that the harvester has a built in healing ability?

  4. artwork.thumb.jpg.450c62f9ff9b0300263c3d3c8377cbfe.jpg

    Hello fellow Skylords,

    Check out the new awesome map Rise of a Demon available in the community map section! The map and scripts have been created by "Emmaerzeh" and "LEBOVIN". 


    It is a 1 player PvE map set on a bandit island. The player takes control of a demon which gains progressively more abilities over time. Defeat all enemies on the map to win the match. We recommend enabling subtitles in the options menu before the game.

    Card Restrictions:

    On Expert difficulty, the card Shadow Phoenix is not allowed. Using it results in a default loss.


    To further promote the map, it will continue the tradition of community challenges.

    Competition period: 01 July 2020 – 18 July 2020 Competition is over!
    Prizes will be given out on 19 July 2020


    • Fastest 1 player run:              Harvester Promo
    • Second fastest 1 player run:   Harvester
    • Third fastest 1 player run:      Batariel (Red Affinity) + 1 Booster

    Besides this, everybody else to complete the map in less than 20 minutes (and hands in the replay as proof) will receive a Booster Pack as well. Voluntary donations during the competition might increase the prize pool even further.

    Additional Rules:

    • The competition uses the map version "PvE_Rise_of_a_Demon.pak", uploaded in-game.
    • The map has to be played on Expert Difficulty.
    • The top 3 replays will later be published and attached to this post and might be uploaded to YouTube with explanatory commentary.
    • Play on the main server, or the replay might be corrupted.

    Participation Guidelines:

    • To participate, you may not violate any of the rules above. 
    • Make your final valid replay (file format is .pmv) available to us via Discord before 19 July 2020 UTC+1 (Emmaerzeh#0240 or LEBOVIM#4557). You can also find us on the official Skylords Reborn Discord Server.
      • You can update your replay submission during the time of the competition any number of times.

    Known Bugs:

    • Replays of community maps sometimes do not show up in the game Replay viewing selection. This issue has been reported to the developers and will soon be fixed. Until then a workaround is to open another lobby of a Community Map first and then go to the Replay viewing selection again. Alternatively, restart the game. If the replay there shows the gear as an indicator of being broken or outdated, try again later and make sure you have the original map file "PvE_Rise_of_a_Demon.pak" file in your C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\map folder. (Auto)saved replays can be found alongside the same path in the folder […]\replays. Renaming them can help as well.
    • If you try to play the community map whilst ur game is set to French or Russian and nothing happens at the beginning of the game, delete the map in your map folder and download it again. If it still does not work contact us.
    • If you find any other bugs, report them to us via Discord.

    Final Ranking:

    These are the best currently submitted speedrun times. To foster competition early on it is more fun if you tell your best time right away and do not wait until the last second. Of course, both ways are allowed.

    1. Pritstift 		10.21
    2. Treim 		10.44
    3. Loriens 		11.22
    4. ducarev 		11.41
    5. RadicalX 		14.52
    6. Wanky 		16.45
    7. Bozzah 		19:08
    8. DieBieneMaya 	38.12


    • The map can be downloaded in the Community Map section in-game, named "Rise of a Demon" (german: "Aufstieg eines Dämons"). Make sure to have older or duplicated versions deleted.
    • Winning replays are attached in a later post of mine!

    We wish you the best of luck and lots of fun!

    Karl Lavafeld (Emmaerzeh) and LEBOVIN

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  5. Na i meant if in ur example the original unit (that has its power bound) can only be transformed once for free. So after becoming vileblood it would cost you to transform. Spawning vileblood in the first place and transform that to maniac would be Free indeed. 

    The difference lies in the amount of bound power, as everything else stays the same going from twilight minions to vileblood wouldn’t change the bound power And no transform cost  but Then going vileblood to maniac would have the Transform cost and update the bound power to what it’s right now like for maniac.

  6. You can play on the test server, no progress will be lost there (cause everything is unlocked, cards maps, so when u dont get anything u cannot lose it :) )
    Side effect: u help the team to faster get to the reset date they cannot give u right now.

  7. Hello Skylords,

    I would like to propose a cosmetic skin for the Forge that would be used as an activatable option during winter season. Technically this does not pose too much of an issue. I also went ahead and created a first draft of the Winter Forge to give u some ingame screenshots below: Screenshot_1.thumb.jpg.a7f49825d5e81d068e21eb48ef03e20f.jpg





    An alternative option would be to redesign the entire forge perhaps even put it in a different location, but that would lose the old spirit.

    I hope you like it! Let me know what u think of it.


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  8. If it is all so easy and quickly done - that even you could od it in 2 weeks - why don't you ? :) 

    I guess you oversee here, that they do not have the code of the game. So maybe they can make all those "easy" features working on their own, but actually implementing to the game simply does not work. 


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