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  1. Amazon was really good against Nightcrawler, but usually a weak choice in a traditional nature deck, where swiftclaw is vastly superior. A comparision between the swift units in different matchups: Shadow: Amazon -> Completely useless, if you start with an M Unit against nature you will just lose against nox spam Swiftclaw -> Same stuff applies here, M Units against Shadow are suicide Werebeasts -> In theory the best swift against Shadow, because they are harder to kill, but Spearmen/Windweaver are still superior choices Nature: Amazon: Is tanky aga
  2. Yes, the decks didn't get changed. In some decks splashing is necessary, because you get much better cards in T3 with higher synergy, because decks like Pure Frost for example don't have any strong pure cards. I mean Frost Avatar is okay, but he doesn't really fit into a timeless one T3 and has no use in defence, while Ashebone is well rounded and synergises really well with the Frost support cards. Other decks like pure Shadow have the choice between a Grigori Shield Dom T3 and a voidstorm based deck. You could potentially play both T3's, but since Hirooo is sort of addicted to Grigoris
  3. We added some pictures for the decks, I guess it looks much better now!
  4. First of all thank you for the feedback so far! It was a pleasure to create this deck overview! Given the fact that Pure Frost has vastly superior air Units Fire Frost is at a disadvantage. Skyelf Templar kills Skyfire Drake in about 10 seconds, while it would take 18 seconds to take down the Skyelf Templar. War Eagles are really hard to deal with since your anti air ground units are at M size and die in a splitsecond. In addition to that pure Frost has access to Area Ice Shield, which provides a really solid scaling into late T2, where Fire Frost just doesn't have the dps to take down
  5. The closed beta is here & therefore Hirooo and I made the decision to write a 1vs1 PvP deck overview. This may help you as a new player to find a deck that fits your style and makes PvP more enjoyable from the beginning, but also be informative for you as a veteran since we will give you an overview about all the different matchups with some detailed analysis. What do these deck descriptions contain? 1. Basic deck descriptions where we point out major strengths and weaknesses and show a viable deck for the faction. 2. Comprehensive matchup discussion. 3.
  6. Satanael was a pretty interesting card, but it saw next to no play on a high level and I'm talking about PvE and PvP. The biggest downside of Satanael is the fact that it requires 3 shadow orbs, which is awful for PvP and PvE. PvE decks are usually way more effective when you play splashes because you get a bigger variety of possible card combinations to create a higher synergy between them. But if you want to go for a more fun based pure Shadow PvE deck, sure he's a good choice for your T3! In PvP you had alot of stuff, that can deal with Satanael easily and even here you don't w
  7. Overall the nature section looks good! The deck building part & the unit descriptions are accurate and very well done. I just disagree with some stuff in the matchup-check. I know you really like the card, but Firestalker just isn't strong enough to be worth a slot. Burrower deals twice as much damage to buildings for the same amount of power and is the true threat for pure nature. Every nature splash does well against pure nature because they can apply pressure with burrower attacks while having better counters against your own burrower attacks, but i think you mentioned this alre
  8. yeah, at that point the scavenger gets killed for 25 power. It's really cost efficient and reliable, because the nox abillity doesn't get interrupted even when the scavenger runs out of the initial cast range. Sadly the Shadow player in this replay plays very poorly and doesn't capitalize on his small advantage. Instead of getting a strong position on the map by taking power wells he wastes his entire army for nothing which costs him the entire game. This kind of play is actually even more efficient on maps with bigger well distances, because nox trooper gets a higher value on these maps
  9. While stormsinger isn't even close to be one of the most broken cards in the history of battleforge I still think she got overbuffed. A swift M/M ranged unit, that is very cheap & tanky isn't exactly what i want to see in a shadow frost or a stonekin deck. Fire Frost loses its major weakness (lack of an m-counter) and gets super easy to play and even in pure frost, which is the deck that already got amazing air control & one of the strongest M-counter in T2, Stormsinger saw alot of play, because she was way to reliable. Talking about the most broken cards of all time the fire card
