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  1. 20 minutes of gameplay... maybe stop distributing Promos after a while, make them actually rare in the long run?


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    2. Dallarian


      To allow each player to have one promo, around 200 boosters per player must be opened ~2-4 months of progress.

      Isn't that rare?

      Market verifies prices. Apparently people care more about making quick cash by selling Promo for low and buying a deck for that, than appreciate it's skin values.

    3. wisersamson


      i completely disagree, it seems like promos are perfectly fine how it is. the fact that you are seeing "more" promos than you BELEIVE should be seen isnt proof of anything. if they changed the promo drop rate it would be seriously unfair to new players. its already very hard to get a promo, the low drop rate is working. it is not as if there are cheap promos flooding the market from there being too many promos. 

      What exactly are you suggesting? that promos are sacred and their scarcity should be artificially inflated? Promos taking months and months of every day play to possibly acquire (on average, because thats how statistics work, yes a brand new player COULD get 4 promos their first day, but that isnt how probability works over time) seems like its scarce enough. 

    4. anonyme0273


      Drop rate and usefullness impact the market. Right now, if I tried, I could maybe buy a medium priced Promo with some mild trading and daily playing within a week - free BFP every day for anything you do...

      Yes, I suggested Promo drops be halted completely after a certain point, so they actually stay rare. New players will come, but the slower the influx, the less rare all cards are (because thats how maths and logic work). With a limited cirtulation, their prices can only go up, making them a worthy goal to strive towards getting, while now it's either saving up for a bit or just getting lucky, both of which are quite boring.

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