  10. I'm indeed looking for a scenario, where a shadow player punishes a fire player by killing the scavenger with the nox trooper overload. The Shadow player should take a power well afterwards and defend against an incoming sunderer attack due to bodyblocking with his dreadcharger. I always look for some good replay examples, but sadly it is super hard to find high quality games. It would be amazing if you can help me with that ^^
  11. Its pretty simple: Repair cost - healed hp 150 - 2000 (1999, since 2000 is impossible) 140 - 1866 130 - 1733 120 - 1600 110 - 1467 100 - 1333 75 - 1000 1 - 13,33 As you can see these two quantaties are in direct propotion. An important thing to notice is the fact, that 100% of the power you spend goes back into your void pool. Many frostsplash-player made the big mistake to repair their power wells with Kobold trick even if they aren't under pressure and at first it looks fine. Kobold Trick heals 1150hp for 50 power and reparing you power well
  12. Okay, the guide is finished: - Added the matchup against Shadow - Fixed some issues with the youtube links I was still to lazy to fix all of my grammar mistakes, but I guess I'll do that at some point. If you are interested I will keep writing some stuff about PvP when we get into the beta-stage. Any kind of feedback is still appreciated. Best regards RadicalX
  13. I played 2v2 with him for multiple years, but he never used a smurf so I guess he didn't have one at least for PvP. But seriously, I don't remember any other decent player that had no smurfs. Btw: The account "Flameworkz" is a smurf itself. He just wasn't as good when he used to play on his main account and therefore it is not well known. Every high ranked player used smurfs since there were so many attractive reasons to use them and I just don't see any reason to forbid smurfing. Even EA allowed it (okay, to be fair it was most likely because of money-reasons).
  14. Same. Additional conditions: - language: German or English - Your main deck is irrelevant as long as you are able to perform on a decent level - decent attitude (willing to improve / ability to accept criticism ...) But if anyone has a question about PvP, just go ahead and ask me (regardless of your pvp-rank). I'll try to give you the best possible answer. Best wishes, Radi
  15. Update: - Added the matchup against nature. - Fixed at least some grammar/spelling mistakes ^^ Coming soon: - Last but not least: The mirror matchup And thank you guys for the positive feedback
  16. Is jealous because he can't breath submerged in water ^-^
  17. I agree with the fact, that thugs can zone multiple units. I didn't want to say it's just a simple "runaway & easy win" situation, thugs are indeed a big threat for shadow. If the fire player heavily relies on them instead of Sunstriders it's considerable to play a second Dreadcharger to deal with the Thugs. I respect that xD
  18. First part of my Shadow T1 guide is finished. Remaining matchups are going to follow soon.

    1. RadicalX


      It does only include T1, because I consider it as the most micro intensive and most interesting part of the game. In addition to that especially T2 is very extensive due to more matchups and much more strategic diversity: A very popular example -> pure nature could use the voidmanipulation-deck, but also a rootnetwork-deck which is a different playstyle with different strenghts and weaknesses that have to get recognized. It would be really time-consuming to write an entire guide about it, that provides in depth knowledge. Maybe I can do it at some point in the future, but I will stay at T1 for now :)



    2. Ultrakool


      sounds great because I think the less played PvP Tier 1s definitely deserve some love <3 

      :frostorb: and :natureorb:

    3. RadicalX
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  19. a PvP Guide by RadicalX -General talk- Since some people asked me to do this I decided to make a small guide regarding Shadow T1. This guide provides information for every type of player (from new to experienced). I will try to explain every single matchup and I hope this is going to be helpful for some of you, who want to improve their gameplay when we get to play again. Note: Every statement refers to 1v1-PvP since 2v2 doesn't always works in the same way. First of all: What makes Shadow T1 so attractive? Shadow T1 & Fire T1 were the mo
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